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Naomi Turner Record Carp Catch at Holme Fenn, UK

June 12, 2024

On a recent fishing trip to Holme Fenn, Naomi Turner Record Carp was achieved and represents an extraordinary milestone. Catching the biggest carp ever recorded by a female angler in the UK. Weighing in at 72lb 12oz (nearly 33kg), this monumental catch has earned her a place in the angling… Read more

Carp fishing championships and competitions

Carp Fishing Championships and Competitions in the United States

January 4, 2023

Carp fishing championships and competitions: Carp fishing is a popular recreational activity in the United States, and there are a number of carp fishing championships and competitions held throughout the country each year. These events provide an opportunity for anglers to test their skills against some of the best carp… Read more

St. Lawrence Carp Marathon: An Experience Like No Other

July 27, 2021

The St. Lawrence Carp Marathon: On Monday July 19th 2021 some of the most highly skilled anglers from all over the country gathered in Waddington, NY to draw pegs for what would be the longest and one of most challenging carp fishing tournaments ever held on the mighty St. Lawrence… Read more

St Lawrence Revisited

November 19, 2016

It’s often said, ‘you should never go back’ but in the case of the St Lawrence River it had been a long 4 years since I had last walked it’s banks. I first visited this magnificent river system in 2011 and fished several swims over 3 days, searching for fish… Read more

Tournament Thoughts

June 4, 2016

Preparation is a huge part of any tournament, and as the saying goes luck favors the prepared…and those that can remember which bag has the weights! Read more

2015 Connecticut CARP Open

January 27, 2016

The Tournament… my view As many will know I’m primarily a short session angler fishing 4-6 hour sessions plus a few overnights. In the past decade I’ve fished only two week long tournaments (Baldwinsville & Big 5 Carp in Romania) plus a just a handful of multi day sessions. So… Read more

Christmas in New York

January 1, 2016

It’s been a funny year, weather wise. After a brutal winter with over 100 inches of snow in the Northeast it’s an understatement to say I was not looking forward to the coming winter season. The Farmers’ Almanac prediction didn’t help but as November came to an end the weather… Read more

Record Carp in North America

September 22, 2015

Just how big do carp grow in North America? That’s a question Steve Broad (editor of UK Carpworld magazine) posed to me while we chatted at the Zwolle back in February 2015. Carpworld’s International section had just carried a picture of Daniel Slaby’s stunning 56lb 4oz common caught from a… Read more

The Wild Carp Classic 2015

July 8, 2015

Fishing the Wild Carp Classic was something I could not miss and while it represented a rather major outlay of rather limited funds I was powerless to resist the opportunity. The Seneca River is well known for its amazing fishing, both for size and numbers, and makes an excellent venue for tournaments. Planning… Read more

Best 5 Carp Cup, Sarulesti, Romania

August 26, 2014

Best 5 Carp Competition, May 5-10 2014 Lake Raduta, Sarulesti Romania   It was late November of last year when I got a call from Bogdan the co-owner of K-1 baits. “Hey Iain do you want some boilies for Romania?” He had seen my name listed as a team member… Read more

The Lake of Dreams

December 9, 2013

INTRODUCTION My name is Juan Coetzee and I’m based in the UK (United Kingdom). I am 27 years old and I have been carp fishing just over 4 years, so I am relatively new to the sport. There is so much to learn in this game and I look forward to… Read more

The 2013 Wooden Shoe Carp Classic

June 12, 2013

As we approached the 2013 Wooden Shoe Carp Classic I can only remember thinking how this event could not come fast enough! Last year’s Wooden Shoe Carp Classic had incredible results, with many personal bests for anglers including myself and a couple 30lb+ beasts being landed. This sparked interest from… Read more