Introducing SUBbraid For Carp Angling

For anglers exploring new braid options or seeking a change, delving into the realm of SUBbraid offers insights into its virtues.

While braided main lines have a longstanding presence, particularly in spod and marker rod setups, their potential in carp fishing remains underexplored, leaving anglers unaware of the benefits they could reap.

angling with subbraid


A standout feature of SUBbraid lies in its exceptional sinking capabilities, akin to a brick plummeting through water. Upon initial encounter, one might notice its relatively thicker diameter compared to similar breaking strains of braided lines like Apex braid or Marker/Spod/SLR braids.

The reason behind this lies in the design philosophy: while other braids aim to repel water to maintain buoyancy and enhance casting, SUBbraid stands out for its ability to absorb water. This unique trait enables it to sink effortlessly, a boon in various UK fishing scenarios, where it gracefully settles atop weed beds.

Furthermore, SUBbraid boasts a slender profile coupled with zero stretch, facilitating enhanced bite indication. Even when fishing with slack lines, any subtle movement at the rig end is promptly conveyed.


Navigating winter waters demands finesse, and SUBbraid delivers with its supple nature. Unlike stiffer, wiry braids, it hugs the lake bed contours with finesse, minimizing the risk of fish encountering it and spooking. This attribute proves invaluable in pressured lakes where carp are wary of visible lines, ensuring a stealthy approach.

Despite the absence of stretch, it enhances angler control, offering a direct connection with fish movements. This aids in discerning subtle nuances during the fight, contributing to a more responsive angling experience.


Moreover, its durable composition withstands encounters with weed or snags, ensuring longevity and resilience on the reel spool. The absence of memory eliminates the frustrating tangles associated with mono, enhancing its usability over prolonged periods.


SUBbraid finds its niche in varied fishing scenarios, offering adaptability and performance. Its compatibility with leaders or tubing further enhances fish safety, mitigating the risk of damage during fights.

While Apex braid may dominate when casting to extreme ranges, SUBbraid shines in snag-free environments, where its sinking properties and reduced visibility reign supreme. Anglers like Darrell Peck utilize it strategically in conjunction with Apex, capitalizing on the best of both worlds for optimal performance.



Available in 15lb or 20lb breaking strains with diameters of 0.30mm and 0.34mm respectively, it comes clad in a dark green hue, blending seamlessly with the lakebed.

In essence, SUBbraid emerges not just as a fishing line, but as a strategic asset, offering anglers unparalleled control, stealth, and durability across a spectrum of angling scenarios.

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