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Longshank Beaked Hook

Longshank Beaked Hook Enhancements

Danny Fairbrass, known for his innovative approach to angling gear, has refined the already successful Longshank X pattern of hook to the Longshank Beaked Hook, enhancing its effectiveness for catching carp. These improvements build upon the hook’s proven track record of over 20 years, demonstrating Fairbrass’s commitment to optimizing fishing equipment.

The enhancements to the Longshank X pattern likely address specific aspects of carp behavior or hook performance, such as increasing hooking efficiency, improving durability, or enhancing bait presentation. By incorporating these tweaks, Fairbrass has elevated the hook’s effectiveness, ensuring anglers can achieve even greater success in catching carp both domestically and internationally.

Longshank Beaked Hook

Anglers can anticipate improved hooking capabilities, increased confidence in landing carp, and enhanced overall fishing experiences with the upgraded Longshank X pattern. Fairbrass’s dedication to refining angling gear underscores his commitment to advancing the sport and helping anglers achieve their goals on the water.

The original Longshank X pattern drew inspiration from popular fly hook designs of its time, which were renowned for their shape and hooking efficiency. However, this pattern was modified to be more robust and sharper, specifically tailored for hooking and successfully landing large carp. The elongated shank and inward-turned eye were key features that facilitated the hook’s effectiveness.

Longshank Beaked Hook

The extended shank provided several advantages. Firstly, it increased the hook’s leverage, enabling it to penetrate deeper into the carp’s mouth upon striking. Additionally, the elongated design minimized the risk of the hook becoming dislodged during the fight, maintaining a secure hold on the fish. The aggressively in-turned eye further aided in hook setting, ensuring a firm grip once the carp took the bait.

These design elements were carefully engineered to address the challenges of carp fishing, where the fish’s size and strength demand robust and reliable tackle. By combining the attributes of traditional fly hooks with enhancements tailored for carp angling, the Longshank X pattern emerged as a versatile and dependable choice for anglers seeking to hook and land big carp effectively.

Longshank Beaked Hook

Indeed, the pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement is intrinsic to the world of carp fishing. Drawing upon his extensive experience and insights gained from observing carp behavior through underwater cameras, Danny Fairbrass recognized an opportunity to refine the Longshank X pattern further. This dedication to refinement has led to the development of the new Longshank Beaked hook pattern.

The Longshank Beaked hook pattern represents the next evolution in carp fishing tackle, promising to be even more lethal than its predecessor. By analyzing how carp interact with rigs in their natural environment, Fairbrass identified areas for enhancement, refining the hook’s design to optimize its performance.

The introduction of the “beaked” feature likely addresses specific nuances observed in carp behavior, enhancing the hook’s ability to penetrate and secure a hold once a fish takes the bait. This adaptation reflects Fairbrass’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing anglers with the most effective tools for landing carp successfully.

Anglers can anticipate that the Longshank Beaked hook pattern will offer heightened hooking efficiency, increased reliability, and ultimately, greater success on the water. Fairbrass’s dedication to innovation underscores his passion for the sport and his ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of carp fishing equipment.

Longshank Beaked Hook

Danny Fairbrass’s decision to make two major changes to the Longshank hook, based on his extensive experience and testing, reflects his commitment to improving anglers’ success rates in landing carp. The first significant alteration involved replacing the straight point with a beaked one.

Through rigorous testing, Fairbrass found that the beaked point design offered distinct advantages over the straight point. Specifically, it led to more secure hookholds, ensuring that once a carp took the bait, the hook remained firmly embedded, reducing the likelihood of the fish shaking loose during the fight. This improvement resulted in a notable increase in the ratio of fish hooked to those successfully landed, demonstrating the efficacy of the beaked point in enhancing hooking efficiency.

Fairbrass’s decision to incorporate the beaked point into the Longshank hook underscores his dedication to refining tackle based on empirical evidence and practical experience. By prioritizing hook performance and reliability, he has succeeded in elevating the Longshank hook to a new level of effectiveness, ultimately empowering anglers to achieve greater success on the water.

Danny Fairbrass’s decision to further enhance the Longshank Beaked hook by increasing the angle of the in-turned eye from 20 degrees to 40 degrees demonstrates his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to optimizing hook performance. This adjustment accelerates the hook’s flipping and turning action upon entry into the carp’s mouth, significantly increasing the likelihood of a secure hookhold. When combined with the beaked point, this feature ensures that once the hook takes hold, it remains firmly embedded, minimizing the risk of losing the fish during the fight.

Maintaining the original pattern’s stepped-up wire gauge for added strength, the Longshank Beaked hook is engineered to withstand the rigors of angling in both domestic and international waters, as well as challenging fishing conditions and encounters with large fish. Its forged construction further enhances durability, while the PTFE coating provides maximum protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring longevity and reliability in prolonged use.

Longshank Beaked Hook

By integrating these enhancements, Fairbrass has elevated the Longshank Beaked hook to a versatile and robust option for anglers seeking to target carp effectively in various fishing scenarios. Its combination of strength, durability, and enhanced hooking performance makes it a formidable tool in the pursuit of big fish, further cementing its reputation as a top choice among discerning anglers.

The Longshank Beaked hook has surpassed expectations, proving to be superior to the original design. Danny Fairbrass, along with numerous other anglers, extensively tested and utilized this hook, resulting in the successful capture of numerous big carp from challenging venues.

