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A Quick Look At The 12ft Rod Bag From Forge Tackle

To the majority of anglers our rods and reels are amongst the most valuable assets in our collection of gear. Thats why it’s smart to invest in some form of storage to protect our beloved rods. The Forge Tackle 12ft Rod Bag offers ample protection and storage that will surely fit the needs of todays carp anglers. Lets take a look.

Right on par with the rest of the luggage available from Forge, this rod bag is made to withstand any amount of abuse we could possibly throw at it. Manufactured from high quality 600D rip stop polyester fabric, equipped with solid metallic clips, heavy duty 10mm zippers, and a reinforced coated bottom, the 12ft rod bag from Forge is as durable as they come.

On the outside of the bag you’ll find two velcro straps on each side providing storage for landing nets, spot/marker rods, or whatever you can fit on there.

Inside you’ll find a generously padded interior with a middle divider to keep your rods safe and separated, the divider is also padded. I really like the divider as it keeps you’re rods from banging against each other and getting tangled together in transit. This particular rod bag is designed to hold three 12ft rods.

The padded shoulder strap is also a nice feature.

All in all this is undeniably one of the best quality rod bags you’ll find in this price range. You’ll have no issue transporting all three rods and a lot more with this bag. If protecting you’re rods is something you take seriously, the 12ft Rod Bag from Forge Tackle is something to strongly consider. There is also a 10ft variant of this bag.

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First Impressions: Forge Tackle Multi Ruckbag

Newly available at Big Carp Tackle is the Forge Tackle Multi Ruckbag. A rucksack, carryall, and barrow bag all in one package. I recently obtained one of these Multi Ruckbags and upon unboxing I was immediately impressed by what this bit of luggage has to offer.


I’ve been using a standard carryall for a few years now and I often say to myself, “I wish I could wear this thing like a backpack rather than over my shoulder”. The padded shoulder straps included with the Forge Multi Ruckbag instantly transform this carryall into a rucksack making it easier to transport gear while keeping you’re hands free to carry well, more gear.

While the hardened bottom and two removable inner boxes give this bag enough rigidity to serve as a stackable barrow bag..

..and when that barrow bag gets heavy, these padded handles will make for easy transport.

Exceptional build quality.

I’m pretty hard on my luggage. Often tossing it around, setting it down in wet grass or mud, stacking too much stuff on top of it, overfilling it, etc. So its extremely important for me to have a carryall that will withstand such abuse. Judging by the feel of this bag it’ll surely take anything I can throw at it.

The 600D rip-stop fabric and heavy duty 10mm zippers further exemplify the build quality of this carryall.


Inside the Multi Ruckbag I found an assortment of Forge Tackles tailor made “Easy Pouches”. Making life a lot easier for the angler that likes to stay organized. Included are 4 small pouches, 2 medium pouches (one insulated), and 2 Large pouches. My old carryall didn’t come with any additional storage so I used what any other budget conscious angler would use to organize the miscellanious bits, ziplock bags. Not anymore.

Overall this Multi Ruckbag has a lot to offer at an affordable price. I’ll post a real review after I’ve had a chance to thoroughly use it, but from what I can tell its perfect for any angler in need of a multi-use carryall/rucksack.

Available now at

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Coming This Spring – Cygnet SNIPER WEIGH TRIPOD MK2



  • Height: 117cm – 180cm
  • Weight: 2.3kg

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Coming This Spring – Cygnet SNIPER BARROW


Robust, compact and super-strong, the Cygnet Sniper Barrow ticks all the boxes for day session and longer session anglers alike. Without taking up much room in transit or storage. It utilises a low centre of gravity for stable transportation and manoeuvrability when carrying large loads of tackle, and the Sniper Barrow has an adjustable load area which can be increased from 74cm to 97cm by extending the front bar. Additional storage is also available thanks to the removable heavy-duty under-barrow bag with an embroidered Cygnet logo. The barrow itself has been finished in a covert brown and folds down to a super-compact size when removing the handles and pneumatic front wheel, which is ideal for those with limited space.


  • Low centre of gravity for stable manoeuvrability
  • Extendable load area for increased capacity
  • Removable heavy-duty under-barrow bag
  • Strong steel construction
  • Black textured powder-coated frame
  • Swivel mud feet
  • Removable handles with rubber hand grips
  • Quick-release front pneumatic wheel
  • Fold-flat design
  • Total weight: 9.4kg
  • Total Length: 121cm-144cm
  • Width: 64cm
  • Height: 78cm
  • Handle height 55cm
  • Load area:
  • Length: 74cm-97cm
  • Width: 51cm
  • Height: 44cm
  • BAG:
  • Top opening: 40cm (L) x 45cm (W)
  • Base: 24cm (L) x 45cm (W)
  • Depth: 29cm (D)
  • Wheel diameter: 36.5cm

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Coming This Spring – Cygnet MARKER POLE KIT 6.5M INC SPOT MARKER



These are designed to be positioned onto the lakebed directly to mark out your fishing spots, underwater snags, or shallow areas that need to be avoided. The poles can be left out in the water and fished to with confidence, which makes it easy to position your rigs and bait with pinpoint accuracy time and time again. This is unlike H-block markers where tangles often occur and cause fish losses, loss of tackle, and moving of the marker away from your spot.

