compac coolers

Compac Coolers

In the warmer seasons or on extended outings, freshness is key for both angler and fish alike to relish their meal! Compac Coolers to the rescue!

Compac cool bags, are a versatile solution for any fishing excursion. Whether it’s a brief jaunt requiring milk and sandwiches or a lengthier trip demanding ample bait or sustenance for days, these bags have you covered. They even maintain frozen items, albeit the duration hinges on external conditions and bag capacity.

Selecting the right Cool Bag or Cooler necessitates consideration of its intended load. Packed bags with minimal air retain coldness longer, suggesting varied bags for different trip durations or payload volumes.

For optimum preservation of bait or food, the Compac Cooler stands as the pinnacle choice, available in 14-liter Light Kamo or 20-liter olive green variants.

While the Compac Cool Bags boast insulation, they aren’t as extensive as the Cooler but offer a range of sizes from small to X-large. The larger versions feature extra pockets for utensils or cooking gear.

Specifically tailored for bait storage, the 12-liter Compac Bait Cool Bag accommodates loose bait or packaged boilies, ensuring freshness for days. Regular opening hastens thawing, a factor to bear in mind.

To bolster preservation, Compac Cool Packs come in two sizes, fitting snugly within the Cool Bags and Cooler. Their design maximizes storage space and ease of handling.

In essence, whether it’s chilled or frozen items and whatever the duration, the Compac range has the solution to keep your provisions at their best!


Crafted in four sizes, the Compac Cool Bag maintains freshness for food or bait, offering a choice between olive green or Dark Kamo to complement your gear. Reinforced handles and heavy-duty zips ensure durability, while internal straps secure Cool Packs for optimal cooling efficiency.

compac coolers


The Compac Cooler guarantees extended freshness with its closed-cell insulation and airtight design. Available in 20-liter olive green or 14-liter Light Kamo, it features sturdy handles and a detachable shoulder strap for easy transport.

compac coolers


Designed specifically for bait storage, the cylindrical Compac Bait Cool Bag boasts a 12-liter capacity and reinforced construction for durability. Its accessible zip top and reinforced handles make it a practical choice for anglers.

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Tailored for use with Compac bags, Cool Packs come in standard and XL sizes, fitting seamlessly for enhanced cooling performance. Frozen prior to use, they ensure prolonged freshness for your provisions.

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