One of the key strengths of the Longshank Beaked hook is its versatility. It is compatible with a wide range of rig setups, including spinner rigs, combi rigs, and PVA bag rigs, making it suitable for various bait presentations such as bottom baits, wafters, and pop-ups. This adaptability ensures that anglers can confidently use the Longshank Beaked hook across different fishing scenarios, maximizing their chances of success.

Longshank Beaked Hook

Moreover, the Longshank Beaked hook is available in both barbed and barbless versions, catering to anglers’ preferences and adhering to fishery regulations. It comes in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8, with ten hooks included in each packet, providing anglers with ample supply for their fishing expeditions.

With its enhanced performance, adaptability, and availability in different configurations, the Longshank Beaked hook has established itself as a go-to option for anglers targeting big carp in various environments. Its proven track record and widespread adoption among anglers testify to its effectiveness and reliability on the water.

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compac coolers

Compac Coolers

In the warmer seasons or on extended outings, freshness is key for both angler and fish alike to relish their meal! Compac Coolers to the rescue!

Compac cool bags, are a versatile solution for any fishing excursion. Whether it’s a brief jaunt requiring milk and sandwiches or a lengthier trip demanding ample bait or sustenance for days, these bags have you covered. They even maintain frozen items, albeit the duration hinges on external conditions and bag capacity.

Selecting the right Cool Bag or Cooler necessitates consideration of its intended load. Packed bags with minimal air retain coldness longer, suggesting varied bags for different trip durations or payload volumes.

For optimum preservation of bait or food, the Compac Cooler stands as the pinnacle choice, available in 14-liter Light Kamo or 20-liter olive green variants.

While the Compac Cool Bags boast insulation, they aren’t as extensive as the Cooler but offer a range of sizes from small to X-large. The larger versions feature extra pockets for utensils or cooking gear.

Specifically tailored for bait storage, the 12-liter Compac Bait Cool Bag accommodates loose bait or packaged boilies, ensuring freshness for days. Regular opening hastens thawing, a factor to bear in mind.

To bolster preservation, Compac Cool Packs come in two sizes, fitting snugly within the Cool Bags and Cooler. Their design maximizes storage space and ease of handling.

In essence, whether it’s chilled or frozen items and whatever the duration, the Compac range has the solution to keep your provisions at their best!


Crafted in four sizes, the Compac Cool Bag maintains freshness for food or bait, offering a choice between olive green or Dark Kamo to complement your gear. Reinforced handles and heavy-duty zips ensure durability, while internal straps secure Cool Packs for optimal cooling efficiency.

compac coolers


The Compac Cooler guarantees extended freshness with its closed-cell insulation and airtight design. Available in 20-liter olive green or 14-liter Light Kamo, it features sturdy handles and a detachable shoulder strap for easy transport.

compac coolers


Designed specifically for bait storage, the cylindrical Compac Bait Cool Bag boasts a 12-liter capacity and reinforced construction for durability. Its accessible zip top and reinforced handles make it a practical choice for anglers.

compac coolers compac bait cool bag


Tailored for use with Compac bags, Cool Packs come in standard and XL sizes, fitting seamlessly for enhanced cooling performance. Frozen prior to use, they ensure prolonged freshness for your provisions.

compac coolers cool pack


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Introducing SUBbraid For Carp Angling

For anglers exploring new braid options or seeking a change, delving into the realm of SUBbraid offers insights into its virtues.

While braided main lines have a longstanding presence, particularly in spod and marker rod setups, their potential in carp fishing remains underexplored, leaving anglers unaware of the benefits they could reap.

angling with subbraid


A standout feature of SUBbraid lies in its exceptional sinking capabilities, akin to a brick plummeting through water. Upon initial encounter, one might notice its relatively thicker diameter compared to similar breaking strains of braided lines like Apex braid or Marker/Spod/SLR braids.

The reason behind this lies in the design philosophy: while other braids aim to repel water to maintain buoyancy and enhance casting, SUBbraid stands out for its ability to absorb water. This unique trait enables it to sink effortlessly, a boon in various UK fishing scenarios, where it gracefully settles atop weed beds.

Furthermore, SUBbraid boasts a slender profile coupled with zero stretch, facilitating enhanced bite indication. Even when fishing with slack lines, any subtle movement at the rig end is promptly conveyed.


Navigating winter waters demands finesse, and SUBbraid delivers with its supple nature. Unlike stiffer, wiry braids, it hugs the lake bed contours with finesse, minimizing the risk of fish encountering it and spooking. This attribute proves invaluable in pressured lakes where carp are wary of visible lines, ensuring a stealthy approach.

Despite the absence of stretch, it enhances angler control, offering a direct connection with fish movements. This aids in discerning subtle nuances during the fight, contributing to a more responsive angling experience.


Moreover, its durable composition withstands encounters with weed or snags, ensuring longevity and resilience on the reel spool. The absence of memory eliminates the frustrating tangles associated with mono, enhancing its usability over prolonged periods.


SUBbraid finds its niche in varied fishing scenarios, offering adaptability and performance. Its compatibility with leaders or tubing further enhances fish safety, mitigating the risk of damage during fights.

While Apex braid may dominate when casting to extreme ranges, SUBbraid shines in snag-free environments, where its sinking properties and reduced visibility reign supreme. Anglers like Darrell Peck utilize it strategically in conjunction with Apex, capitalizing on the best of both worlds for optimal performance.



Available in 15lb or 20lb breaking strains with diameters of 0.30mm and 0.34mm respectively, it comes clad in a dark green hue, blending seamlessly with the lakebed.

