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female angler, woman record carp caught in the UK

Naomi Turner Record Carp Catch at Holme Fenn, UK

On a recent fishing trip to Holme Fenn, Naomi Turner Record Carp was achieved and represents an extraordinary milestone. Catching the biggest carp ever recorded by a female angler in the UK. Weighing in at 72lb 12oz (nearly 33kg), this monumental catch has earned her a place in the angling history books.

The Journey to Success to the Naomi Turner Record Carp Catch

Naomi’s fishing trip had a challenging start, but her decision to move to deeper waters on the final night of her expedition proved to be the turning point. She settled at a swim known as Harry’s, located at the end of the wind, where she observed fish activity, indicating a promising spot. Opting for a stealthy approach, Naomi set up her gear, hoping to secure a bite.

female record carp caught in the UK

The Moment of Triumph

Just a few hours later, Naomi’s left-hand rod signaled a slow take. Upon hooking the fish, it initially became entangled in a weedbed. However, with steady pressure and patience, she managed to free the fish and guide it through the deep water, utilizing its weight to its full advantage. The realization of the size and significance of her catch dawned on her when the fish was safely in her landing net.

Naomi Turner Record Carp: A New Record

The massive common carp, known locally as “Pashley,” is the largest known resident of the lake and Naomi’s personal best (PB). Her catch, weighing 72lb 12oz, stands as the largest carp caught by a female angler in the UK, marking a moment of euphoria and excitement that she described as unforgettable.

Record size carp caught by a female angler in the UK

The Gear Behind the Glory

Naomi’s success was underpinned by her choice of high-quality fishing gear. She used Korda Spinner Rigs with 25lb boom and Korda Size 4 Kamakura Wide Gape X Hooks. These rigs, presented on a small hump surrounded by weed with minimal bait, were crucial in her achievement. Additionally, her use of bite alarms ensured she didn’t miss any activity, maximizing her chances of landing the giant carp.

Congratulations, Naomi!

Naomi Turner’s remarkable catch at Holme Fenn is a testament to her skill, patience, and dedication to the sport of carp fishing. Her record-breaking achievement is an inspiration to anglers everywhere.

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Winter Fishing in Dorset, England

Winter Fishing Showdown: Oscar Shatters Jonny’s Dream

In the latest winter fishing Korda Vlog, Jonny Old and Oscar Thornton head to the scenic Milton Abbas Estate in Dorset for an epic winter carp session. The vlog showcases the duo taking advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures and a significant weather front, which triggers an exceptional feeding spree among the carp.

Over a 24-hour period, Jonny and Oscar demonstrate their expert angling skills by targeting clear channels amidst dense weed using match the hatch wafters. Their strategy involves heavy baiting with Mainline Cell, which proves highly effective as they catch some of the finest carp in Milton Abbas.

The vlog captures the essence of fishing camaraderie, with Jonny and Oscar enjoying each other’s company and the thrill of the sport. It’s a quintessential fishing film that highlights the joy and excitement of a successful winter fishing expedition.

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take notes

Take Notes! (By Ian Chillcott)

While the title “Take notes” may not immediately convey it, this piece delves deeper into the essence of my angling journey, focusing not just on tactics and gear, but on the enduring lessons that have shaped my success over the years. From the inception of the hair rig in the early 1980s, my voyage through the world of carp fishing has been a rollercoaster of experiences – moments of laughter, tears, triumphs, and challenges. From the ever-changing landscape of rig choices to debates over bait quantities and the shifting tides of angling trends, it’s been a journey marked by both confusion and exhilaration.

We all have our own unique perspectives that guide us along our chosen paths. However, alongside personal insights, we often find ourselves influenced by prevailing fashions and trends. Yet, amidst this sea of external influences, it’s vital to retain the ability to think independently and acknowledge our own successes and failures. As I embark on my fifth decade of carp angling, I’m reminded of the wealth of experiences that have shaped my journey. While these experiences may not qualify me as an infallible expert, they have certainly provided valuable insights that I’m eager to share with the next generation of anglers.

