Author: Joel Harber

How to tie the “Slip-D Rig”

The slip-D rig is refered to as one of the best. Offering a simple rig that is easy to construct yet offers fantastic hook holds for all size carp and ideal to use all year round!

Evan Cartabiano, goes over the basics of the tools, components and bait that can be used when tying this rig and demonstrates its effectiveness.

Check out the video below.


To buy and try the tools, components and bait seen in this video you can follow the links below over to Big Carp Tackle.


Rig Tools

Gardner Splicing needle.


Gardner Line stripper.

Rig Components 

Gardner Ultra Sink Hook link -25lb.

Gardner Mugga Hook – size 4.

Gardner Covert Flexi-Bait Screw.

Anti-tangle sleeve.


Munch Baits Pink Fruit Wafter – 18mm.

Trakker Nitelife Bivvy Light Remote 200

The Nitelife Bivvy Light Remote 200 is a feature-packed, compact unit that boasts six lighting options with up to 80hours of illumination, emergency power bank and remote control function. One press operation allows you to cycle through three brightnesses of white light, red light and Bug-Less amber light with 610 nanometers wavelength that is less attractive to mosquitoes and moths. A single long press will activate the torch light and four internal LEDs provide battery level indication and charge status. The Nitelife Bivvy Light Remote 200 can be easily positioned on the roof of your bivvy to illuminate your shelter at night thanks to the two powerful magnets in the back of the light, which is held in place with the supplied steel backing plate with Trakker embossed logo.

To buy and try the Trakker Nitelife Bivvy Light Remote 150 & 200, head over to Big Carp Tackle at the links below.

Trakker Sanctuary Insta-Mat

Based on the ever-popular, quick-erect walled unhooking mat design maintaining super-fast set up and pack down properties, the Sanctuary Insta-Mat offers total protection in a compact, lightweight and user-friendly package. The mat fully unzips to reveal the lightweight outer frame that once unfolded will simply assemble itself with the open base then positioned inside with the soft PVC material facing upwards and the mat is assembled and ready for use with pack down being just as simple. A twist of the outer frame so that it folds down into two neat circles, this is then placed inside the padded mat, folded in half and zipped up ready for transport. The 50mm thick soft padded base covered in fish-friendly PVC offers the utmost protection to fish with 30cm raised ends and reinforced raised side walls maintaining structure and eliminating the chance of fish sliding off the mat. There is also a full Velcro fastened top cover to keep lively fish calm and safe. Webbing straps at either end for pegging the mat down in windy conditions and hanging up to dry out at the end of a successful session.

The mat doubles up as a very handy stalking seat for the mobile roving angler and is perfectly at home for a week-long session on a big pit or just an evening on the river.

To buy and try the Trakker Sanctuary Insta-Mat follow this link to Big Carp

Trakker – Armolife Multi-Fuel Stove

The Armolife Multi-fuel Stove is most versatile of stoves, that can deliver peak performance even in the coldest of conditions. The solid construction offers a sturdy base for a wide range of cooking situations. The stove can burn a wide range of liquid fuels including regular gas, with instant flame control from simmer to max, the unit has an economical performance and is easily serviceable. Supplied with the stove comes a fuel pump, 500ml fuel bottle, gas canister regulator, gas valves, cleaning needle, spare o-rings, mesh gauze, tools and stuff sack.

To buy and try one for yourself, head over to big carp tackle at the link below.

PB Products Gator Braid

To Braid Or Not To Braid!

Without question braid has a steadfast place in angling, and respectively, given the right fishing situation It will offer a number of attributes that other main lines just can’t.

So the big questions are when, where and why is it a good idea to have braid as your main line?

In this video I talk over how braid can offer you more in your angling, Ideal situations to use it in and I even go over a number of specifics that may help you make the choice between using braid or conventional mono as your main line.

To take a look at the products seen in this video follow the links below over to Big Carp Tackle to see more on the product and to buy and try it for your self!

Thinking Anglers 600D Rucksack

Thinking Anglers 600D Rucksack Review by Craig Welch

I’ve always been one of those anglers that takes way too much gear with me. I’ve always liked to be prepared for any eventuality, which is fine for long sessions on the bank but most of my angling these days is short day trips and I found myself struggling with the mountain of tackle I invariably take with me, most of which went unused. This year I made the decision to scale back and focus on just what I need for a short-day trip and this is where the Thinking Anglers 600D rucksack comes into play.

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All Things PVA

PVA…? If you are not using PVA in your carp angling, then it is about time you should! Simple yet devastating! In this How-To / Review I take you though a number of PVA products that are available over at from PB Products.

From the most simple items like PVA nuggets, string, mesh and bags. There is something for every situation to suit all angling levels.

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