In essence, SUBbraid emerges not just as a fishing line, but as a strategic asset, offering anglers unparalleled control, stealth, and durability across a spectrum of angling scenarios.

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Solidz rigs

Why Solidz rigs Are My Go-To Choice

In this piece, Neil Spooner shares his deep affection for using Solidz, elaborating on how he sets up his Solidz rigs and offering valuable tips for optimal usage.

Solidz, in my opinion, are a tactic I hold in high regard, and I still believe they don’t receive the credit they deserve.

For guaranteed presentation, I don’t think there’s a better approach—you can be confident, with 100% certainty, that you have an enticing parcel of bait surrounding your hookbait. Additionally, you can rest assured that your rig isn’t tangled and is positioned perfectly, ready for action.

The versatility of Solidz is remarkable; they can be employed in various scenarios, whether as stand-alone rigs or over beds of bait in a spodded area. Whether fishing multiple rods on a single spot or spreading them around the swim, Solidz prove mega effective both in the edge and when cast over significant distances. They adapt seamlessly to weed-covered areas or polished gravel spots. Their reliability and adaptability make them a crucial component in my angling strategy.

Solidz rigs
Easily stored in a compact carryall.

My Solidz rigs are set up with inline square pear leads, typically on leadcore or safe zone leaders, allowing me to pre-make several setups and easily loop them onto my mainline.

I prefer short 4-inch Supernatural braided rigs tied to a size 6 or 8 Krank, often with a small kicker added for extra appeal. Ready-tied rigs have also yielded great results, making Solidz fishing more convenient.

When selecting hookbaits, I opt for something small, balanced, and attention-grabbing. Orange Fake Corn has proven highly effective in my Solidz approach, especially in day ticket venues like Norton and Linear.

Solidz rig
The perfect presentation with your hookbait a homing beacon.

I lean towards using the small Solidz, incorporating micro pellet around my hooklink to ensure complete coverage while neatly nestled within the bag. This approach guarantees that your rig is discreetly positioned, concealed by the pellet, and when the carp approach, the first thing they’ll notice is your well-balanced bait situated above the pellet.

For popped-up or balanced baits, it’s crucial to test the weight against the hook in the edge to understand how it sits. Paying attention to the hookpoint is also important to prevent blunting. Adding crumb, powder, or groundbait around the hook or carefully positioning the hookpoint outside the bag can address this concern.

Solidz rig: Super easy yet highly effective.
Super easy yet highly effective.

An additional tip for Solidz enthusiasts: if you need to dry your rig, dipping it into a bag of powder or groundbait efficiently absorbs moisture. Dealing with a wet rig while tying a bag can be frustrating, so ensure the lead is dry by removing it from the swivel.

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the power of Solidz—they’re a fantastic way to catch carp, and their simplicity makes them accessible for anyone to use, providing confidence in every fishing endeavor.

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polarized sunglasses"

Important! Polarized Sunglasses in Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is a pursuit that demands patience, skill, and, of course, the right equipment and among the often-overlooked essentials is a quality pair of Polarized Sunglasses. In the realm of carp fishing, these sunglasses can be a game-changer. Let’s delve into the reasons why Polarized sunglasses are indispensable for carp fishing.

Understanding Polarized Sunglasses:

Polarized sunglasses boast a special lens coating designed to reduce glare. This coating filters out horizontal light waves, particularly those reflecting off surfaces like water – a boon for anglers. The outcome is a clearer, more comfortable vision, reducing eye strain and enhancing contrast perception.

Why Polarized Sunglasses are Crucial for Carp Fishing:

1. Glare Reduction:

Carp fishing involves extended periods observing the water’s surface. The sun’s reflection often creates glare, hindering visibility beneath the water. Polarized sunglasses act as a shield against this glare, enabling a clearer view and facilitating the spotting of carp movements.

2. Spotting Carp:

Carp are adept at blending into their aquatic surroundings, their scales reflecting light to mimic the environment. Polarized sunglasses cut through the glare, allowing anglers to spot carp more easily. This advantage proves particularly beneficial in clear water or under sunny conditions.

3. Eye Protection:

Carp fishing often entails prolonged exposure to sunlight. Harmful UV rays pose a risk to your eyes, potentially causing issues like cataracts. Polarized sunglasses offer a protective barrier against UV rays, mitigating the risk of eye damage and fatigue.

4. Enhanced Fishing Performance:

The impact of Polarized sunglasses on fishing performance is multi-faceted. They improve visibility of fish, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful catches. Additionally, by reducing eye strain and fatigue, these sunglasses contribute to prolonged focus during fishing sessions.

In Conclusion:

In the toolkit of any carp fishing enthusiast, Polarized sunglasses stand out as an essential gear component.

Beyond glare reduction, they facilitate easier fish spotting, provide crucial eye protection from UV rays, and contribute to an overall enhanced fishing performance.

Investing in a quality pair of Polarized sunglasses may be a small step, but its significance looms large in elevating your carp fishing experience.

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Stow Indicators

Evolving Bite Detection with Stow Indicators

The roots of Stow indicators trace back to Elstow lakes, where pioneering anglers crafted the original versions decades ago. Today, these indicators remain a favored method of bite detection among Team Korda members.

Stow Indicators

The original handmade Stow gained cult status, prompting Korda to enhance its design, using top-quality materials like stainless steel to ensure enduring performance. A more budget-friendly Mini Stow version, part of the Basix range, maintains the original’s effectiveness but features cost-effective components.

