Solidz rigs
Solidz rigs

Why Solidz rigs Are My Go-To Choice

In this piece, Neil Spooner shares his deep affection for using Solidz, elaborating on how he sets up his Solidz rigs and offering valuable tips for optimal usage.

Solidz, in my opinion, are a tactic I hold in high regard, and I still believe they don’t receive the credit they deserve.

For guaranteed presentation, I don’t think there’s a better approach—you can be confident, with 100% certainty, that you have an enticing parcel of bait surrounding your hookbait. Additionally, you can rest assured that your rig isn’t tangled and is positioned perfectly, ready for action.

The versatility of Solidz is remarkable; they can be employed in various scenarios, whether as stand-alone rigs or over beds of bait in a spodded area. Whether fishing multiple rods on a single spot or spreading them around the swim, Solidz prove mega effective both in the edge and when cast over significant distances. They adapt seamlessly to weed-covered areas or polished gravel spots. Their reliability and adaptability make them a crucial component in my angling strategy.

Solidz rigs
Easily stored in a compact carryall.

My Solidz rigs are set up with inline square pear leads, typically on leadcore or safe zone leaders, allowing me to pre-make several setups and easily loop them onto my mainline.

I prefer short 4-inch Supernatural braided rigs tied to a size 6 or 8 Krank, often with a small kicker added for extra appeal. Ready-tied rigs have also yielded great results, making Solidz fishing more convenient.

When selecting hookbaits, I opt for something small, balanced, and attention-grabbing. Orange Fake Corn has proven highly effective in my Solidz approach, especially in day ticket venues like Norton and Linear.

Solidz rig
The perfect presentation with your hookbait a homing beacon.

I lean towards using the small Solidz, incorporating micro pellet around my hooklink to ensure complete coverage while neatly nestled within the bag. This approach guarantees that your rig is discreetly positioned, concealed by the pellet, and when the carp approach, the first thing they’ll notice is your well-balanced bait situated above the pellet.

For popped-up or balanced baits, it’s crucial to test the weight against the hook in the edge to understand how it sits. Paying attention to the hookpoint is also important to prevent blunting. Adding crumb, powder, or groundbait around the hook or carefully positioning the hookpoint outside the bag can address this concern.

Solidz rig: Super easy yet highly effective.
Super easy yet highly effective.

An additional tip for Solidz enthusiasts: if you need to dry your rig, dipping it into a bag of powder or groundbait efficiently absorbs moisture. Dealing with a wet rig while tying a bag can be frustrating, so ensure the lead is dry by removing it from the swivel.

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the power of Solidz—they’re a fantastic way to catch carp, and their simplicity makes them accessible for anyone to use, providing confidence in every fishing endeavor.

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