Our Marker Pole Kit pivots, allowing line to pass over the top, and then resets itself to its original position when clear. All the joints have been precision-engineered to eliminate the possibility of main lines becoming trapped in-between sections. The ultra-buoyant top section has two strips of hi-viz reflective tape to allow visibility up 200m+ at night when using a powerful headlamp. The removable top cap can be unscrewed and replaced with the Cygnet Auto Spot Marker light (included) for use at night. When turned on and the light level reduces, the ultra-bright, light-reactive LED illuminates and then turns itself off when the light level increases. The extension tubes simply screw together and use of the 0.5m section helps accurately set the required depth.

Not supplied with anchor weight – the attachment included is to be used in conjunction with Cygnet 1KG Marker Pole weights. More than one plate can be used if increased weight is required in extreme conditions.




  • Auto Spot Marker with ultra-bright light-reactive LED (two AAA batteries not included)
  • Essential for accurately marking areas when fishing from a boat
  • Designed to be left on the spot whilst fishing without worry of snagging, unlike H-Block Markers
  • Hi-viz double reflective top section visible up to 200m+ using a powerful headlamp
  • Flexible and extremely hard-wearing extension sections are almost unbreakable
  • Precision manufactured joints eliminate line and braid snagging
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue and White

Kit Contents:

  • One Auto Spot Marker light
  • One 1m hi-viz reflective buoyant top section
  • Five 1m extension tubes
  • One 0.5m extension tube
  • One dumbbell weight attachment
  • Supplied with carry case
  • Anchor weight not supplied, to be used with Cygnet 1kg Marker Pole Weights or readily available 1″ (2.54cm) diameter dumbbell weight plates. More than one plate can be used if required.


  • Dimensions: 6.5m total length

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Coming This Spring – Trakker’s PROPEL & DEFY (Spod/Marker Rods 10ft)


These 10ft versions are perfect for use in a multitude of angling situations – from boats where a longer rod can be cumbersome and awkward to use when lowering rigs onto spots, to fishing in close quarters where casting space is limited, or if you’re simply fishing on a smaller venue. The 10ft Propel Rods take up less room during transit, and thanks to the smaller size, they require less room for storage. The Propel Rods feature slim 1k carbon with high-end matt ground finish. All-black guides complement the black-collared Fuji DPS reel seat, shrink-wrapped handle with a slightly flared butt, and an all-black butt cap. The crisp action and fast recovery helps deliver maximum tip speed during the cast, keeping you in contact with the fish at all times. With two test curves available in the range, the 3.5lb TC version offers a stiffer action to aid with casting to distances of over 100 yards, and keeps you in control of the fish during the fight. The 3lb TC version is more forgiving, which makes it ideal for playing powerful fish at close range, as it absorbs lunges with ease.

  • 10ft 3.00LB
  • 10ft 3.50LB
  • 10ft Spod/Marker (NEW FOR SPRING SUMMER 2021)
  • 12ft 3.00LB
  • 12ft 3.50LB
  • 13ft 3.00LB
  • 13ft 3.50LB
  • 12ft Spod/Marker
  • 13ft Spod/Marker
  • Distance 12ft
  • Distance 13ft
  • Floater Rod
  • Stalking Rod
  • High Performance  Carbon Technology
  • Aircraft Grade, High-Quality 1K Japanese Toray Carbon
  • Fuji DPS with black hoods Suitable for A Wide Range of Popular Reel Types
  • Low-Friction Zirconia Guides
  • Anti-Frap Tip Ring for Confident Casting
  • Full-Length Shrink-Wrap Handle with Compact Flared Butt
  • Fast-action perfect for distance casting
  • Discreet understated cosmetics
  • Anodised Black Aluminium Collars
  • Anodised Black Aluminium Butt Cap
  • Black Cotton Carry Bag
  • Product Code – 10ft 3lb – 223122
  • Product Code – 10ft 3.5lb – 223125

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Coming This Spring – Aqua Products FULL ROD SLEEVE 10ft


Full Rod Sleeve 10ft

These contoured rod sleeves have an upgraded padding for extended protection, the shape is specifically designed to protect delicate 50mm rings and big pit reels. Rest assured that your rod and reel will be safe and transported in style.

  • Purposely designed to safely store and transport made up 10ft rods
  • Well padded and lined for extra protection of contents
  • Hard-wearing 900D Endura fabric
  • Clip together system to join multiple sleeves
  • Compatible with 50mm butt rings
  • Compatible with big pit reels
  • Heavy-duty zip

Technical Specifications.

