Author: Evan Cartabiano

The Carp Anglers Group New Member Packet

The Carp Anglers Group New Member Packet can be found here:

List of Gardner Tackle items in the pack:
Hair Needle Green
Fine Bait Needle
Mugga Rig Size 6 Barbed
Ambush Rig Size 6 Barbed
Dumbell Stops Mixed
Covert Quick Lok Swivels Size 8
Covert Anti-Tangle Sleeves C-Thru Green
Covert Large Hook Aligner Green
Covert DARK Mugga Hook Size 6 Barbed
Disruption 25lb
Enterprise Tackle Immortals Sweetcorn Yellow Pineapple & N-Butyric

Not in the pack but worth getting is the Gardner Covert Clip Kit Pack:

Setting up a lead clip:


Gardner Critical MASS Putty: Review

There are a lot of tungsten putties on the market, but they are all not the same. The Gardner Critical Mass Putty is really a premium product, and not just some repackaged product that is sold by many. It is sticky and holds well to hook links and swivels. It is ideal for counterbalancing pop-ups with or without being molded over a shot or for sinking hook links. One of the best features about it is how reusable it is – it can be reused many times on different rigs which is a great savings overtime! During my testing I have used it in temperatures ranging from nearly 100°F to as low as 5°F – and its usable all the way through…but at 5 you’ll need to warm it a bit with you hands (while in pockets of course!). Check it out at Big Carp Tackle.

Gardner Critical Mass Putty works well in many applications, including as a counter balance for Ronnie Rigs.
This putty is nicely conformable into any shape needed for rigs.
Unlike many putties on the market, the Critical Mass Putty is not a repacked product sold by many companies.

Gardner HydroSink Braid: A Review

Gardner HydroSink Braid is a fast sinking braid with low stretch and great handling characteristics. It is a combination of Dyneema and Kevlar with a Teflon coating which is certainly a top of the line (pun intended!) combination. Unlike many lines on the market, the breaking strain of the line is rated at knot strength, not some lab test with no knots that can’t be replicated in the real world. This means that you can expect it to actually brake at the stated pound test, which is really helpful in actual fishing situations.

The 600m Spool can be split up as needed.

One of the main things about most braids is that they float. This is not a problem under many situations, but when boats and wildlife are around (especially at night) keeping your line out of the way is key. This line sinks extremely well, as good if not better than some of the fastest sinking mono lines.

Sometimes you need a long cast. This fish was caught at very long range – casting is important!

Low stretch is key to good bite detection (or to tell when you have a small catfish on the hook) and HydroSink is around 4%, so you can really tell whats going on at your hook.

A nice 52LB (side pot winning!) Grass Carp from an Austin Team Championship event that was taken with HydroSink.

The green color of HydroSink blends in well.

So, if you are looking for a braid that will help you put more fish on the bank, HydroSink is certainly worth a try – I certainly enjoy using it!

To take a look at more of the range from Gardner Tackle head over to Big Carp Tackle here.