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Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

Overview of the Innovative Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

Heli-Safe Tubing Kit System stands as an exceptional product, widely embraced by anglers globally. Now, owing to a strategic refinement, an even broader audience can reap its benefits.

Previously, its application in certain waters faced substantial limitations due to bans on leadcore and leaders. Setups not conducive to being fished ‘naked’ on the main line prompted a quest for alternatives.

Despite these challenges, the Heli-Safe remains the ultimate system for those keen on a helicopter-style rig. It encompasses traditional helicopter setup features—anti-tangle properties, long casting capability, and adjustable top bead for hook link placement. However, its significant advantage lies in allowing the lead to be dropped when a fish is hooked, mitigating the risk of snags or weed entanglement—an issue historically associated with helicopter rigs.

In situations where retaining the lead is unnecessary, the Heli-Safe ‘collar’ can be inserted to prevent its release.

Excitingly, Korda has introduced a groundbreaking solution, enabling the Heli-Safe’s compatibility with rig tubing. Unless water regulations explicitly ban helicopter rigs, this setup is now applicable across various European waters.

Previously incompatible with tubing, the Heli-Safe can now seamlessly integrate it. While a ‘naked’ version was feasible before, not everyone favored having the hook link swivel directly on the main line without a leader, compromising anti-tangle qualities.

Heli-Safe Tubing KitThe seemingly straightforward solution to this predicament, the Heli-Safe Tubing Kit, underwent meticulous development to ensure optimal performance, particularly in still dropping the lead.

Korda’s product development team devised a small yet crucial element—a ‘witch’s hat’ plug inside the Heli-Safe, securing the tubing. Paired with an adapted Heli-Safe ‘cap,’ featuring a hard plastic ‘tail,’ this guarantees the tubing remains secure, preserving the system’s original functionality.

Damian Clarke, the innovator behind the idea, shared his experience, highlighting the effectiveness of the ‘witch’s hat’ in securely holding tubing. He emphasized its compatibility with Dark Matter rig tubing, providing a solution to issues encountered with naked helicopter setups.

The Heli-Safe Tubing Kit, available in brown or green packs, contains all necessary components for two complete setups (excluding tubing). Each pack includes two Heli-Safe caps, five witch’s hats, and two new Tungsten Beads, now accessible at all Korda stockists.

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Kiana Carp Goo

Products How to: Kiana Carp Goo – Scopex and Buttercorn


The timeless Scopex Kiana Carp Goo, once championed by the angling legend Rod Hutchinson, has now been given a captivating twist by Kiana Carp. In their latest innovation, two exceptional Goos have been crafted, enhancing the already remarkable fish-catching capabilities of this classic attractor.

Super Scopex Supreme – Kiana Carp Goo

Kiana Carp Goo

The Super Scopex Supreme stands out with its lively hues, presenting a subtle orange tint in the bottle. This vibrant Goo is ideal for drizzling onto hookbaits, allowing it to permeate to the core. It proves equally effective when coated onto stick mixes, providing a slow-releasing, enticing scent. PVA friendly, it can be added to the outside of PVA bags for unmatched attraction, or incorporated into Solidz bags for a halo of irresistible scent and color surrounding your bait.

Kiana Carp Goo

“Try blitzing up some Mainline Cell boilies in the food blender, then just adding either the scopex Supreme or Buttercorn into the mix. Then use a little Funnelweb bag of this, hooked onto a wafter hookbait or popup which has also been soaked heavily in it, and you have a brilliant set-up that very few fish would ever swim past without investigating.”

Scopex Cream Smoke –

Maintaining the irresistible Scopex flavor, the Scopex Cream Smoke offers a different viscosity and Goo makeup. With a signature green haze, it’s perfect for enhancing Method feeders, zig foam, and hookbaits before casting. Its durability during casting and slow release over an extended period make it an excellent choice for short sessions.

Kiana Carp Goo

Neil Spooner showcased the Scopex Cream Smoke’s versatility in Korda Masterclass 8: Carp Fishing, achieving success with a ready-tied zig rig and landing a 34lb mirror from St Johns on the Linear Complex.

Kiana Carp Goo

*Pro Tip:* For an extended leak-off time, roll hookbaits soaked in the Supreme version in the Smoke variant and expose them to sunlight or dry heat.

Kiana Carp Goo

Buttercorn Goo – Kiana Carp Goo

Considered one of Kiana Carp’s finest blends, the Buttercorn Goo has proven extraordinary in field tests, delivering excellent results globally. This sweet and potent fish attractor is versatile, excelling as a hookbait soak and enhancing stick, Method, and bag mixes. It complements white hookbaits, providing a mild haze and signaling a sweet orbit around your bait.