So, while I may not have all the answers to the myriad challenges we encounter on the bank, I do possess a wealth of knowledge gained through years of trial and error. And it’s this wisdom that I hope to pass on, regardless of whether it’s to the young or the old, ensuring that the legacy of our angling traditions continues to thrive.

take notes


Throughout my journey, one invaluable lesson stands out above all: the importance of personal discovery. While the angling community is full of well-meaning advice, there’s also the occasional misguided soul looking to throw you off course. It’s essential to listen, absorb, but ultimately trust your own judgment. Over the years, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes following others blindly. However, I’ve always found solace in what my eyes reveal. Observation is the bedrock of my approach, guiding every decision I make on the water.

In our ever-evolving pursuit, tactics and baiting strategies come and go. What remains constant is our ability to adapt, to read the signs nature presents us with. The true essence of carp angling lies in our connection to the environment, to the subtle cues provided by the fish and the weather. In this sense, the eyes truly are our most valuable tool, allowing us to navigate the complexities of the sport with clarity and precision.


Above all your gear – hooks, rigs, or line – your eyes are paramount. While polarized glasses can enhance your visibility, especially for close-quarters carp spotting, it’s often the distant vistas that provide the clearest picture. Observing carp behavior is key to successful angling. Whether it’s their movements in specific areas or the telltale signs like bubbles and mud clouds, every observation adds to your knowledge base.

However, the accessibility of modern waters has shifted the angling landscape. Carp have become more abundant and easier to catch, leading to crowded fisheries. Finding a swim, let alone one with carp, can be a challenge, particularly during peak seasons. Many blame their tackle for their misfortune, overlooking the larger issue. Despite the frustrations, embracing these conditions can be a valuable learning experience. Understanding the water, where carp are caught, what baits work, and the preferred areas and swims of successful anglers, is essential for navigating these modern challenges.

take notes


My trusty notebook has been a constant companion in my angling endeavors, serving as my personal carp fishing archive. Every capture, every detail noted down – from others’ successes to the weather conditions and the number of anglers present. These entries, meticulously recorded over many years, form a rich tapestry of angling experiences.

The value of this information extends beyond the immediate session. I often find myself revisiting past entries, mining them for insights and strategies. Sometimes, it leads to instant success; other times, it serves as a guiding light for future outings. Each notebook, brimming with maps and swim details, is a testament to my dedication to the craft.

While technology offers tempting shortcuts, I remain steadfast in my reliance on pen and paper. There’s something inherently satisfying about the act of writing, a process that cements knowledge and sparks inspiration. And when a prized catch like the 44.04 common graces my net, I’m reminded of the pivotal role my notes played in its capture.

Reflecting on these records is not just about personal growth; it’s also about respecting the wisdom shared by fellow anglers. By taking ownership of my learning journey, I’ve unlocked a deeper appreciation for the sport and its challenges. For me, the true joy of carp fishing lies in this pursuit of knowledge, a journey that enriches every catch and fuels my passion further.

take notes


Ultimately, it boils down to a personal battle between me and the carp, regardless of the knowledge I’ve gleaned from various sources. This philosophy has kept my passion for fishing alive and well. By gathering and analyzing information firsthand, I’ve maximized the rewards of each catch – whether it’s celebrating the capture of a prized 43.14 target mirror or eagerly anticipating the next challenge.

Wishing you all tight lines and memorable angling adventures and do not forget to “take notes”.

Best regards,

Beginners Guide

Basic Beginners Guide to Carp Fishing

If you’re new to carp fishing, the journey can be as simple or complex as you make it, read this short beginners guide to help you get started. Stepping into your local tackle shop for the first time might feel overwhelming with the array of options for bait, tackle, and gear. Where do you even begin?


