David Moore
David Moore

“Big Carp has become much more than just a tackle shop, we are also a great resource for carp fishing in the United States.”

– David Moore

There are growing numbers of carp anglers we’ve helped advise on all things “carpy” including bait and tackle that suits their individual needs. At BCT we just came to a point where we decided we wanted to try and take that information and make it available on line. We are featuring known anglers from around the globe, including the USA, sharing informational tips that can be used in your own everyday carp angling situation. We have features on; bait which will include boilies, tiger nuts, corn, small particles and even flavors. Tackle that will include new released items like reels, rods, pods, electronic bite alarms, luggage and shelters.

BCT will have video and articles on some those items to help anglers make more informed decisions on what items will work best for them. One of the most interesting discussions are about types of carp rigs and options; basic hair rigs to the more complex types that may just be what you are looking for in your personal angling will be included. Watercraft (the art of finding big carp and where they feed) will also be a topic to help solve some mysteries on those tougher waters. So whether you aspire to catch carp at your local venue, fly fishing for carp all the way to traveling the competitive carp tournament circuit we want to help as much as we can.