  • Material: 900D Endura fabric
  • Dimensions: 165cm (h) x 23cm (w)

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Coming This Spring – Trakker’s TRINITY CORK RODS


Super-durable and easy to cast, the Trakker Trinity rods are ideal for those with a lower budget who don’t want to compromise on quality. Featuring a DPS-style 18mm reel seat with black hoods, and full-length cork handle to offer superb grip and comfort, the Trinity rods are a joy to use and suitable for a wide variety of angling applications. They are finished with a matt-black blank with holographic branding and durable ceramic guides. The Trinity rods are the ideal choice for the pocket-conscious carpers.

  • A forgiving through action makes these rods a pleasure to use on intimate venues, rivers and canals
  • Compact length makes them especially good for boat anglers
  • Great rod for those getting into carp fishing
  • Robust carbon fiber construction
  • Matte black blank
  • Holographic branding
  • Durable ceramic guides
  • Full length cork handle
  • DPS-style 18mm reel seat with black hoods
  • Black butt cap and collars

  • Length: 3.05m
  • Available TC: 3lb & 3.5lb

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Coming This Spring – Trakker’s Tempest BROLLY 100


The market-leading Tempest Brolly concept is set to reach new levels of comfort. The 2021 models see the introduction of twin rear vents. These new additions are accompanied by the staple features you’d expect, including anti-twist poles, 10,000mm hydrostatic head, polyester material, and the now standard GRP block design. Like its predecessor, the Brolly itself is an open-fronted affair with a multitude of optional extras available, including Skull Cap, Skull Cap Wrap, Social Cap and groundsheet. This shelter is truly multi-functional. It can be tailored to your needs with a choice of two infill panels that can be zipped into the front of the brolly. All this, coupled with the quick and easy use it offers, makes the Tempest 100 Brolly our best brolly offering to date. The Tempest Brolly 100 is a direct successor to the Tempest Brolly v2, using Trakker’s new shelter formatting.

  • Revolutionary patented design
  • Extremely quick and easy to assemble
  • 100 size designed for one bedchair with optimum storage space
  • Twin rear vents to encourage airflow and reduce condensation
  • 210D polyester – waterproof and durable
  • Advanced GRP composite block – lightweight, super-strong and fatigue-resistant
  • Anti-twist pole system
  • 16mm preformed black powder-coated aluminium poles
  • Dual rod straps
  • Supplied in a 210D zipped carrybag complete with tension strap and T-pegs
  • Compatible with 202258 Tempest Brolly Full Infill panel, 202259 Tempest Brolly Groundsheet, 202257 Tempest Brolly Insect Panel, 202254 Tempest Brolly Skull Cap, 202252 Tempest Brolly Wrap, 202253 Tempest Brolly Skull Cap Wrap, 203801 36ins Quicksticks
  • Product Code – 202245

  • Material: 210D Polyester – waterproof and durable
  • Weight: Approx  5.5 kg (plus pegs and weighing 0.75 kg)
  • Dimensions: 125cm (H) x 250cm (W) x 230cm (D)
  • Transport Size: 110 x 25cm

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Fox R-Series Brolly System

If you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes, it will change.

It was a beautiful fall day in Colorado.  We were landing carp left and right. We were having so much fun that we didn’t notice that the storm predicted for the next day had begun to roll in. The next thing we knew the wind began to howl and abruptly dropped the temperature 30 degrees. Packing up while the fishing was on because we were unprepared was disheartening. That night I began my search for brolly.

Glad to have the Fox R-Series Brolly on this stormy day

There are several different types of bollies on the market and narrowing down my choice took a bit of time. After careful consideration I decided on the Fox International R-Series Brolly system. I was like a kid at Christmas opening the box as soon as it was delivered to my door.

The first thing I noticed as I set it up in my front yard was how easy it was to set up. It opens like a giant umbrella. A couple of camping chairs, rucksacks, bait, and all the gear fit inside. For extra comfort in the winter, I bring my portable heater.

The main reason I purchased this brolly was the door options. As the weather changes so can the door! In the summer when you just want shade you can take the front panel off.  Zip the front panel in and this is where you can choose to have it wide open or zip in the Mozzy Mesh (I call it the screen door), the PVC Clear door, you can see out of it, but I recommend adding an anti-fog spray if it is wet and cold out. I have found this to be the best option in the snow or rain. The last door is the solid Khaki door. This is a great option for privacy when you feel the need to take a nap. I do recommend you practice switching out the doors at home to get familiar with the zipper system.

I did a quit set up in my front yard to show the doors I mentioned.

Mesh Door (screen door)
Door off
Mozzy Door
PVC Door (Window door)

Overall, I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the Fox R-Series Brolly System. It is around 18 pounds when you have all the doors, floor, storm poles, etc. in the carry bag. The material is durable and gives me a great space to hide from the dreaded wind. The pegs (steaks) are corkscrewed at the ends and go into the ground quite easily and most importantly they stay put! For even more room there is an option to purchase an extension to convert it into a 2-man shelter.

You can follow the link below over to Big Carp Tackle to the Fox R-Series Brolly System and extention.