Carp Fishing Winter Mindset

Carp Fishing Winter Mindset

Meet Oscar Thornton, a Winter Enthusiast

Carp Fishing Winter Mindset: Embarking on winter fishing expeditions is Oscar Thornton’s specialty, a fact well-documented in recent years. Despite the chilly conditions, Oscar consistently manages to deliver impressive results during the colder months, even on the most frigid days. In this discussion, we delve into the secrets behind his consistently successful winter campaigns.

Winter holds a special place in my heart for fishing. The serene banks, breathtaking sunrises, and winter landscapes create an unmatched ambiance. Picture fresh blue mornings, the comforting hum of the Coleman stove, and pastries toasting on the ridge – with the right mindset, winter sessions become truly enjoyable.

One observation that always stands out to me is the unnecessary changes some anglers make during winter, often at the expense of missing out on fish. My mantra is to keep things simple, stick to what you know, and make minor adjustments to ensure a continuous flow of bites, no matter how cold it gets.

Immaculate December Common: 43+

Carp Fishing Winter Mindset

First and foremost, my advice is simple yet crucial – get out there and do it. Winter provides quieter banks, and being fortunate to have a local lake, I can visit almost daily to observe the water and introduce some bait. Recognizing my privilege, I acknowledge the value of putting in the work behind the scenes, a factor that significantly contributes to success.

The most pivotal piece of advice I can offer is to locate the carp. Winter sees them grouped together, and as spring approaches, their increased activity reveals their whereabouts. The golden moments for carp spotting are first light, when the sun gently warms the water, and early afternoon when the sun is closest, providing another warming opportunity. Sunlit areas are winter hotspots, as carp, like us, seek the sun’s warmth. Monitoring weather forecasts, especially in winter, is a significant aspect of my angling strategy. Favorable conditions such as warmer days, strong winds, pressure drops, and moon phases play a role in determining my fishing plans.

Winter feeding windows are limited, making it crucial to capitalize on them. Recent windy days, for instance, could trigger a reaction from the fish. While each venue is unique, I’ve noticed that after a fresh wind stirs up the bottom, carp may follow it for a day before seeking calmer waters.

Staying focused on the lake can be challenging with distractions like mobile phones. I minimize phone use during fishing, opting for a radio to stay connected while keeping an eye on the water. It’s impossible to watch 24/7, but the more attentive you are, the higher the chance of spotting that vital show, potentially changing the course of your season.

When it comes to tactics, I advise against unnecessary changes in winter. Stick to what you know and have confidence in; winter is not the time for experimenting. Doubting your rigs or bait in the cold behind the rods is the last thing you want.

Solid Bag Rig: My Go-To in Recent Years

Carp Fishing Winter Mindset

In terms of rigs, solid bags have been a game-changer for me. They allow precise casting to showing fish without the fear of tangling. My solid bag rigs consist of Size 4 Kamakura Wide Gapes and 4 inches of 18lb Supernatural. Paired with heavy 4oz inline leads and 12lb Kontor straight through, it’s an effective tactic for winter fishing.

Carp Fishing Winter Mindset
Blow Back Rig My Favoured Approach Over Bait

Alternatively, if spot fishing over bait, I opt for blow back rigs using Size 4 Kamakura Wide Gapes and shrink tube kickers. Steam-fitting the kickers at an aggressive angle helps flip the hook. My hooklinks feature fairly long 8 to 10-inch sections of 20lb N Trap Soft, with Hybrid Lead Clips and 4oz leads. Fishing with slack Kontour mainline, nearly invisible in clear winter water, complements this setup.

Don’t Forget the Zig Kit

Never leave home without zig bits, especially in winter. They can make the difference between a blank and a successful fishing day. My zig kit includes Size 8 Kamakura Wide Gapes, 11lb Zig line, and a substantial lead of at least 3oz, often paired with red and black foam soaked in Rod Hutchinson Nouvelle Fizz.

Carp Fishing Winter Mindset – Minimal Baiting for Winter Success

Baiting strategy shifts in winter, where I prefer a minimal approach due to time constraints. Carp are less active, requiring less food. Overloading them in winter is counterproductive. As spring approaches, single hookbaits may become more effective than baiting. If I spot a group of fish, deploying single hookbaits among them is a strategy worth exploring.

When spot fishing, and if baiting feels right, my go-to winter mix includes red maggot, Sweetcorn, chopped Cell boilie, hemp, and Smart Liquid. I distribute no more than 6 spombs at a time, occasionally topping up with 3 more after each bite. Keeping baiting tight ensures carp don’t have to move much to feed, providing them an easy meal in the winter.

Comfort is Key for the right Carp Fishing Winter Mindset

My final piece of advice revolves around comfort – an uncomfortable angler is a less effective angler. Cold and wet conditions can be demoralizing. Always bring spare clothes stored in the car as a backup. With a plethora of high-quality clothing options available, investing in comfortable gear is essential for every angler. Keep the stove topped up, and enjoy your fishing to the fullest by prioritizing comfort.

Have Fun!

Enjoy it!

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