Inline Leads

Barry Delderfield: Inline Leads Expert

Barry Delderfield talks about why he uses Inline Leads. He excels as one of Korda’s most reliable team members, persistently capturing fish from diverse, challenging waters. Stealth is crucial to his tactics, and his go-to rig consists of small inline leads and extended, rigid hook links.

Barry’s preferred Inline Leads arrangement for weedy, close-range waters, up to around 15 wraps, involves a drop-off inline system. A relatively tight clutch enables the lead to detach almost instantly during a strike, mitigating the likelihood of weed accumulation and facilitating easier fish handling, while minimizing the risk of hook loss.

Inline Leads

Barry’s chosen lead arrangement promotes immediate reaction when a fish consumes the hookbait. Combined with an exceptionally sharp Kamakura hook, this setup significantly improves hooking rates over a season. In high-pressure scenarios with cautious carp, the rig’s split-second faster reaction time can mean the difference between a secure catch and an ejected rig. Inline systems offer direct contact, outperforming Lead Clip or Helicopter arrangements.

Tools for the job are essential. A small inline pear sits inconspicuously on the lake bed, flatter than a distance or ball lead, making it harder for carp to detect, aligning with Barry’s emphasis on stealth.

Inline Leads

Consistency in carp fishing is capturing fish even when they’re not feeding voraciously. Barry believes this approach outsmarts the wariest carp, leading to more bites and increasing the chances of capturing that target fish. His preference for the lightest lead possible, often just 2.5oz, allows him to discreetly position rigs with minimal disturbance.

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