Kiana Carp Goo

Kiana Carp Goo

Notably featured in Danny Fairbrass’ top 5 flavors, the Buttercorn Goo has played a crucial role in major Masterclass and Thinking Tackle films. Its smooth, rounded smell and strong penetration make it ideal for a washed-out look when paired with a white hookbait, especially effective when fished over the Cell.

“Buttercorn Supreme – A very smooth, rounded smell yet a really strong and penetrating one. I prefer to use this with a white hookbait, ideal for a washed out look to your bait, and one that works really well fished over the Cell. With the Buttercorn Goo, you can achieve this washed out look, yet still have a bait oozing with attraction.”

*Expert Tip:* Combine Buttercorn Goo with Tiger Nut Goo in a 50/50 mix for an irresistible concoction. The resulting aroma will speak for itself!

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Kaizen Platinum Rods

Kaizen Platinum Rods Review

Korda Kaizen Platinum Rods – The Kaizen Platinum range has been under development for more than four years, and came about as Korda felt that they could develop something even better than what was already on the market – despite this being the first foray into rods – using the extensive knowledge and experience of the Team Korda anglers, plus the product development staff at Korda HQ.

Kaizen Platinum Rods

Danny Fairbrass himself has a long association with rods bearing his name, and which he was involved in developing, and so it was a natural progression that we should develop a range ourselves, which had all the attributes that he, and our other anglers, would be looking for from the ultimate carp fishing rods.

The aim was to design a range of high end rods that would cover pretty much any carp angling situation at home or abroad, allowing you to not only accurately reach the fish if they were out at range, but which would also feel nice to play them on.

All of the rods in the range are built on a fast-tapered profile mandrel – meaning that the taper of the rod consistently goes all the way from the butt to the tip, and this produces rods with a very ‘tippy’ action, with pretty much all of the flex being towards the tip end, although of course when under extreme pressure such as casting, the rod will still bend all the way through to some extent.

This type of action allows for better power transfer and the generation of very fast tip speeds, which in turn allows you to cast further than you would be able to with a rod that didn’t have this action. That action also allows much faster line pick-up as well, and whilst most of the bend is in the tip, the power is transferred progressively enough that the rod will absorb the lunges of a big fish at close range without fear of it causing hookpulls, and ensures that it is still a pleasure to play fish on any of the Kaizen rods.

“It’s been designed to be really easy to use for the average angler. I’m not the biggest caster in the world, but with the right length handle and a really lightweight rod, that is really powerful, like this one, it goes absolutely miles with no effort whatsoever”
-Danny Fairbrass, talking about the 12ft spod rod

The taper of the rod isn’t the only factor in determining the action and attributes that it displays, and just as important is the type of carbon that has been used in the manufacturing process – for the Kaizen range the only real choice was the best super tensile, high-grade Japanese carbon that we could get our hands on!

Japanese Carbon Wrap Dissection

This ZERO90 carbon is used in just two layers and with very little resin content, and the result of that is lighter, stiffer blanks – often that stiffness is achieved by using cheaper carbon in multiple layers, which then adds weight to the blank and reduces performance, and is something we wanted to avoid, hence choosing ZERO90 – which further enhance the attributes that the taper we’ve chosen to use on the mandrel already provides.

Not only will this allow more power to be transferred into the cast and with less effort than you’d find with a cheaper grade of carbon, but it also aids enhanced accuracy as well as it reduces the ability of the blank to twist and cause your lead to go off-target during the cast – over a long distance even tiny improvements in accuracy make a big difference to your rig landing exactly where you aimed.

There would of course be little point in producing the ultimate rod in terms of its performance, if the cosmetics didn’t also match that, and these rods have been given a custom-made look, with the type of high grade components that you would expect to find on a rod of this price.

“There is no point in developing a rod that is incredibly light compared to its power, and then adding heavy components to it.”

All of the Kaizen Platinum range is fitted with lightweight Sea-Guide TDG rings, with a 50mm butt and 16mm tip – allowing the line to ‘cone’ off of a big pit spool in a way that minimises resistance as it passes through the butt ring, and providing a tip ring that is big enough to allow leader knots to smoothly pass through it.

Tip Ring Ceramic

The reel is attached via a top quality Fuji DPS seat and the handle is finished fully in Japanese shrink grip – the use of which is more than just cosmetic, and allows for a good grip even when your hands or the rod are wet – and with stainless steel trim and an etched butt cap made by JAG completing the custom look.

