Winter Angling Motivation

Winter Angling Motivation by Alex Shorrock

Odd as it may sound, winter emerges as my preferred season for carp fishing. The tranquil banks, the crisp brightness of winter days, and the enchantment of waking up to frozen bobbins and a frosty bivvy all add to the allure. How do I maintain Winter Angling Motivation during these dark, wintry days?

For me, winter angling revolves around maximizing bites. I eschew targeting specific fish in sparsely populated venues, opting instead for high-stocked waters boasting excellent winter activity. Choosing the right winter destination becomes paramount in navigating this challenging time of year.

Winter Angling Motivation: Picking the perfect venue

In the realm of winter fishing, I initially gravitate towards deep lakes due to their slower cooling process. Carp in these depths tend to remain highly active, feeding voraciously through December. From January to February, I shift focus to shallower lakes, pinpointing areas that warm up swiftly. Pegs basking in ample sunlight, the margins, or shallow gravel bars serve as prime starting points, their rapid warming effects underscored by the winter sun’s gentle touch.

Winter Angling Motivation


Once venue selection is sorted, the subsequent crucial step involves carp localization. Typically, carp tend to occupy familiar spots year after year. Delve into past captures via social media, consult with bailiffs, and if feasible, conduct regular walks around the lake during evenings to pinpoint their whereabouts. Carp tend to stay put once located in winter, making it essential to capitalize on this consistency. Some of my most fruitful carp hauls have materialized during winter, thanks to the enduring presence of carp in known locations.

Winter Angling Motivation

Winter-Wise Tactics for the best Winter Angling Motivation

As for tactics, I lean towards naturals at winter’s outset: straightforward combi maggot rigs paired with PVA mesh bags laden with maggots and bug crumb. Upon gauging fish activity, I gradually introduce bait. Opting for carbohydrates over oil-rich baits proves prudent, as they digest more easily without congealing on the lakebed. Corn, flaked maize, the bug, the switch, and humble maggots emerge as reliable winter bait choices.

Towards late winter’s awakening, I pivot towards singles on chod rigs or small solid bags injected with thin liquids for enhanced attraction sans overfeeding. Pre-tied solid bags streamline preparation amidst wintry conditions, facilitating mobility—a crucial aspect as carp prioritize warmth over feeding during this phase. Quick deployment of rods after relocating becomes feasible, thanks to the efficiency of pre-prepared solid bags.

Winter Angling Motivation


To fully relish winter angling, dress warmly, stock up on hot beverages, invest in a quality sleeping bag, and don a snood for added warmth. So, venture forth, select the optimal spot, pinpoint their whereabouts, and reel in a winter carp.

Tight lines!

Alex Shorrock