The essence of Stow lies in its attachment to the line via a line-friendly clip, securing it in the same spot unlike ball-style clips. This non-restrictive setup ensures a swift release upon a take, especially when using the correct chain length. Stow allows for slack lines, as its short chain and clip design eliminate the need to be grounded like conventional bobbins.

Both the original Stow and the Basix Mini Stow blend effectiveness with aesthetic appeal. According to Neil Spooner, the pinned line position on a Stow maximizes indication, providing clarity on any line movement.

Stow Indicator

Compatible with any bite alarm, the Stow comes with two chain lengths and a magnetic hockey stick attachment for easy assembly. The body, available in various colors, is lightweight and sensitive, holding the line securely without causing damage.

Stow Indicators
Stow Indicators

Basix Mini Stow

A compact version of the Stow, the Mini Stow employs a line-friendly clip and a stainless steel ball chain. It’s adjustable to various buzzer types, ensuring a prompt release on a bite.

Stow Indicators

Stow Away

For optimal Stow storage, the Stow Away case accommodates two or three Stow Indicators, designed with a magnetic base to secure the extension chain and heads during transit.

Stow Indicators

Stow Head

To change Stow colors, replace the Stow Head with lightweight, translucent heads in various colors.

Stow Indicators

Stow Over Weights

In situations requiring additional weight, Stow Over Weights provide 6g or 8g options. They fit securely over the Stow Head, preventing sliding, and are suitable for specific angling conditions.

Stow Indicators: weights


These isotopes fit into any Stow Indicator body, providing long-lasting illumination. Available in multiple colors, they enhance visual appeal.

The Stow-Lite has an extremely long life and is available in a choice of colours so that you can pick them to match your Stow heads – they come in red, green, yellow, blue, white, purple or orange, with one in each pack. They are 3mm x 25mm in size.

Stow Indicators: stow lite

Mini Stow-Lite

Designed for Basix Mini Stow indicators, these isotopes also fit small Black&Whites bobbins and Distance Sticks, offering vibrant colors for customization.

Stow indicators, mini stow lite

Stow Extension

For a sleeker appearance, the black anodized Stow Extension serves the same purpose as the original. It comes in long or short versions, made from black anodized stainless steel.

stow extension

Magnetic Hockey Stick

This spare Magnetic Hockey Stick, similar to the original, allows quick Stow Indicator detachment without unscrewing buzzers, facilitating versatility between setups.

Stow indicators: magnetic hockey stick

Black & Whites Hockey Stick

For those preferring a black attachment, this option replaces the stainless steel one on the Stow Indicator. It accommodates various chains, including the separately sold black Stow Extension chain, and complements Black&White bobbins.

black & whites hockey stick stow indicators

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dark matter hybrid lead clip leader

Dark Matter Leaders Review

The entire concept behind the Dark Matter range revolves around the incorporation of tungsten, and this principle extends to their line of leaders. Here is a Dark Matter Leaders Review.

Diverse and pre-tied, the Dark Matter leader range offers an array of options, all unified by the presence of tungsten-infused collars in the fused material. This unique construction ensures that the leader stays securely pinned to the lake bed, minimizing the risk of fish encountering it and getting spooked.

Dark Matter Leaders Review

A standout feature of this leader range is its adaptability, allowing you to employ any lead system or set-up in a safe and hassle-free manner. Each leader is equipped with a fused loop at one end, facilitating easy attachment to your main line loop-to-loop style. No more dealing with intricate knots; as long as you can tie a loop in your main line, you can seamlessly use any of these leaders. While conventional knots like the grinner are an option, the loop-to-loop method proves quicker and simpler.

Dark Matter Leaders Review

Certain leaders within the range come complete with the entire lead system, streamlining your setup process. Just attach it to your main line, clip on your hook link, add a lead, and you’re ready to cast out! This includes options such as Heli-Safe and standard helicopter styles, Hybrid Lead Clip, and QC Hybrid Lead Clip versions.

Others offer the flexibility to utilize your preferred lead system components, catering to both running or inline lead setups, including drop-off styles, Heli-Safe System, and Leadcore Chod Safety System – all on a fused leader. This flexibility becomes particularly valuable in fisheries that prohibit leadcore leaders but still allow short leaders for effective rig presentation.

Dark Matter Leaders Review

Beyond their angler-friendly design, these leaders enhance fish safety by ensuring the lead or hook link can safely eject every time. Unlike leadcore leaders, they don’t develop kinks due to the memory of lead wire inside, ensuring optimal safety. They also mitigate the risk of scales being lifted or fins split during a fight, a common concern when using the main line all the way through to the hook link.

Constructed from tough and abrasion-resistant material with minimal memory, these leaders boast a breaking strain of 30lb (available in 40lb breaking strain in Europe). The low memory ensures they remain straight once stretched out, and they come in clear, weed, or gravel options (with silt or clay versions for some). Varying lengths – 1m, 50cm, or 30cm – cater to different fishing scenarios. For instance, the Ring Swivel Leader is available in all three lengths due to its versatility, while the Drop Off Inline Leader is specifically crafted in 30cm for those using drop-off inlines in solid PVA bags. Each pack includes one leader, but they are reusable and easily detachable from your main line – a convenient feature, especially for solid bag fishing enthusiasts who often need to switch pre-tied bags.

Dark Matter Leaders Review


Crafted with a specific purpose in mind, these leaders are tailor-made for use with drop-off inline leads, finding their sweet spot in solid PVA bag fishing. However, their versatility extends beyond this niche, making them a suitable choice for various fishing scenarios requiring this type of lead setup.

