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The Carp Anglers Group New Member Packet

The Carp Anglers Group New Member Packet can be found here:

List of Gardner Tackle items in the pack:
Hair Needle Green
Fine Bait Needle
Mugga Rig Size 6 Barbed
Ambush Rig Size 6 Barbed
Dumbell Stops Mixed
Covert Quick Lok Swivels Size 8
Covert Anti-Tangle Sleeves C-Thru Green
Covert Large Hook Aligner Green
Covert DARK Mugga Hook Size 6 Barbed
Disruption 25lb
Enterprise Tackle Immortals Sweetcorn Yellow Pineapple & N-Butyric

Not in the pack but worth getting is the Gardner Covert Clip Kit Pack:

Setting up a lead clip:


Carp Fishing Masterclass Videos

Carp Fishing Masterclass Videos

The impact of Korda’s Carp Fishing Masterclasses on the world of angling has been nothing short of revolutionary since their launch. For this reasons Korda has created the Carp Fishing Masterclass Videos Series.

This remarkable series provides anglers with hours of valuable instruction from some of the most prominent and successful figures in the fishing industry. They share their expertise on a wide range of waters, both in the UK and overseas.

What makes these tips truly exceptional is their versatility, making them applicable to any fishing location for outstanding results.

Watch the videos here.


Match Fishing: Bream and Skimmers on the Feeder Tips

Let’s catch up with Andy at the popular Midlands location, Meadowlands Fishery. He’s here to share his insights and techniques for fishing with an open-ended feeder to target skimmers, roach, and bream. Andy will walk you through his groundbait mixture and the setup he uses. He’ll also provide valuable advice on casting, his feeding strategy, and the step-by-step process for assembling a winning haul of silvers during a match.

Get DynamiteBaits products now at Big Carp Tackle Store:


Rippton Bitekeeper Pro Bite Alarms

Rippton Bitekeeper Pro Bite Alarms: Just added some cool little alarms to the website. The Rippton Smart Fishing Gear Bitekeeper Pro alarm sets. They are rechargeable, drop back tone and LED, and they connect to an app on your phone via bluetooth where you can change all the settings, see the battery life, and get bite notifications (a small delay between bite and notification).

Available at:  Rippton Bitekeeper Pro

Rod Hutchinson Big Kipper II Sleep System


Rod Hutchinson Big Kipper II Sleep System

Rod Hutchinson Big Kipper II Sleep System,  Big Kipper II Systems combine all the advantages of the Extreme 5 II Sleeping Bag with the Big Kipper II Bed chair to create the ultimate sleeping combination. Featuring improved double hinge mechanism for easy folding, the Big Kippers boast totally flat design, incredibly comfortable mattresses and ergonomic back support fastened to one of the best, most adaptable sleeping bags in the business to deliver year round performance While you sleep soundly in the knowledge that its a Rod Hutchinson product.


Key Features

  • 8 Leg design provides maximum stability
  • Support for both head and foot frames
  • Precision machined aluminium brackets
  • Lay flat design for maximum comfort
  • High density 50mm foam filled mattress
  • Full length perimeter zip
  • Durable hardwearing 600D polyester
  • Smooth durable green powder coated frame
  • Elasticated head/foot frames
  • Central panel features 8mm cord for in creased-lumber support
  • Fully adjustable legs with swivel feet
  • Detachable webbing strap keeps bedchair closed for transit
  • Breathable/waterproof polyester outer shell
  • Hollow fibre expanded filling to provide maximum heat retention
  • Quick release crash zips with Eazi-Grip
  • Stirrup zip pullers for instant exit
  • Dual construction zip in/out inner for genuine year round use
  • Peachskin lined outer bag
  • Reversible fleece/Peachskin lined inner bag
  • Anti-snag zip baffles prevent heat loss
  • Hardwearing 420D Oxford Nylon base
  • Supplied with 600D carryall
  • Big Kipper II System 11.2kg

To check out more items in the range from Rod Hutchinson over at Big Carp Tackle follow the link below.

How to Spool Up – PB Products | Control Mono

Heading out for the season ahead with new line on your reels is without question a safer option. It not only offers lot more confidence but also you can head out on your sessions without the worry of what imperfections could be hidden beneath the wraps on each spool.

In this how to video I talk over and show how I spool up with new line ready to head out for the months ahead.

The Control mono from PB Products seen in this video offers every thing you would want and need from a monofilament line. Super tough, plenty of knot strength and super supple. This means it covers us for many situations ahead.

To try and buy the PB Products Control mono for yourself, head over to Big Carp Tackle via the links below.

Quick Look Review – Sonik SK-Tek Carryall.

A “Quick Look Review” of the Sonik SK-Tek Carryall! check out this video as I talk you over the solid and well made item of luggage from Sonik Sports, SK-Tek range. Its outstanding quality to value, really puts this item of gear high on the list of items to check out. 

If you are in the market for a new carry all? then this is one to take a look at! Not only offering a solid construction but ample amounts of room, be it for a day session, overnight or a week long session, this carryall in my opinion offers something for every one and checks all the boxes when it comes to durability, quality and the incredible price!

Another mega Item of Luggage from Sonik Sports, along with the Sonik Sports Sk-Tek Accessory Pouches.

They are an ideal addition to keep things in place and easy to hand when you need specific items fast.

To check out this Carryall and other items in the Sonik range head over to Big Carp Tackle.