Winter Fishing in Dorset, England
winter fishing in Dorset, England

Winter Fishing Showdown: Oscar Shatters Jonny’s Dream

In the latest winter fishing Korda Vlog, Jonny Old and Oscar Thornton head to the scenic Milton Abbas Estate in Dorset for an epic winter carp session. The vlog showcases the duo taking advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures and a significant weather front, which triggers an exceptional feeding spree among the carp.

Over a 24-hour period, Jonny and Oscar demonstrate their expert angling skills by targeting clear channels amidst dense weed using match the hatch wafters. Their strategy involves heavy baiting with Mainline Cell, which proves highly effective as they catch some of the finest carp in Milton Abbas.

The vlog captures the essence of fishing camaraderie, with Jonny and Oscar enjoying each other’s company and the thrill of the sport. It’s a quintessential fishing film that highlights the joy and excitement of a successful winter fishing expedition.

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