Remaining consistent with the entire Dark Matter leader range, these leaders incorporate tungsten collars, ensuring they stay securely pinned to the bottom. The fused loop at one end simplifies attachment to your main line, eliminating unnecessary complexities.

dark matter drop off inline leader

At the opposite end, you’ll find a size 8 Ring Swivel, strategically placed to facilitate drop-off style fishing. This involves inserting the other eye of the swivel into the nose of an inline lead and then attaching your hook link to the ring. You have the flexibility to customize the inline lead and tail rubber according to your preferences.

With a length of 30cm, this leader is specifically designed for solid bag fishing and adheres to regulations on waters where longer leaders are prohibited. Boasting a robust 30lb breaking strain, it offers a dependable option for anglers. Additionally, you can select from clear, weed, or gravel color options to align with the lake bed characteristics of your fishing environment.


The Dark Matter Heli-Safe Leader is strategically engineered for compatibility with various helicopter-style setups, including chod rigs.

One end showcases our innovative Heli-Safe System, simplifying the process of attaching your preferred lead. The incorporation of the Chod Safe System enhances safety when fishing with a helicopter setup, ensuring smooth detachment of your hook link if your main line happens to break. You have the flexibility to adjust the top bead’s distance above the lead based on the depth of silt or weed in your fishing environment. Available in 50cm or 1m lengths, this leader is versatile enough to cater to chod setups. The shorter leaders also prove advantageous for long-range fishing, contributing to increased casting distances compared to the longer version.

dark matter heli safe leader

Connecting your chosen hook link is a breeze with the QC Ring Swivel – a simple clip-on process complemented by concealing the QC part with a Dark Matter Anti-Tangle Sleeve before casting.

The opposite end of the leader features a fused loop for easy attachment to your main line. Tungsten collars along its length ensure it remains securely pinned to the bottom. With options for 50cm or 1m lengths and a choice of clear, weed, or gravel colors, this leader provides adaptability to suit various fishing scenarios and lake bed conditions.


Tailored for scenarios where a helicopter-style setup is preferred but dropping the lead isn’t necessary, this leader offers versatility for both conventional hook links and chod rigs.

At one end, the inclusion of a Kwik Link simplifies the process of attaching your chosen lead, covered seamlessly by the included Helicopter Sleeve.

Incorporating the Chod Safe System, this leader ensures safe fishing with a helicopter setup by facilitating easy detachment of your hook link in the event of a main line break. The adjustable top bead allows you to set its distance above the lead, catering to the depth of silt or weed in your fishing spot. With a 1m leader length, it accommodates chod setups as well.

dark matter helicopter chod leader

Your hook link connects to a Ring Swivel, providing flexibility for direct tying/crimping or the addition of a Kwik Link for easy switching between different hook links.

The opposite end of the leader features a fused loop for straightforward attachment to your main line. Tungsten collars along its length guarantee secure pinning to the bottom. Available in a 1m length, this leader offers options in clear, weed, gravel, silt, or clay colors to suit various lake bed conditions.


This leader introduces a Hybrid Lead Clip at one end, complemented by a Hybrid Tail Rubber, offering a secure and semi-fixed method for fishing with any swivel lead of your preference.

Attaching your lead to the lead clip is a straightforward process, and tying/crimping your hook link to the integrated ring swivel in the Hybrid Lead Clip completes the setup, making it ready for casting.

dark matter hybrid lead clip leader

On the opposite end of this 1m leader, a fused loop facilitates easy attachment to your main line. Tungsten collars are strategically positioned along the leader’s length, ensuring it stays firmly pinned to the lake bed. The leader is available in clear, weed, gravel, clay, or silt colors, providing options to suit different lake bed conditions.


Presenting a QC Hybrid Lead Clip at one end coupled with a Hybrid Tail Rubber, this leader provides a secure and semi-fixed method for fishing with your preferred swivel lead.

The setup is a breeze – attach your lead to the lead clip, and then clip your hook link to the QC swivel, with the suggestion to use a Dark Matter Anti-Tangle Sleeve for covering the QC part of the swivel. This integrated system in the Hybrid Lead Clip streamlines your preparation, ensuring you are ready to cast out effortlessly. Opt for either a 1m or 50cm leader, with the shorter version being particularly handy for longer-range fishing or in waters with restrictions on leader length.

QC Hybrid Lead Clip

The opposite end of the leader boasts a fused loop for straightforward attachment to your main line. Tungsten collars along the leader’s length guarantee secure pinning to the lake bed. Available in clear, weed, or gravel colors, this leader offers options to suit different lake bed conditions.


Designed for simplicity, this leader caters to anglers who prefer incorporating their own lead system. It features a size 8 QC Swivel fused onto one end, seamlessly connecting to a loop, while the other end boasts a fused loop for easy attachment to your main line.

The versatile QC Swivel neatly fits into the nose of any inline lead, offering a semi-fixed option. It’s compatible with running swivel lead setups, standard lead clips, or even a Bait Up Method Feeder – providing flexibility for various setups requiring this type of leader material. Quick changes to your hook link are facilitated by the QC Swivel, making attachment and detachment a matter of seconds, especially effective when used with a Dark Matter Anti-Tangle Sleeve.

dark matter qc swivel leader

Available in 30cm or 50cm lengths, this leader is well-suited for long-range fishing and waters with restrictions on longer leaders. It also proves handy for solid bag fishing, especially if you opt not to use a drop-off inline. Choose from clear, weed, or gravel color options based on your lake bed conditions and preferences.


