Gardner Critical MASS Putty: Review

There are a lot of tungsten putties on the market, but they are all not the same. The Gardner Critical Mass Putty is really a premium product, and not just some repackaged product that is sold by many. It is sticky and holds well to hook links and swivels. It is ideal for counterbalancing pop-ups with or without being molded over a shot or for sinking hook links. One of the best features about it is how reusable it is – it can be reused many times on different rigs which is a great savings overtime! During my testing I have used it in temperatures ranging from nearly 100°F to as low as 5°F – and its usable all the way through…but at 5 you’ll need to warm it a bit with you hands (while in pockets of course!). Check it out at Big Carp Tackle.

Gardner Critical Mass Putty works well in many applications, including as a counter balance for Ronnie Rigs.
This putty is nicely conformable into any shape needed for rigs.
Unlike many putties on the market, the Critical Mass Putty is not a repacked product sold by many companies.