In terms of the models in the range, currently there are seven, with 12ft 3lb, 3.5lb and 4lb fishing rods, plus a 12ft spod rod; a 12ft 6in 4lb version for those who really want an extreme range rod but find a 13ft model just a bit too long; plus 13ft 3.5lb and 4lb models.

This will cover pretty much any angling situation, whether you are fishing at 1 yard or 180 yards.

Kaizen Platinum Rods

I wouldn’t consider myself a long range caster, but if you are going to fish at extreme range then you need to have kit that won’t hold you back and will gain you extra yards. I’ve been using the 13ft 4lb model for all my long range fishing for two years now and have honestly seen a massive improvement in my distance.
-Tom Dove, talking about the 13ft 4lb Kaizen Platinum

“I always struggled with compressing the ‘heavy’ distance rods on the market as they felt too stiff and cumbersome, but these are the complete opposite – light to hold and east to compress, meaning that fishing at 35 wraps (140 yards) feels like casting 80 yards with my normal rods. My maximum fishing range is about 170 yards now, something which I never thought I’d have in my locker.” Tom added

The 4lb models which are specialist long range tools and have the ability to put a lead and rig incredible distances when in the right hands – as demonstrated by the likes of Terry Edmonds and Darrell Peck, where measured casts in excess of 200 yards have been achieved and which featured in our Long Range Masterclass chapter, filmed at Iles3 in France.

Kaizen Platinum Rods

Darrell Peck: “When it came to deciding which rod I would use from the Kaizen Platinum range it was a bit of a no-brainer. I prefer a 12ft rod for my general fishing, whether that be short, medium or even medium to long range, a rod that I’m going to use for 90 per cent of the fishing situations that I find myself in. So for that reason I picked the 12ft 4lb, as I like a stiff rod that’s capable of casting 4 or 4.5oz leads over 140 yards, and it’s only when I turn to extreme range fishing that I’ll look to be using a 13ft rod, as they can be a bit unwieldy for general purpose fishing.”

The Complete Kaizen Platinum Range

  • 12ft 3lb
  • 12ft 3.5lb
  • 2ft 4lb
  • 12ft Spod
  • 12ft 6in 4lb
  • 13ft 3.5lb
  • 13ft 4lb

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Tom Dove is a huge advocate of using corn

Unleash Your Inner Bait Whisperer: The Golden Grains

Sweetcorn – it’s more than just a classic; it’s a timeless legend in the world of carp fishing.

“No matter the season, those golden grains are an irresistible temptation for our finned friends. When Simon Scott boldly declares it as the “best carp bait of all time,” you can’t help but sit up and take notice.”

Unleash Your Inner Bait Whisperer: The Golden Grains: Sweetcorn’s versatility stretches beyond the obvious, and over the years, its applications have multiplied. Let’s dive into the uncharted waters of corn, exploring some innovative uses you might not have considered.

Tip 1: Dress Up Your Hookbaits

This tactic has taken Europe by storm, with many big carp catches attributed to it. When you’re baiting heavily, the challenge is getting a quick bite. By adding a colored plastic corn grain to your hookbait, you’re boosting its allure. When carp arrive for their feast, that pop of color often prompts a swift pickup. This tip also works wonders with single hookbaits, offering a flavorful and eye-catching alternative to a dull bait.

sweetcorn hookbaits

Tip 2: Outsmart the Crayfish

Crayfish are increasingly causing headaches in our fishing spots, nibbling away at baits until there’s nothing left. Particle baits slow down their destructive feast, and when paired with a hookbait of two grains of Fake Corn, you’ve got a crayfish-resistant setup.

Tip 3: Make It PVA-Friendly

Sweetcorn can be easily transformed into a PVA-friendly bait, as can other particles. Normally, bait submerged in water during storage can cause problems when using PVA bags. But fear not, drain most of the liquid from your tin of corn, add a generous amount of salt, and let it rest for a few minutes. The salt transforms the remaining water into a PVA-friendly solution, making your job a breeze.

sweetcorn pva friendly with salt

Tip 4: Achieve Bait Balance

Plastic sweetcorn can counterbalance a sinking hookbait’s weight. For instance, when using tiger nuts, topping your nut with a buoyant corn grain will initially make it sink quickly. But by carefully trimming the nut, you can achieve a slow, tantalizing sink. The result? An attention-grabbing, critically balanced hookbait that carp will find hard to resist. This technique is a favorite of the experienced angler Tom Stokes.