Catering to anglers who prefer the flexibility of incorporating their own lead system, this leader stands out as one of the simplest in the range. It features a size 8 Ring Swivel fused onto one end, seamlessly connected to a loop, while the other end boasts a fused loop for convenient attachment to your main line.

The versatile Ring Swivel neatly fits into the nose of any inline lead, offering a semi-fixed option. Whether you opt for a running swivel lead setup, a standard lead clip, or a Bait Up Method Feeder, this leader is adaptable to a variety of setups that require this type of leader material and allow for your chosen lead system.

All that’s left is to either tie or crimp your hook link to the ring on the swivel, and you’re set to cast out effortlessly.

dark matter ring swivel leader

Available in 30cm, 50cm, and 1m lengths, this leader proves ideal for long-range fishing and waters with restrictions on longer leaders. It also serves well for solid bag fishing, especially if you choose not to use a drop-off inline. Opt for a longer leader if you desire more distance between your main line and hook link, where more of it is pinned to the bottom via the integrated tungsten collars, or if you need a longer length of highly abrasion-resistant material above your lead system. Choose from clear, weed, gravel, clay, or silt colors to suit your lake bed conditions and preferences.

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Spring Bow Landing Net

Spring Bow Landing Net

Introducing the Spring Bow Landing Net, a product that has undergone several years of development to ensure it meets the highest standards of user-friendliness. This innovative net addresses crucial aspects that anglers often overlook when it comes to their gear.

The landing net is a pivotal tool in any angler’s arsenal, playing a critical role in the success or failure during the final moments of a fish fight. Damian Clarke, the mind behind the Spring Bow Landing Net, acknowledges the common issues faced with traditional nets, such as heavy and insufficiently stiff poles, saggy arms, and unreliable spreader blocks. These issues can lead to missed opportunities in landing prized catches.
Spring Bow Landing Net

Spring Bow Landing Net

The Spring Bow Landing Net tackles these challenges head-on, providing a solution that allows anglers to focus solely on enjoying the thrill of the fight. Damian Clarke describes the net as responsive, super stiff, super light, and designed to float on the water. This buoyancy eliminates the frustration of a sinking net during crucial moments, providing a seamless experience for anglers.

The 6ft handle, constructed from high-grade carbon, adds to the net’s buoyancy. Its thin-walled and lightweight design ensures that the net remains on the water’s surface without the need for additional flotation devices. The handle’s stiffness is further enhanced by a reverse taper, minimizing flex and promoting the upward movement of the spreader block.

Spring Bow Landing Net

The satin finish on the handle allows for smooth handling, facilitating quick adjustments during critical moments in the fish fight. Additionally, a stainless steel spike at the handle’s end ensures secure placement into the ground after landing a fish, providing a stable holding space for further preparations.

Crafted by JAG from high-grade aluminum, the spreader block is both strong and durable. Its gunsmoke ceramic coating protects it from chips and scratches, ensuring longevity in various fishing conditions. The net arms, available in 42, 46, or 50-inch lengths, cater to different carp sizes and easily attach to the spreader block for tensioning. Removing them for convenient packing is a hassle-free process, eliminating the common struggles associated with many landing nets.

Spring Bow Landing Net

The mesh, designed at an ideal depth, securely cradles catches while allowing them to rest in the net during preparations. The mesh’s size permits easy maneuvering through the water, with strategically sized holes to minimize potential harm to fish. For added convenience, spare arms and meshes are available separately and are interchangeable with the same handle and spreader block, catering to diverse fishing needs, whether in Europe or the UK.

Spring Bow Landing Net

Crafted from high-grade carbon, the 6ft handle exhibits exceptional strength and stiffness. Its thin-walled and lightweight design not only contributes to these qualities but also imparts natural buoyancy. This buoyancy ensures that the net remains on the water’s surface without requiring a net float, eliminating the risk of it sliding into the depths or getting entangled in underwater debris unnoticed.

To enhance its rigidity, the handle features a reverse taper, minimizing flex when lifted and causing the spreader block to move upwards simultaneously. The satin finish adds a touch of practicality, allowing the handle to smoothly glide through your hands when necessary, such as extending it those extra few inches to fully secure the carp over the net cord.

The handle’s ease of use is further accentuated by its seamless cutting through the water – a truly aesthetic experience for any angler. Additionally, a stainless steel spike at the handle’s end serves a dual purpose. Not only does it facilitate easy insertion into the ground without the risk of damage, but it also provides a secure spot to retain fish immediately after landing. This feature ensures you have the opportunity to attend to proper retention or organize your camera gear without the worry of hearing a splash and turning around to find the fish swimming out of the net, unsecured.

Spring Bow Landing Net

JAG, renowned for their commitment to quality, manufactures the spreader block using high-grade aluminum, ensuring exceptional strength. The block is not only robust but is also meticulously finished with a durable gunsmoke ceramic coating, offering protection against chips and scratches.

For added versatility, the net arms are available in 42, 46, or 50-inch lengths, catering to a range of carp sizes commonly found in European waters. These arms seamlessly integrate with the spreader block, allowing for easy tensioning. Moreover, the user-friendly design allows for effortless removal when it’s time to pack the net away – a departure from the common struggle and worry associated with many landing nets. The arms’ stiffness ensures that as you lift the net through the water, the front section, where the drawcord is located, remains elevated without sagging.

