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Rod Hutchinson Big Kipper II Sleep System


Rod Hutchinson Big Kipper II Sleep System

Rod Hutchinson Big Kipper II Sleep System,  Big Kipper II Systems combine all the advantages of the Extreme 5 II Sleeping Bag with the Big Kipper II Bed chair to create the ultimate sleeping combination. Featuring improved double hinge mechanism for easy folding, the Big Kippers boast totally flat design, incredibly comfortable mattresses and ergonomic back support fastened to one of the best, most adaptable sleeping bags in the business to deliver year round performance While you sleep soundly in the knowledge that its a Rod Hutchinson product.


Key Features

  • 8 Leg design provides maximum stability
  • Support for both head and foot frames
  • Precision machined aluminium brackets
  • Lay flat design for maximum comfort
  • High density 50mm foam filled mattress
  • Full length perimeter zip
  • Durable hardwearing 600D polyester
  • Smooth durable green powder coated frame
  • Elasticated head/foot frames
  • Central panel features 8mm cord for in creased-lumber support
  • Fully adjustable legs with swivel feet
  • Detachable webbing strap keeps bedchair closed for transit
  • Breathable/waterproof polyester outer shell
  • Hollow fibre expanded filling to provide maximum heat retention
  • Quick release crash zips with Eazi-Grip
  • Stirrup zip pullers for instant exit
  • Dual construction zip in/out inner for genuine year round use
  • Peachskin lined outer bag
  • Reversible fleece/Peachskin lined inner bag
  • Anti-snag zip baffles prevent heat loss
  • Hardwearing 420D Oxford Nylon base
  • Supplied with 600D carryall
  • Big Kipper II System 11.2kg

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How to Spool Up – PB Products | Control Mono

Heading out for the season ahead with new line on your reels is without question a safer option. It not only offers lot more confidence but also you can head out on your sessions without the worry of what imperfections could be hidden beneath the wraps on each spool.

In this how to video I talk over and show how I spool up with new line ready to head out for the months ahead.

The Control mono from PB Products seen in this video offers every thing you would want and need from a monofilament line. Super tough, plenty of knot strength and super supple. This means it covers us for many situations ahead.

To try and buy the PB Products Control mono for yourself, head over to Big Carp Tackle via the links below.

Quick Look Review – Sonik SK-Tek Carryall.

A “Quick Look Review” of the Sonik SK-Tek Carryall! check out this video as I talk you over the solid and well made item of luggage from Sonik Sports, SK-Tek range. Its outstanding quality to value, really puts this item of gear high on the list of items to check out. 

If you are in the market for a new carry all? then this is one to take a look at! Not only offering a solid construction but ample amounts of room, be it for a day session, overnight or a week long session, this carryall in my opinion offers something for every one and checks all the boxes when it comes to durability, quality and the incredible price!

Another mega Item of Luggage from Sonik Sports, along with the Sonik Sports Sk-Tek Accessory Pouches.

They are an ideal addition to keep things in place and easy to hand when you need specific items fast.

To check out this Carryall and other items in the Sonik range head over to Big Carp Tackle. 

Quick Look Review – PB Products “THE ROCK”

Not having enough time while on a session to tie up new rigs due to hook points not being sharp enough is never a good thing! Especially if the session is going off and you want to stay on the fish!

This is where the rock… from PB Products, comes in.

Check out this Quick look review as I look at and talk over this fantastic must have item “The Rock”.

The Rock…? So there have been many questions as to how this little gem works and what is dose exactly? This is what is being referred to as a hook re-vitalisa. The idea behind it is to revitalize a hook point that you have already had a fish or multiple fish on.

A fantastic item to always have with you while out on the bank.

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Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod Mk2 Review

Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod Mk2


  • Height: 117cm – 180cm
  • Weight: 2.3kg

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Top 5 Picks Of Must Bring Gear.

With winter now starting to show the end of its self, we all start looking at our gear and…then it happens, the light goes on! Got to prep the gear for the spring sessions.

well… I do like to take some time to go over my gear pre-spring and that’s why I thought it would be ideal to put together a “Top 5 Picks To Not Leave Home Without”. In my opinion they are some of the best quality items on the market but also at very reasonable cost, not to mention how they can also make us much more efficient when bank side in search of the one! 

In this video I show my personal ”Top Five Picks To Not Leave Home Without”. From Hook baits to batteries, Tackle organization to luggage there is something for everyone. 

To buy and try any of the items seen in this video for yourself. Follow the links below over to Big Carp Tackle.