Start by choosing a brand that offers everything you need to kickstart your fishing adventure. Cygnet Tackle is a great option with a wide range of products, including terminal tackle, luggage, and fish care items, all at affordable prices.


When it comes to rigs, keep it basic. Start with a simple hair rig or possibly a pop-up rig, depending on your fishing venue. Don’t get too caught up in experimenting with different rigs just yet. Focus on getting fish on the mat and building confidence before diving into more advanced rig setups.


Selecting a fishing venue should be straightforward. Opt for a well-stocked location that isn’t overrun with weeds and is of a comfortable size. Your goal is to catch fish while mastering essential skills like accurate casting, playing fish, and carp care.

Social Media

Take advantage of the wealth of advice available on social media platforms. Follow pages like Trakker, Korda, Aqua, BCN and Cygnet on Facebook and Instagram for beginner-friendly tips. Additionally, watch instructional videos on Fishing YouTube channels, covering everything from tying knots to bivvy care.

Connect Locally

Attend local open days or shows to connect with experienced anglers and test out products before making purchases. Investing in a quality pair of polarized sunglasses, like Trakker’s wrap-around polaroids, is essential for spotting fish and navigating underwater terrain.

Take Notes

Keep detailed notes of your fishing experiences, noting productive times of day, successful baits, and weather conditions. These insights will inform your future outings and improve your chances of success.

Remember, every angler starts somewhere, and making mistakes is part of the learning process. Embrace the journey and enjoy every moment spent by the water’s edge! Hope this beginners guide will help!

Also join our Discord community to ask questions and find someone to show you the ropes.

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Steve "Spurgenator" Spurgeon Spring Fishing

Spring Fishing Success with Steve Spurgeon

Welcome to Spring Fishing at Manor Farm Fisheries with Fox Consultant, Steve “Spurgenator” Spurgeon! In this captivating journey, Steve shares his expert strategies for catching Carp as the seasons transition from winter rains to summer warmth.

Join us as we explore Steve’s unique insights and techniques for adapting to the changing natural conditions of Spring. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, this authentic depiction of expert angling is sure to inspire and inform. If you’re eager to maximize your spring fishing experience, then this video is a must-watch!

40lb UK Catch: Securing My First UK Forty (Hanna Newell)!

40lb UK Catch: Securing My First UK Forty (Hanna Newell)!

In a thrilling tale of triumph, Hannah Newell (supported by Trakker), shares her exhilarating journey to landing her inaugural UK 40lb ‘er.

True to its name, this experience left me utterly astounded. My recent trip to the breathtaking Hacche Moor fishery in Devon was nothing short of remarkable. Accompanied by my husband, we embarked on this adventure alongside some of the Carp Particles UK team, eager for a bit of socializing and, more importantly, some quality angling time after enduring a lengthy summer holiday with the kids.

Departing from Oxford on a Thursday morning, anticipation and excitement filled the air as we braced ourselves for what lay ahead. We were well aware of an impending weather front, heralding heavy rain, thunderstorms, and a drop in air pressure—a perfect storm, so to speak, compounded by the harvest moon weekend. With conditions aligning so perfectly, we couldn’t help but anticipate a memorable outing.

As we neared north Devon, the skies opened up, unleashing a deluge that tested the limits of our windshield wipers. The contrast between this downpour and the sunny journey down the M5 through Bristol was stark, to say the least.

Upon our arrival at the fishery, we rendezvoused with the rest of the group and embarked on a tour of the lakes. Spread across three small, intimate pits, these waters promised exciting prospects. “Jakes Lake,” the smallest among them. It boasted a healthy population of carp, with specimens reaching up to 29lb.

The “bottom lake,” the largest of the trio, housed around 140 carp, including stunning scaley mirrors weighing up to 35lb. However, it was the “Top Lake” that truly captured my imagination, with its impressive roster of 57 carp, several weighing in the 30s, and two behemoths tipping the scales at over 40lb. Naturally, I hoped to secure a peg on this coveted lake—our chances would depend on the upcoming swim draw.