Delving into the mesh design, its optimal depth provides a secure cradle for your catch, allowing it to rest comfortably in the net while you attend to other tasks. The mesh strikes the right balance – not too deep to avoid entangling in debris along the margins but sufficiently deep to secure the catch. The mesh size allows the net to maneuver freely through the water, with holes crafted to minimize potential damage to fish, preventing issues such as splitting fins. It’s essential to note the advice against lifting a fish directly from the water in the net; instead, a transfer to a sling is recommended.

For angler convenience, spare arms and meshes are available separately and are fully interchangeable with the same handle and spreader block. This feature enables anglers to tailor their net size to specific fishing needs, whether engaged in overseas fishing or exploring waters closer to home – a straightforward process involving the purchase of different arms and mesh sizes.

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Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

Overview of the Innovative Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

Heli-Safe Tubing Kit System stands as an exceptional product, widely embraced by anglers globally. Now, owing to a strategic refinement, an even broader audience can reap its benefits.

Previously, its application in certain waters faced substantial limitations due to bans on leadcore and leaders. Setups not conducive to being fished ‘naked’ on the main line prompted a quest for alternatives.

Despite these challenges, the Heli-Safe remains the ultimate system for those keen on a helicopter-style rig. It encompasses traditional helicopter setup features—anti-tangle properties, long casting capability, and adjustable top bead for hook link placement. However, its significant advantage lies in allowing the lead to be dropped when a fish is hooked, mitigating the risk of snags or weed entanglement—an issue historically associated with helicopter rigs.

In situations where retaining the lead is unnecessary, the Heli-Safe ‘collar’ can be inserted to prevent its release.

Excitingly, Korda has introduced a groundbreaking solution, enabling the Heli-Safe’s compatibility with rig tubing. Unless water regulations explicitly ban helicopter rigs, this setup is now applicable across various European waters.

Previously incompatible with tubing, the Heli-Safe can now seamlessly integrate it. While a ‘naked’ version was feasible before, not everyone favored having the hook link swivel directly on the main line without a leader, compromising anti-tangle qualities.

Heli-Safe Tubing KitThe seemingly straightforward solution to this predicament, the Heli-Safe Tubing Kit, underwent meticulous development to ensure optimal performance, particularly in still dropping the lead.

Korda’s product development team devised a small yet crucial element—a ‘witch’s hat’ plug inside the Heli-Safe, securing the tubing. Paired with an adapted Heli-Safe ‘cap,’ featuring a hard plastic ‘tail,’ this guarantees the tubing remains secure, preserving the system’s original functionality.

Damian Clarke, the innovator behind the idea, shared his experience, highlighting the effectiveness of the ‘witch’s hat’ in securely holding tubing. He emphasized its compatibility with Dark Matter rig tubing, providing a solution to issues encountered with naked helicopter setups.

The Heli-Safe Tubing Kit, available in brown or green packs, contains all necessary components for two complete setups (excluding tubing). Each pack includes two Heli-Safe caps, five witch’s hats, and two new Tungsten Beads, now accessible at all Korda stockists.

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Fake Food

Fake Food

Exploring the comprehensive range of our plastic hook baits, known as Fake Food, delving into their effectiveness. Plastic hook baits have significantly influenced carp fishing, becoming a popular choice among anglers seeking durable bait with buoyancy.

Plastic hook baits have made a notable impact on carp fishing, emerging as a favored option for anglers in search of robust and buoyant bait.

Korda’s Fake Food series originated with plastic sweetcorn, expanding to encompass artificial maize and dumbells. A slow-sinking match-the-hatch imitation boilie was added to complete the collection. Through collaboration with Mainline, we ensured these baits align with their freezer and ready-made counterparts in both color and flavor, offering sizes of 15mm or 18mm. Anglers now have the choice between vibrant, attention-grabbing baits and more subdued options that harmonize with their freebies.

fake food

These adaptable baits can be used independently, such as a lone piece of maize in a Solidz PVA bag, or as an embellishment to introduce color to a genuine boilie, particularly favored with artificial corn.

Offered in pop-up or slow-sinking variations, these baits uphold steady buoyancy through an enclosed air pocket, enduring even after extended exposure to water. The plastic version provides resistance against nuisance species, making it well-suited for deploying smaller baits without worries about damage or removal by other species like crayfish or roach.

Fashioned from robust rubber, these baits endure encounters with species like crayfish or poisson chat, provided they are securely fastened with corresponding hair stops. Throughout the manufacturing process, flavor and color are infused into the plastic prior to molding, ensuring a longer-lasting fragrance compared to conventionally soaked baits.

Compatible with diverse rigs and configurations, these baits serve myriad purposes, from infusing color into a snowman presentation to mimicking a pop-up on a spinner rig in crayfish-infested waters. Regardless of your preferences in a rubber bait, our collection presents the ideal size, color, buoyancy, and flavor to suit your requirements.

Pop-Up Corn

This has established itself as an outstanding attractor for fish throughout the years, being the inaugural product in the Fake Food lineup, and emulates the size of an actual grain of corn.

Equipped with an internal air pocket, this variant possesses the buoyancy required to elevate most rigs, particularly when deployed in pairs, and is available in an array of flavors and colors.

fake food pop up corn

In addition to the original yellow coloured IB flavour, which has always been a big favourite, that same flavour is now also available in bright pink, which has proven to make a big difference to catch rates on some venues at certain times of the year, when it outfishes other colours. There is also a Citrus Zing flavour which now comes in orange (as opposed to the green colour it was previously available in), a pink coloured Fruity Squid variety, and Banoffee in white.