Plastic sweetcorn can be used to counterbalance the weight of a sinking hookbait

Tip 5: Dive into the Goo

The GOO is your gateway to enhancing the allure of any bait, whether it’s for free offerings or hookbaits. The GOO adds layers of attraction – color, smell, and taste – to anything it touches. Experiment with flavors like White Squid combined with White Banoffee Corn for winning results.

goo pop-up corn sweetcorn

Tip 6: Blend It Right

Liquidized corn is a versatile hookbait that fits various scenarios. Blending it into a slop creates a potent mix for spoding over zigs, pairing it with a trimmed yellow pop-up or foam as your hookbait. Alternatively, simply adding liquidized corn to your mix creates an enticing cloud in the water column, maximizing attraction without filling up the carp. It’s an underutilized approach that anglers like Jonny Old swear by.

blend your sweetcorn

Tip 7: Add a Dash of Naturals

Tom Dove champions corn, particularly as a stand-alone bait in weedy conditions. Its lightweight allows it to flutter down onto the weed. By pairing it with a small yellow pop-up on a chod rig, you ensure presentation in the weed, creating an effective trap. In one of his great achievements, Dovey introduced chopped worm to his corn, elevating the attraction and pulling power of his setup.

Unleash Your Inner Bait Whisperer: The Golden Grains: add chopped worm to your sweetcorn bait

Unleash Your Inner Bait Whisperer: The Golden Grains

Sweetcorn isn’t just the greatest carp bait; it’s also budget-friendly. You can grab kilos from the supermarket’s frozen section for a few bucks. Given its high attractiveness, you don’t need a ton to get bites.

So, as you venture into the world of carp fishing, remember that the humble sweetcorn, with its golden allure, has countless tricks up its sleeve. It’s a true angler’s ally, offering not just nostalgia but innovative techniques that keep the carp coming back for more.

can of sweetcorn

Tom Dove is a huge advocate of using corn
Tom Dove is a huge advocate of using corn

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Rippton Bitekeeper Pro Bite Alarms

Rippton Bitekeeper Pro Bite Alarms: Just added some cool little alarms to the website. The Rippton Smart Fishing Gear Bitekeeper Pro alarm sets. They are rechargeable, drop back tone and LED, and they connect to an app on your phone via bluetooth where you can change all the settings, see the battery life, and get bite notifications (a small delay between bite and notification).

Available at:  Rippton Bitekeeper Pro

Gardner Critical MASS Putty: Review

There are a lot of tungsten putties on the market, but they are all not the same. The Gardner Critical Mass Putty is really a premium product, and not just some repackaged product that is sold by many. It is sticky and holds well to hook links and swivels. It is ideal for counterbalancing pop-ups with or without being molded over a shot or for sinking hook links. One of the best features about it is how reusable it is – it can be reused many times on different rigs which is a great savings overtime! During my testing I have used it in temperatures ranging from nearly 100°F to as low as 5°F – and its usable all the way through…but at 5 you’ll need to warm it a bit with you hands (while in pockets of course!). Check it out at Big Carp Tackle.

Gardner Critical Mass Putty works well in many applications, including as a counter balance for Ronnie Rigs.
This putty is nicely conformable into any shape needed for rigs.
Unlike many putties on the market, the Critical Mass Putty is not a repacked product sold by many companies.

Munch Baits review

Common that fell victim to a 14mm Cream Seed pop up on a recent trip to Michigan 

Munch Baits review – I was brought on to the Munch Baits US team back in April of this year, I’ve now been exclusively using the products since then.

I wanted to allow some time to try out a range of the products before I wrote a review of my experiences so far. I don’t believe in magic bait, I personally believe in variety and quality products that allow you to change your approach during a session a long with selecting the right location.

Pop up and Wafter range

US venues will always be unique in that we don’t truly know what’s in them, Munch has a large array of particles, boilies, pop ups, wafters, stick mixes and liquids in a variety of flavors which will have you covered in any and all situations that are presented to you. Large amounts of us fish with packbait, I’ve now used all of the syrups in my packbait with great results. Sweet stim, Pink fruit and citrus blend have all yielded fish beyond my expectations. I’ve also used all of the stick mixes mixed in to packbait along with using it in PVA as these are typically the preferred methods state side.

Bait Boat with pink fruit stick mixed with panko, oats and corn

I have to admit I’ve started to lean more favorably to the cream seed range and use the 14mm washed out pop ups most of the time. But, an effective bait which I always keep in my arsenal on US waters are tiger nuts, Munch offers these in a 3kg tub, I sort through and pick out the larger ones for hook baits and keep those to one side. They have landed me two personal bests this year in the shape of a 37.6 common and 42.1 Grass carp.

