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Gardner Target Barbel Hooks

Gardner Target Barbel Hooks: The Ultimate Choice for Specimen Anglers

June 14, 2024

The Ultimate Choice for Specimen Anglers The medium shank and wide-gape Target Barbel Hooks have garnered a stellar reputation among the best Barbel and specimen anglers in the country, proving their effectiveness time and time again. Designed for ultimate performance, these hooks are not only perfect for Barbel but also… Read more

Gardner HydroSink Braid: A Review

June 6, 2024

Gardner HydroSink Braid is a fast sinking braid with low stretch and great handling characteristics. It is a combination of Dyneema and Kevlar with a Teflon coating which is certainly a top of the line (pun intended!) combination. Unlike many lines on the market, the breaking strain of the line… Read more

fake food bait

What makes Fake Food Bait so effective?

May 6, 2024

An in-depth look at our full range of plastic hook baits (fake food bait) and what makes them so effective. The use of plastic hookbaits has had a big impact on carp fishing and are now commonly used by many anglers who want a durable bait with some buoyancy to… Read more

Inline Leads

Barry Delderfield: Inline Leads Expert

April 2, 2024

Barry Delderfield talks about why he uses Inline Leads. He excels as one of Korda’s most reliable team members, persistently capturing fish from diverse, challenging waters. Stealth is crucial to his tactics, and his go-to rig consists of small inline leads and extended, rigid hook links. Barry’s preferred Inline Leads… Read more

40lb UK Catch: Securing My First UK Forty (Hanna Newell)!

40lb UK Catch: Securing My First UK Forty (Hanna Newell)!

March 26, 2024

In a thrilling tale of triumph, Hannah Newell (supported by Trakker), shares her exhilarating journey to landing her inaugural UK 40lb ‘er. True to its name, this experience left me utterly astounded. My recent trip to the breathtaking Hacche Moor fishery in Devon was nothing short of remarkable. Accompanied by… Read more

Longshank Beaked Hook

Longshank Beaked Hook Enhancements

March 22, 2024

Danny Fairbrass, known for his innovative approach to angling gear, has refined the already successful Longshank X pattern of hook to the Longshank Beaked Hook, enhancing its effectiveness for catching carp. These improvements build upon the hook’s proven track record of over 20 years, demonstrating Fairbrass’s commitment to optimizing fishing… Read more

early spring session

Early Spring Session with Iggy

March 19, 2024

Solar Team Member Ignace de Roeck, fondly known as Iggy, recently embarked on an eventful early spring session in France alongside his friend Bart. True to form, Iggy made exceptional use of our baits, showcasing his angling prowess. Here’s the full story from the Man himself… After a prolonged absence… Read more

Crucian Carp

Exploring Crucian Carp Fishing Tactics and Bait

March 1, 2024

During the spring and summer, targeting crucian carp ranks high among my angling pursuits. Their mesmerizing golden scales shimmering under the sun’s rays create an irresistible allure. Traditionally, crucians were deemed cautious feeders, prompting anglers to employ delicate float fishing techniques during the tranquil hours of dawn and dusk. While… Read more

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics (Video)

February 20, 2024

Carp Fishing Winter Tactics by Gardner/Carl Udry. Carl Udry is a Team GT-Speero angler and he shows how his tactics change as we start to enter the winter season. Winter poses unique challenges for carp anglers, but with the right tactics, success is still within reach. Opt for slow-sinking baits… Read more


Introducing SUBbraid For Carp Angling

February 9, 2024

For anglers exploring new braid options or seeking a change, delving into the realm of SUBbraid offers insights into its virtues. While braided main lines have a longstanding presence, particularly in spod and marker rod setups, their potential in carp fishing remains underexplored, leaving anglers unaware of the benefits they… Read more

Solidz rigs

Why Solidz rigs Are My Go-To Choice

February 1, 2024

In this piece, Neil Spooner shares his deep affection for using Solidz, elaborating on how he sets up his Solidz rigs and offering valuable tips for optimal usage. Solidz, in my opinion, are a tactic I hold in high regard, and I still believe they don’t receive the credit they… Read more

Carp Spring Strategies: Marc catches "Matts Mirror" as part of a big hit

Carp Spring Strategies Unveiled by Marc Cavaciuti

January 30, 2024

In this insightful piece, Marc Cavaciuti, a key member of Team Korda, delves into the Carp Spring Strategies he employs during the spring season and sheds light on why they prove highly effective as carp begin to stir. Be Ready with these Carp Spring Strategies Spring marks a crucial phase… Read more