Luck was on my side as I drew the coveted number 1 ball, granting me first pick of pegs on the Top Lake. Opting for a spot at the lake’s lower end, where I had observed some promising activity earlier, I wasted no time setting up my gear. However, a minor hiccup arose—I realized my reels were devoid of line, having just acquired them. After hastily erecting our bivvy amidst the rain, I spooled up the reels and rigged up my rods, eager to get started.

The first rod was deployed near a pipe adjacent to a bed of Canadian weed, armed with a bright pink Hell Pop Up to stand out in the murky waters churned up by the inclement weather. As I prepared the second rod, I was rudely interrupted by a sudden bite on the first, highlighting a rookie oversight—I had neglected to apply putty to my Ronnie rig, jeopardizing the hookup. Despite the setback, I managed to hook a carp briefly before it escaped—a promising start amidst the challenging conditions.

As evening fell, news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing cast a somber shadow over our idyllic surroundings. Amidst introspection, I was jolted into action by a slow, subtle take on my rod—the same one that had earlier enticed a bite.

With bated breath, Hanna Newell engaged in a cautious battle with the unseen behemoth, which initially offered little resistance. However, its sudden burst of energy transformed the encounter into a thrilling ordeal, as it darted through the underwater obstacles, testing my resolve. Eventually, I triumphed, netting the prize—a magnificent carp that would soon reveal its true magnitude.

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that I had landed the biggest fish in the lake—the legendary Bullet, weighing in at a staggering 43lb 10oz. The sheer disbelief and euphoria that engulfed me were palpable as I shared the moment with fellow anglers, capturing memories that would last a lifetime.

Following the commotion, I sat in quiet contemplation, savoring a well-deserved glass of red wine. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, one thing was certain—this remarkable 40lb catch would forever be etched in my memory as my first UK 40lb. A testament to the unpredictability and magic of angling. ~ Hanna Newell

early spring session

Early Spring Session with Iggy

Solar Team Member Ignace de Roeck, fondly known as Iggy, recently embarked on an eventful early spring session in France alongside his friend Bart. True to form, Iggy made exceptional use of our baits, showcasing his angling prowess. Here’s the full story from the Man himself…

After a prolonged absence from fishing, I finally had the chance to indulge in a week-long fishing trip in France. However, this wasn’t your typical fishing excursion—this time, I was joined by one of my closest friends, Koen Machielsen, and, believe it or not, our girlfriends. The idea was sparked when another dear friend and Solar team member, Wes Lagaert, contacted me with an enticing proposition: an opportunity to go fishing at a lake in Mid France. Unfortunately, Wes had to cancel his holiday due to work commitments, so he offered us the chance to take his place. Without hesitation, we eagerly accepted the offer.

The lake we were headed to was approximately 5 hectares in size, with shallow waters—a promising fishing spot. What’s more, the best part was that we had the entire lake to ourselves. On the premises, there was a luxurious bungalow, spacious enough to accommodate a whole family. Inside, the bungalow boasted all the modern amenities one could ask for. While such accommodations weren’t typically my preference for a fishing trip, they proved to be a convincing factor in persuading our girlfriends to join us on this adventure.

After a grueling 7-hour drive, navigating through traffic jams around Paris, we finally reached our destination. The initial impression of the entire domain was nothing short of breathtaking. With temperatures soaring to 28 degrees Celsius, a clear blue sky, and the serene backdrop of the lake, it felt like the perfect haven to unwind and reconnect with nature. While this type of setting was somewhat unfamiliar to me, we were determined to embrace the experience.

As we began unpacking our gear, something caught our attention in the periphery. At first, I dismissed it as a trick of the light, but upon closer observation, it became evident that the carp were spawning. It was an unbelievable sight to behold.

