take notes

Take Notes! (By Ian Chillcott)

While the title “Take notes” may not immediately convey it, this piece delves deeper into the essence of my angling journey, focusing not just on tactics and gear, but on the enduring lessons that have shaped my success over the years. From the inception of the hair rig in the early 1980s, my voyage through …

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Beginners Guide

Basic Beginners Guide to Carp Fishing

If you’re new to carp fishing, the journey can be as simple or complex as you make it, read this short beginners guide to help you get started. Stepping into your local tackle shop for the first time might feel overwhelming with the array of options for bait, tackle, and gear. Where do you even …

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Steve "Spurgenator" Spurgeon Spring Fishing

Spring Fishing Success with Steve Spurgeon

Welcome to Spring Fishing at Manor Farm Fisheries with Fox Consultant, Steve “Spurgenator” Spurgeon! In this captivating journey, Steve shares his expert strategies for catching Carp as the seasons transition from winter rains to summer warmth. Join us as we explore Steve’s unique insights and techniques for adapting to the changing natural conditions of Spring. …

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Marker Float

Guide: How To Use A Marker Float

The Marker Float is a crucial tool for understanding your swim. By following some simple steps, you can accurately map out depths, substrates, and distances to fish with precision on specific spots. A Marker Float is a fishing accessory used to map out underwater features such as depths, substrates, and fish-holding spots. It typically consists …

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Inline Leads

Barry Delderfield: Inline Leads Expert

Barry Delderfield talks about why he uses Inline Leads. He excels as one of Korda’s most reliable team members, persistently capturing fish from diverse, challenging waters. Stealth is crucial to his tactics, and his go-to rig consists of small inline leads and extended, rigid hook links. Barry’s preferred Inline Leads arrangement for weedy, close-range waters, …

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Longshank Beaked Hook

Longshank Beaked Hook Enhancements

Danny Fairbrass, known for his innovative approach to angling gear, has refined the already successful Longshank X pattern of hook to the Longshank Beaked Hook, enhancing its effectiveness for catching carp. These improvements build upon the hook’s proven track record of over 20 years, demonstrating Fairbrass’s commitment to optimizing fishing equipment. The enhancements to the …

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early spring session

Early Spring Session with Iggy

Solar Team Member Ignace de Roeck, fondly known as Iggy, recently embarked on an eventful early spring session in France alongside his friend Bart. True to form, Iggy made exceptional use of our baits, showcasing his angling prowess. Here’s the full story from the Man himself… After a prolonged absence from fishing, I finally had …

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