37.6 Dale Hollow Common
Munch Baits review
42.1 Grass Carp on the Syrup tigers

If you’re looking for a product range here in the states that has you covered in every situation, look no further than the Munch Baits range, which can be found here at Big Carp Tackle. You can also find Munch baits USA on Facebook and Instagram, feel free to share any catch reports using the range to be featured.

Munch Baits review
14mm cream seed pop up on a ronnie rig

For the full range available at Big Carp Tackle please follow the below link.

Munch Baits Range



Avid Lok Down Buzz Pod

Avid Lok Down Buzz Pod
Avid 2 rod Buzz Pod makes for a quick setup in urban surroundings, no need for zip tied bank sticks or setting up a pod

I’ve been using the Avid Lok Down Buzz Pod for over a year now, I’ve found that I’ve used it more and more due to its convenience. What would be the scenarios you would use it? I personally use it in place of a pod, when you get into the warmer months and the ground is too hard for a bank stick to push in, and when you are fishing concrete or other places you simply can’t push in a bank stick.

Quick setup for evening sessions

The big selling point of it for me is it is so simple to setup, you purchase the buzz pod and then just screw on 3 bank sticks that you have at home, job done. I carry the buzz pod in my backpack with alarms and hangers attached to it, grab the 3 bank sticks out of my rod bag and you are up and ready in a minute or so. It saves the hassle of carrying and setting up a pod.

The pod comes in 4 different options: 2 rod bars in 6 and 8 inches and 3 rod in 10 and 12 inches. It is also a lot sturdier than your average tripod and gives you the flexibility of attaching any sized bank sticks you have to raise or lower the rod tips. A really useful item that always has a time and a place for me. Check it out over on the store at Big Carp Tackle.

Featured items

Avid Lok Down Buzz Pod

Nash Siren R3

Daiwa GS LTD 4000

Nash Scope Rods Abbreviated handle

Ridgemonkey Modular Bucket XL and 15 Liter Collapsible Bucket

Ridgemonkey Modular Bucket
A 39.12oz Dale Hollow mirror getting a dousing from the 15ltr RM collapsible bucket

Ridgemonkey Modular Bucket – Everyone has those few items that you ‘can’t leave home without’ when setting off fishing.

A few of those items for me are the Ridgemonkey Modular XL bucket and a couple of the Ridgemonkey collapsible buckets. Where to start, there are so many positives for me with these items as I’ve now had them over 3 years on every single outing.

RM 30ltr Modular XL and Collapsible buckets

The modular XL bucket is a 30-liter bucket with two trays that fit inside it. I love this bucket as it’s basically an all in one bait station. The two trays can be used however you want, I’ve even seen some folks mix up stick mix In the trays and keep that in there. Personally, for me I have a dedicated hook bait tray where I keep a variety of as you will have guessed, hookbaits. The other tray I keep my odds and ends, baiting needle, bait stops, scissors, forceps, knife, plastic imitation corn, hook file amongst a variety of other things.

Bucket and compartments

The bucket itself I typically use to mix up some packbait too which being so big allows you to make a large amount. This bucket also comes with 3 different attachments you can add to it, the Cozee Bucket Seat which allows you to convert bucket in to a seat to sit on, Advanced Boilie Crusher which allows you to crush up a load of boilies in to the bucket and last by no means least the Ridgemonkey CoZee Toilet Seat which allows you to turn your bucket in to a toilet should you get the urge! However, I would recommend putting a bag inside it! There is also a slightly smaller standard bucket which is 17 liters.

Packbait with Munch Baits Sweet stim

The collapsible buckets (I always take two) break down nicely and fit in to the XL bucket, why do I take two? Simple, I keep one next to the modular bucket to wash my hands after using packbait, and the second is next to my mat to keep water on the fish for when we get those shots on the bank. They offer a couple of different sizes of these too in 10 liter and 15 liters. Ridgemonkey have also come out with a transparent one of these buckets now in which you can drop a rig in it to see how the rig mechanic’s look too, forever the innovators!

These items are a little beat up now but still going strong! None of these items break the bank either and are available over at Big Carp Tackle!


Ridgemonkey Modular Bucket XL

Ridgemonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 15 liter

Munch Baits Sweet Stim Range

Munch Baits Pink Fruit Range


Ridgemonkey Cozee Bucket Seat

Ridgemonkey CoZee Toilet Seat

Ridgemonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Full Kit (Bucket and Crusher)