Despite it only being mid-April, I needed confirmation. I reached out and dipped my hand into the lake, feeling the temperature of the water. There was no mistaking it—it was indeed their spawning season. Though our spirits wavered momentarily, we resolved to make the most of the situation.

early spring session

The first night passed uneventfully, prompting us to explore the shallower bays at the back of the lake. While the water clarity was lacking throughout, it was particularly murky in these shallow areas due to the presence of carp. Without exchanging a word, we silently acknowledged the opportunity before us and began setting up our gear. Our plan was to stalk the carp for a few hours using single pop-up chods.

By late afternoon, we had successfully landed our first carp using this method. However, we couldn’t shake the feeling of uncertainty regarding the way they were hooked.

It became evident that our initial method wasn’t yielding the desired results. Determined to crack the code, the following afternoon found us once again stalking carp in the shallow bays. This time, we opted for the ronnie rig paired with different pop-ups, experimenting with color and scent to see if it made any difference. While we did manage to hook a few fish, it still fell short of our expectations. There was a sense that we were missing something crucial.

early spring session

Even during the night sessions at the bungalow swim, where we caught fish weighing up to 15 kg, the issue persisted. The carp weren’t being properly hooked, despite using the reliable ronnie setup, which had never let me down before. It seemed to be related to the way they were feeding. As our last two bites were also lost, it was clear that adjustments were necessary. We needed to carefully strategize our approach to overcome this challenge.

The next morning, our strategy led us back to the bays, where we intended to test Solar’s new rig material and the latest Solar wafters, specifically the red herring variant. I had prepared these wafters two weeks prior, soaking them in RH Max Attrax. The thick liquid had infused the wafters perfectly, rendering them irresistibly fragrant. Their buoyancy remained optimal, ready to entice the carp into action.

It didn’t take long for our adjustment to pay off handsomely. Within fifteen minutes of casting out, a magnificent 40lb mirror carp lay on the unhooking mat, a testament to the effectiveness of the new setup. Furthermore, our choice of bait, the RH/Quench boilies, received resounding approval from our piscine companions. This discovery proved to be the key that unlocked success—consistently baiting the area and presenting the RH wafters along the margins proved to be a winning combination.

It quickly became apparent that our success was not limited to just one fish. Over the course of five hours, we landed an impressive total of 8 fish, including several 40lb mirror carp. Encouraged by this success, we applied the same technique to the bungalow swim overnight, once again yielding positive results. However, the pinnacle of our adventure occurred in the early morning hours when I had the privilege of landing one of the top fish on Koen’s rods—a magnificent 53lb specimen.

early spring session

As the weather took an unexpected turn with the onset of rain and a significant drop in temperature, we made the decision to focus our efforts solely from the bungalow for the remainder of our trip. We were mindful that the changing conditions might prompt the fish to roam more, but our determination remained unwavering.

With precision, we continued to fish the Cuttings, refining our approach even further. Once again, our tactic proved to be the right choice, as numerous fish found their way into our nets. On the final night, the action was so intense that all six fishing rods were in motion by morning. Koen finally landed the catch he had been hoping for, while my rod proudly brought in a stunning 49lb mirror carp.

In the spirit of settling the score, we concluded our adventure feeling tired but immensely satisfied. Looking back, it was undeniably a highly successful holiday. The memories we created will linger, and we are already contemplating a return trip someday. Our success was rooted in a few key principles: remaining vigilant, adapting tactics as needed, and most importantly, closely observing the water surface for signs of carp activity.

These fundamental rules guided us to success throughout our early spring session.

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Carp Fishing Trip

Father and Son First Carp Fishing Trip (Video)

Join Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris in an exciting new series as he introduces his son Llewyn to the world of carp fishing for the very first time on a joint Carp Fishing Trip!

Watch as Mozza guides Llewyn through the fundamentals of casting, rig tying, and landing fish. Whether you’re new to carp fishing or planning a family fishing trip, this film is packed with valuable tips and advice to get you started!

If you’re new to carp fishing or are looking at taking your kids fishing, this is a great film to help with the basics!

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Catching more Carp without spending more!

