Winter Fishing in Dorset, England

Winter Fishing Showdown: Oscar Shatters Jonny’s Dream

May 16, 2024

In the latest winter fishing Korda Vlog, Jonny Old and Oscar Thornton head to the scenic Milton Abbas Estate in Dorset for an epic winter carp session. The vlog showcases the duo taking advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures and a significant weather front, which triggers an exceptional feeding spree among… Read more

Steve "Spurgenator" Spurgeon Spring Fishing

Spring Fishing Success with Steve Spurgeon

April 15, 2024

Welcome to Spring Fishing at Manor Farm Fisheries with Fox Consultant, Steve “Spurgenator” Spurgeon! In this captivating journey, Steve shares his expert strategies for catching Carp as the seasons transition from winter rains to summer warmth. Join us as we explore Steve’s unique insights and techniques for adapting to the… Read more

Carp Fishing Trip

Father and Son First Carp Fishing Trip (Video)

March 14, 2024

Join Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris in an exciting new series as he introduces his son Llewyn to the world of carp fishing for the very first time on a joint Carp Fishing Trip! Watch as Mozza guides Llewyn through the fundamentals of casting, rig tying, and landing fish. Whether you’re new… Read more

winter fishing

Winter Fishing (Video Masterclass)

February 27, 2024

As the clocks prepare to fall back and darkness encroaches, many anglers might assume that winter fishing prospects dim along with the daylight at Norton Disney and other lakes nationwide. Yet, Danny Fairbrass shatters this misconception in this Winter Fishing Masterclass, demonstrating that there’s ample opportunity even as winter approaches!… Read more

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics (Video)

February 20, 2024

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics by Gardner/Carl Udry. Carl Udry is a Team GT-Speero angler and he shows how his tactics change as we start to enter the winter season. Winter poses unique challenges for carp anglers, but with the right tactics, success is still within reach. Opt for slow-sinking baits… Read more

Carp VLOG 1 – Mohawk River, NY Carp Fishing Vlog with Evan Cartabiano

December 6, 2023

Mohawk River, NY Carp Fishing Vlog with Evan Cartabiano: A short carp after work fishing session on the Mohawk River in Canajoharie, NY. Tactics, rigs and bait discussed. Get All of Evan’s Equipment now at Big Carp Tackle Store: BUY NOW Read more

The Carp Anglers Group New Member Packet

December 3, 2023

The Carp Anglers Group New Member Packet can be found here: List of Gardner Tackle items in the pack: Hair Needle Green Fine Bait Needle Mugga Rig Size 6 Barbed Ambush Rig Size 6 Barbed Dumbell Stops Mixed Covert Quick Lok Swivels Size 8 Covert Anti-Tangle Sleeves C-Thru Green… Read more

Carp Fishing Masterclass Videos

Carp Fishing Masterclass Videos

November 9, 2023

The impact of Korda’s Carp Fishing Masterclasses on the world of angling has been nothing short of revolutionary since their launch. For this reasons Korda has created the Carp Fishing Masterclass Videos Series. This remarkable series provides anglers with hours of valuable instruction from some of the most prominent and… Read more

Match Fishing: Bream and Skimmers on the Feeder Tips

November 9, 2023

Let’s catch up with Andy at the popular Midlands location, Meadowlands Fishery. He’s here to share his insights and techniques for fishing with an open-ended feeder to target skimmers, roach, and bream. Andy will walk you through his groundbait mixture and the setup he uses. He’ll also provide valuable advice… Read more

Rippton Bitekeeper Pro Bite Alarms

June 12, 2023

Rippton Bitekeeper Pro Bite Alarms: Just added some cool little alarms to the website. The Rippton Smart Fishing Gear Bitekeeper Pro alarm sets. They are rechargeable, drop back tone and LED, and they connect to an app on your phone via bluetooth where you can change all the settings, see… Read more

Worms For Carp

February 26, 2023

How to add worms to a hair rig (of any sort) and some tips for using them in a solid PVA bag.
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Under the CT River

May 1, 2022

Under the CT River – Part 1: Common carp, koi, fantail, and other fish. Read more