Each packet contains 12 pieces of pop-up corn plus free hair stops in a matching colour.

Slow Sinking Corn

The slow sinking version of the corn is great for situations when you want to be fishing a bait touching the lakebed, but want it to still have some buoyancy so that it is easily sucked in by a feeding carp.

It still has more buoyancy than using real sweetcorn, plus it has all the advantages that come with being made from plastic and being immune to the attentions of nuisance species, plus the buoyancy won’t alter when it has been in the water for a prolonged period of time.

slow sinking corn fake food

In addition to the original yellow coloured IB flavour, which has always been a big favourite, that same flavour is now also available in bright pink, which has proven to make a big difference to catch rates on some venues at certain times of the year, when it outfishes other colours.

There is also a Citrus Zing flavour which now comes in orange (as opposed to the green colour it was previously available in), a pink coloured Fruity Squid variety, and Banoffee in white.

Each packet contains 12 pieces of slow sinking corn plus free hair stops in a matching colour.

Pop-Up Maize

Maize is one of those baits which has become popular in recent years and is used by many anglers in their spod/particle mix.

This plastic pop-up version is larger than the fake sweetcorn which we do, and reflects the size difference between a grain of sweetcorn and a piece of maize. It means that it is more buoyant, due to a larger air pocket inside, and is therefore more suited to use with larger, heavier hooks, or with rigs that contain more metalware at the hook end, such as a spinner, as it still has enough buoyancy to keep it all clear of the bottom.

pop-up maize fake food

In addition to the original yellow coloured IB flavour, which has always been a big favourite, that same flavour is now also available in bright pink, which has proven to make a big difference to catch rates on some venues at certain times of the year, when it outfishes other colours. There is also a Citrus Zing flavour which now comes in orange (as opposed to the green colour it was previously available in), a pink coloured Fruity Squid variety, and Banoffee in white.

Each packet contains ten pieces of pop-up maize plus free hair stops in a matching colour.

Slow Sinking Maize

Maize has gained popularity among anglers for spod and particle mixes in recent years.

This slow-sinking plastic version is larger than our imitation sweetcorn, accurately mirroring the size contrast between a grain of sweetcorn and a piece of maize. With a larger internal air pocket, it boasts increased buoyancy, making it well-suited for larger, heavier hooks or rigs with more metalware at the hook end. The enhanced buoyancy ensures a gradual descent to the lake bed, enticing feeding carp to easily take the bait.

fake food slow sinking maize

Apart from the beloved original yellow IB flavor, now a popular choice, this same flavor is offered in vibrant pink, demonstrating significant effectiveness in boosting catch rates on specific venues during certain times of the year, outperforming other colors. Additionally, the Citrus Zing flavor has transitioned to orange from its previous green variant, a pink-hued Fruity Squid variation is available, and Banoffee comes in white.

Each packet includes ten pieces of slow-sinking maize, accompanied by complimentary hair stops in a matching color.

Pop-Up Dumbells

These dumbbells can be used either individually or in conjunction with real baits, making them ideal for creating a snowman presentation.

Available in various sizes and colors, they offer a range of options for fishing, allowing you to choose between a vibrant, standout hookbait or a more subtle approach. The dumbbells are offered in four distinct color and flavor combinations.

With sizes ranging from 8mm, 12mm, to 16mm, you can tailor the buoyancy to your preference and select a bait size that complements your rig and hook size. Each dumbbell is equipped with a specialized recessed slot at the end, perfectly fitting the boilie stop and ensuring your bait stays secure even if targeted by crayfish. Each pack includes a strip of matching color boilie stops.

pop-up dumbells

The Pop-Up Dumbbells are offered in enticing options such as white Banoffee, yellow IB, pink Fruity Squid, or Fishy Beige. Each package includes ten 8mm, eight 12mm, or five 16mm baits.

Tailored for a slow sinking action, these dumbbells are excellent for use in rigs typically designed for wafters. With a diverse range of sizes and colors, they provide ample choices, allowing you to opt for a vivid, attention-grabbing hookbait or a more subtle approach. The dumbbells are available in four distinct color and flavor combinations.

Featuring three different sizes in the range—8mm, 12mm, or 16mm—you can customize the buoyancy level and select a bait size that aligns with your rig and hook specifications. Each dumbbell is crafted with a specialized recessed slot at the end, ensuring a secure fit for the boilie stop and preventing the bait from dislodging, even when faced with crayfish. A strip of matching color boilie stops is included in each pack.

Mainline Slow-Sinking Boilie

Crafted to mimic the Mainline freezer and shelf-life baits, these rubber slow-sinking boilies offer an ideal choice for those seeking a discreet hookbait that complements their loosefeed.

Constructed from durable plastic, these boilies are resilient enough to endure encounters with nuisance species like crayfish, ensuring a reliable and ever-present bait. The design incorporates a recessed hair stop cavity, guaranteeing the stop remains securely in place, preventing easy removal, and delivering a tidy presentation.

slow sinking boilie

Infused with the identical Mainline Cell, Essential Cell, and Link attractors found in their boilies, these baits share the same color profile, offering a slightly faded appearance to seamlessly blend with your chosen baiting strategy.

Crafted to ensure a gradual descent and sustained buoyancy even after prolonged water exposure, these boilies are compatible with standard rigs designed for wafter-style hookbaits. Available in 15mm or 18mm sizes, each pack contains either nine or six boilies, depending on your chosen size.

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