Catching more Carp! May these tips reel in more fish without breaking the bank! Remember, even the simplest advice can make the biggest splash. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, keep casting and keep learning! Before splurging on the latest gear, dive into these cost-free tips to level up your carp fishing game. Who needs fancy gadgets when you’ve got tried-and-true tactics up your sleeve?

Before heading out to a new fishing spot, arm yourself with knowledge. Dive into online resources, starting with YouTube. Search for the venue name and sift through the plethora of videos offering tips and insights from seasoned anglers.

Next, visit the fishery’s website. Often, you’ll find detailed write-ups from fellow anglers sharing their successful tactics, whether it’s using zigs or fishing on the bottom. Pay attention to any information about the lake’s depth profile, identifying the deeper and shallower areas, as well as pegs with optimal water coverage.

Remember, thorough research sets the stage for a successful angling adventure!

Check the Weather!

In the UK, weather chatter is practically a national pastime, and fortunately, there’s no shortage of apps to keep you updated on the forecast. Monitoring the weather while you’re at the lake can significantly boost your carp-catching game.

Take advantage of apps like Windy, which not only indicates wind direction but also forecasts changes hour by hour throughout your session. For instance, a warm South Westerly wind often lures fish to the corner it blows into, while a chilly Northerly wind may push them to the opposite side.

Additionally, don’t overlook the obvious: Dressing appropriately for the weather ensures your comfort throughout your angling adventure. Sometimes, the simplest tips are the most effective!

Learn to be more Accurate

Tip number four is all about honing your accuracy. This skill develops over time with plenty of practice, so it’s wise to keep a rod, reel, and lead handy in your car. Whenever you have a spare hour, head to the lake and focus on casting consistently to the same marker or across to the far bank.

Another technique for precision is mastering the art of wrapping up. Once you’ve pinpointed your spot, wrapping up ensures you consistently cast to the exact same area every time. This allows you to bait accurately and position your rig directly over the bait, significantly boosting your chances of a successful catch.

Master Feeling the Lead Down

Learning to ‘feel the lead down,’ also known as detecting the ‘donk,’ is a skill that requires practice but offers valuable insights into your fishing setup and the lake bed beneath.

As you cast out, keep your line taut, and pay attention as the lead sinks through the water. You’ll notice a distinct sensation when the lead makes contact with the bottom. A firm, solid ‘donk’ indicates a hard lake bed, while a softer sensation suggests silt. If you feel nothing at all, it’s likely your lead has landed in dense weed. This technique is most effective when using braid on your spod and marker rods.

Maintain Clean Gear at all Times

Ensuring your gear stays clean isn’t just about protecting your equipment; it also enhances performance. Clean rod eyes prevent dirt buildup during casting, while running your line through a towel before winding in removes sediment.

After using your bite alarms, ensure they’re dry before packing them away to prevent moisture damage. Keeping your gear clean ensures longevity and enhances your comfort during fishing sessions.

Organize Your Tackle Bag in a useful and efficient way

Maximize your fishing time by keeping your tackle bag well-organized. Knowing the precise location of your hooks, leads, lead clips, and other terminal tackle items will expedite rig changes and baiting after a bite. Additionally, having designated spots for each item facilitates quick access, even during nighttime sessions.

Be Prepared with your Gear

Ensure you’re ready for your fishing trip by having pre-tied rigs and ready-to-use PVA bags. This preparation allows you to spend more time fishing and less time rigging up on the bank.

Put in sufficient Effort

Don’t overlook pegs further from the car park; these less-pressured spots could yield better results. Be willing to move swims during your session to follow the fish. Putting in the effort to explore different areas of the lake can lead to greater success.

Be Nice, Be Polite! It costs you nothing

Building good relationships with fellow anglers and lake bailiffs can be invaluable. Take the time to engage with them, show appreciation, and be respectful. Their insights and tips can give you a significant advantage on the water. Remember, manners cost nothing but can earn you plenty.

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