compac coolers

Compac Coolers

In the warmer seasons or on extended outings, freshness is key for both angler and fish alike to relish their meal! Compac Coolers to the rescue! Compac cool bags, are a versatile solution for any fishing excursion. Whether it’s a brief jaunt requiring milk and sandwiches or a lengthier trip demanding ample bait or sustenance …

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Carp Fishing Winter Tactics

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics (Video)

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics by Gardner/Carl Udry. Carl Udry is a Team GT-Speero angler and he shows how his tactics change as we start to enter the winter season. Winter poses unique challenges for carp anglers, but with the right tactics, success is still within reach. Opt for slow-sinking baits and adjust your presentation to …

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Specimen T-Rig

Introducing the Specimen T-Rig (How To)

Targeting species like Tench, Crucians, and Carp? The Specimen T-Rig is your ticket to success. Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting this stellar rig. What You’ll Need for the Specimen T-Rig: Make sure you have these essentials ready for the finished rig. Step 1: Begin by taking a length of Trickster Heavy braid and tying …

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passion for angling

‘Childhood Dreams’ – Passion for Angling

“Childhood Dreams,” an installment from the revered series “passion for angling,” left an indelible mark on countless anglers. I am certain that many were drawn into the world of fishing by its evocative and enchanting atmosphere. The film resonates with my own memories of childhood, seen through the innocent eyes of youth. Thankfully, I was …

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Introducing SUBbraid For Carp Angling

For anglers exploring new braid options or seeking a change, delving into the realm of SUBbraid offers insights into its virtues. While braided main lines have a longstanding presence, particularly in spod and marker rod setups, their potential in carp fishing remains underexplored, leaving anglers unaware of the benefits they could reap. THE SUBTLE ART …

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best time of year for carp fishing

Best Time For Carp Angling: Seasons

Engaging in carp fishing is a favored pursuit among many anglers, and discerning the best time for carp angling can be the key to transforming a day on the water from frustration to success. This discussion delves into thebest time for carp angling and imparts some insights on maximizing the outcome of your fishing expedition. …

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Solidz rigs

Why Solidz rigs Are My Go-To Choice

In this piece, Neil Spooner shares his deep affection for using Solidz, elaborating on how he sets up his Solidz rigs and offering valuable tips for optimal usage. Solidz, in my opinion, are a tactic I hold in high regard, and I still believe they don’t receive the credit they deserve. For guaranteed presentation, I …

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polarized sunglasses"

Important! Polarized Sunglasses in Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is a pursuit that demands patience, skill, and, of course, the right equipment and among the often-overlooked essentials is a quality pair of Polarized Sunglasses. In the realm of carp fishing, these sunglasses can be a game-changer. Let’s delve into the reasons why Polarized sunglasses are indispensable for carp fishing. Understanding Polarized Sunglasses: …

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