Stow Indicators

Evolving Bite Detection with Stow Indicators

The roots of Stow indicators trace back to Elstow lakes, where pioneering anglers crafted the original versions decades ago. Today, these indicators remain a favored method of bite detection among Team Korda members.

Stow Indicators

The original handmade Stow gained cult status, prompting Korda to enhance its design, using top-quality materials like stainless steel to ensure enduring performance. A more budget-friendly Mini Stow version, part of the Basix range, maintains the original’s effectiveness but features cost-effective components.

The essence of Stow lies in its attachment to the line via a line-friendly clip, securing it in the same spot unlike ball-style clips. This non-restrictive setup ensures a swift release upon a take, especially when using the correct chain length. Stow allows for slack lines, as its short chain and clip design eliminate the need to be grounded like conventional bobbins.

Both the original Stow and the Basix Mini Stow blend effectiveness with aesthetic appeal. According to Neil Spooner, the pinned line position on a Stow maximizes indication, providing clarity on any line movement.

Stow Indicator

Compatible with any bite alarm, the Stow comes with two chain lengths and a magnetic hockey stick attachment for easy assembly. The body, available in various colors, is lightweight and sensitive, holding the line securely without causing damage.

Stow Indicators
Stow Indicators

Basix Mini Stow

A compact version of the Stow, the Mini Stow employs a line-friendly clip and a stainless steel ball chain. It’s adjustable to various buzzer types, ensuring a prompt release on a bite.

Stow Indicators

Stow Away

For optimal Stow storage, the Stow Away case accommodates two or three Stow Indicators, designed with a magnetic base to secure the extension chain and heads during transit.

Stow Indicators

Stow Head

To change Stow colors, replace the Stow Head with lightweight, translucent heads in various colors.

Stow Indicators

Stow Over Weights

In situations requiring additional weight, Stow Over Weights provide 6g or 8g options. They fit securely over the Stow Head, preventing sliding, and are suitable for specific angling conditions.

Stow Indicators: weights


These isotopes fit into any Stow Indicator body, providing long-lasting illumination. Available in multiple colors, they enhance visual appeal.

The Stow-Lite has an extremely long life and is available in a choice of colours so that you can pick them to match your Stow heads – they come in red, green, yellow, blue, white, purple or orange, with one in each pack. They are 3mm x 25mm in size.

Stow Indicators: stow lite

Mini Stow-Lite

Designed for Basix Mini Stow indicators, these isotopes also fit small Black&Whites bobbins and Distance Sticks, offering vibrant colors for customization.

Stow indicators, mini stow lite

Stow Extension

For a sleeker appearance, the black anodized Stow Extension serves the same purpose as the original. It comes in long or short versions, made from black anodized stainless steel.

stow extension

Magnetic Hockey Stick

This spare Magnetic Hockey Stick, similar to the original, allows quick Stow Indicator detachment without unscrewing buzzers, facilitating versatility between setups.

Stow indicators: magnetic hockey stick

Black & Whites Hockey Stick

For those preferring a black attachment, this option replaces the stainless steel one on the Stow Indicator. It accommodates various chains, including the separately sold black Stow Extension chain, and complements Black&White bobbins.

black & whites hockey stick stow indicators

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