winter fishing

Winter Fishing (Video Masterclass)

As the clocks prepare to fall back and darkness encroaches, many anglers might assume that winter fishing prospects dim along with the daylight at Norton Disney and other lakes nationwide.

Yet, Danny Fairbrass shatters this misconception in this Winter Fishing Masterclass, demonstrating that there’s ample opportunity even as winter approaches!

Whether you’re eyeing a visit to Norton Disney or aiming to hook some carp in your local waters, this is a must-watch as we transition from autumn to the colder months ahead.

True to the Masterclass ethos, no detail is overlooked. Danny meticulously outlines his preparations for a typical day ticket venue excursion during the chillier season. From pinpointing carp hotspots to fine-tuning baiting strategies, selecting hook baits and colors, and delving into rig setups, he leaves no aspect unexplored. Moreover, he shares the adjustments he often employs mid-session to ensure optimal success, consistently targeting that perfect lip every angler seeks!

Transform winter fishing into an unforgettable angling experience with insights from this Carp Fishing Masterclass!

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