How To: Splicing a leader

Splicing a leader can seem like a bit of a troublesome task at the best of times. But… it really doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. 

Check out this “How-To” video as I talk over and show you exactly how I splice loops and swivels into leaders that be used in a number of ways and see how I use them in my angling.

To buy and try the items seen in this how-to tutorial, follow the links below over to Big Carp Tackle.

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Sonik Tournos XD 10,000 Reels – Review.

The Sonik Tournos, like all other items from Sonik, boast outstanding quality to value. Along side it a list of features almost as long as my arm… it puts these reels way up high on the quality to value ratio.

If you are in the market for a new reel, then this is one to take a look at! Not only offering a light weight yet solid construction from the hi-strength carbon composite body and rotor to name just one of the many top features… but the incredible price point is something you will not shy away from!

This video takes a look at a number of the reels features that really speak to me and make this a goto reel for any large lakes and rivers here in the USA. Yet another fantastic Item from Sonik.

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Coming This Spring – Cygnet SNIPER BARROW


Robust, compact and super-strong, the Cygnet Sniper Barrow ticks all the boxes for day session and longer session anglers alike. Without taking up much room in transit or storage. It utilises a low centre of gravity for stable transportation and manoeuvrability when carrying large loads of tackle, and the Sniper Barrow has an adjustable load area which can be increased from 74cm to 97cm by extending the front bar. Additional storage is also available thanks to the removable heavy-duty under-barrow bag with an embroidered Cygnet logo. The barrow itself has been finished in a covert brown and folds down to a super-compact size when removing the handles and pneumatic front wheel, which is ideal for those with limited space.


  • Low centre of gravity for stable manoeuvrability
  • Extendable load area for increased capacity
  • Removable heavy-duty under-barrow bag
  • Strong steel construction
  • Black textured powder-coated frame
  • Swivel mud feet
  • Removable handles with rubber hand grips
  • Quick-release front pneumatic wheel
  • Fold-flat design
  • Total weight: 9.4kg
  • Total Length: 121cm-144cm
  • Width: 64cm
  • Height: 78cm
  • Handle height 55cm
  • Load area:
  • Length: 74cm-97cm
  • Width: 51cm
  • Height: 44cm
  • BAG:
  • Top opening: 40cm (L) x 45cm (W)
  • Base: 24cm (L) x 45cm (W)
  • Depth: 29cm (D)
  • Wheel diameter: 36.5cm

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Coming This Spring – Cygnet MARKER POLE KIT 6.5M INC SPOT MARKER



These are designed to be positioned onto the lakebed directly to mark out your fishing spots, underwater snags, or shallow areas that need to be avoided. The poles can be left out in the water and fished to with confidence, which makes it easy to position your rigs and bait with pinpoint accuracy time and time again. This is unlike H-block markers where tangles often occur and cause fish losses, loss of tackle, and moving of the marker away from your spot.

Our Marker Pole Kit pivots, allowing line to pass over the top, and then resets itself to its original position when clear. All the joints have been precision-engineered to eliminate the possibility of main lines becoming trapped in-between sections. The ultra-buoyant top section has two strips of hi-viz reflective tape to allow visibility up 200m+ at night when using a powerful headlamp. The removable top cap can be unscrewed and replaced with the Cygnet Auto Spot Marker light (included) for use at night. When turned on and the light level reduces, the ultra-bright, light-reactive LED illuminates and then turns itself off when the light level increases. The extension tubes simply screw together and use of the 0.5m section helps accurately set the required depth.

Not supplied with anchor weight – the attachment included is to be used in conjunction with Cygnet 1KG Marker Pole weights. More than one plate can be used if increased weight is required in extreme conditions.




  • Auto Spot Marker with ultra-bright light-reactive LED (two AAA batteries not included)
  • Essential for accurately marking areas when fishing from a boat
  • Designed to be left on the spot whilst fishing without worry of snagging, unlike H-Block Markers
  • Hi-viz double reflective top section visible up to 200m+ using a powerful headlamp
  • Flexible and extremely hard-wearing extension sections are almost unbreakable
  • Precision manufactured joints eliminate line and braid snagging
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue and White

Kit Contents:

  • One Auto Spot Marker light
  • One 1m hi-viz reflective buoyant top section
  • Five 1m extension tubes
  • One 0.5m extension tube
  • One dumbbell weight attachment
  • Supplied with carry case
  • Anchor weight not supplied, to be used with Cygnet 1kg Marker Pole Weights or readily available 1″ (2.54cm) diameter dumbbell weight plates. More than one plate can be used if required.


  • Dimensions: 6.5m total length

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