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Fake Food

Fake Food

Exploring the comprehensive range of our plastic hook baits, known as Fake Food, delving into their effectiveness. Plastic hook baits have significantly influenced carp fishing, becoming a popular choice among anglers seeking durable bait with buoyancy.

Plastic hook baits have made a notable impact on carp fishing, emerging as a favored option for anglers in search of robust and buoyant bait.

Korda’s Fake Food series originated with plastic sweetcorn, expanding to encompass artificial maize and dumbells. A slow-sinking match-the-hatch imitation boilie was added to complete the collection. Through collaboration with Mainline, we ensured these baits align with their freezer and ready-made counterparts in both color and flavor, offering sizes of 15mm or 18mm. Anglers now have the choice between vibrant, attention-grabbing baits and more subdued options that harmonize with their freebies.

fake food

These adaptable baits can be used independently, such as a lone piece of maize in a Solidz PVA bag, or as an embellishment to introduce color to a genuine boilie, particularly favored with artificial corn.

Offered in pop-up or slow-sinking variations, these baits uphold steady buoyancy through an enclosed air pocket, enduring even after extended exposure to water. The plastic version provides resistance against nuisance species, making it well-suited for deploying smaller baits without worries about damage or removal by other species like crayfish or roach.

Fashioned from robust rubber, these baits endure encounters with species like crayfish or poisson chat, provided they are securely fastened with corresponding hair stops. Throughout the manufacturing process, flavor and color are infused into the plastic prior to molding, ensuring a longer-lasting fragrance compared to conventionally soaked baits.

Compatible with diverse rigs and configurations, these baits serve myriad purposes, from infusing color into a snowman presentation to mimicking a pop-up on a spinner rig in crayfish-infested waters. Regardless of your preferences in a rubber bait, our collection presents the ideal size, color, buoyancy, and flavor to suit your requirements.

Pop-Up Corn

This has established itself as an outstanding attractor for fish throughout the years, being the inaugural product in the Fake Food lineup, and emulates the size of an actual grain of corn.

Equipped with an internal air pocket, this variant possesses the buoyancy required to elevate most rigs, particularly when deployed in pairs, and is available in an array of flavors and colors.

fake food pop up corn

In addition to the original yellow coloured IB flavour, which has always been a big favourite, that same flavour is now also available in bright pink, which has proven to make a big difference to catch rates on some venues at certain times of the year, when it outfishes other colours. There is also a Citrus Zing flavour which now comes in orange (as opposed to the green colour it was previously available in), a pink coloured Fruity Squid variety, and Banoffee in white.

Each packet contains 12 pieces of pop-up corn plus free hair stops in a matching colour.

Slow Sinking Corn

The slow sinking version of the corn is great for situations when you want to be fishing a bait touching the lakebed, but want it to still have some buoyancy so that it is easily sucked in by a feeding carp.

It still has more buoyancy than using real sweetcorn, plus it has all the advantages that come with being made from plastic and being immune to the attentions of nuisance species, plus the buoyancy won’t alter when it has been in the water for a prolonged period of time.

slow sinking corn fake food

In addition to the original yellow coloured IB flavour, which has always been a big favourite, that same flavour is now also available in bright pink, which has proven to make a big difference to catch rates on some venues at certain times of the year, when it outfishes other colours.

There is also a Citrus Zing flavour which now comes in orange (as opposed to the green colour it was previously available in), a pink coloured Fruity Squid variety, and Banoffee in white.

Each packet contains 12 pieces of slow sinking corn plus free hair stops in a matching colour.

Pop-Up Maize

Maize is one of those baits which has become popular in recent years and is used by many anglers in their spod/particle mix.

This plastic pop-up version is larger than the fake sweetcorn which we do, and reflects the size difference between a grain of sweetcorn and a piece of maize. It means that it is more buoyant, due to a larger air pocket inside, and is therefore more suited to use with larger, heavier hooks, or with rigs that contain more metalware at the hook end, such as a spinner, as it still has enough buoyancy to keep it all clear of the bottom.

pop-up maize fake food

In addition to the original yellow coloured IB flavour, which has always been a big favourite, that same flavour is now also available in bright pink, which has proven to make a big difference to catch rates on some venues at certain times of the year, when it outfishes other colours. There is also a Citrus Zing flavour which now comes in orange (as opposed to the green colour it was previously available in), a pink coloured Fruity Squid variety, and Banoffee in white.

Each packet contains ten pieces of pop-up maize plus free hair stops in a matching colour.

Slow Sinking Maize

Maize has gained popularity among anglers for spod and particle mixes in recent years.

This slow-sinking plastic version is larger than our imitation sweetcorn, accurately mirroring the size contrast between a grain of sweetcorn and a piece of maize. With a larger internal air pocket, it boasts increased buoyancy, making it well-suited for larger, heavier hooks or rigs with more metalware at the hook end. The enhanced buoyancy ensures a gradual descent to the lake bed, enticing feeding carp to easily take the bait.

fake food slow sinking maize

Apart from the beloved original yellow IB flavor, now a popular choice, this same flavor is offered in vibrant pink, demonstrating significant effectiveness in boosting catch rates on specific venues during certain times of the year, outperforming other colors. Additionally, the Citrus Zing flavor has transitioned to orange from its previous green variant, a pink-hued Fruity Squid variation is available, and Banoffee comes in white.

Each packet includes ten pieces of slow-sinking maize, accompanied by complimentary hair stops in a matching color.

Pop-Up Dumbells

These dumbbells can be used either individually or in conjunction with real baits, making them ideal for creating a snowman presentation.

Available in various sizes and colors, they offer a range of options for fishing, allowing you to choose between a vibrant, standout hookbait or a more subtle approach. The dumbbells are offered in four distinct color and flavor combinations.

With sizes ranging from 8mm, 12mm, to 16mm, you can tailor the buoyancy to your preference and select a bait size that complements your rig and hook size. Each dumbbell is equipped with a specialized recessed slot at the end, perfectly fitting the boilie stop and ensuring your bait stays secure even if targeted by crayfish. Each pack includes a strip of matching color boilie stops.

pop-up dumbells

The Pop-Up Dumbbells are offered in enticing options such as white Banoffee, yellow IB, pink Fruity Squid, or Fishy Beige. Each package includes ten 8mm, eight 12mm, or five 16mm baits.

Tailored for a slow sinking action, these dumbbells are excellent for use in rigs typically designed for wafters. With a diverse range of sizes and colors, they provide ample choices, allowing you to opt for a vivid, attention-grabbing hookbait or a more subtle approach. The dumbbells are available in four distinct color and flavor combinations.

Featuring three different sizes in the range—8mm, 12mm, or 16mm—you can customize the buoyancy level and select a bait size that aligns with your rig and hook specifications. Each dumbbell is crafted with a specialized recessed slot at the end, ensuring a secure fit for the boilie stop and preventing the bait from dislodging, even when faced with crayfish. A strip of matching color boilie stops is included in each pack.

Mainline Slow-Sinking Boilie

Crafted to mimic the Mainline freezer and shelf-life baits, these rubber slow-sinking boilies offer an ideal choice for those seeking a discreet hookbait that complements their loosefeed.

Constructed from durable plastic, these boilies are resilient enough to endure encounters with nuisance species like crayfish, ensuring a reliable and ever-present bait. The design incorporates a recessed hair stop cavity, guaranteeing the stop remains securely in place, preventing easy removal, and delivering a tidy presentation.

slow sinking boilie

Infused with the identical Mainline Cell, Essential Cell, and Link attractors found in their boilies, these baits share the same color profile, offering a slightly faded appearance to seamlessly blend with your chosen baiting strategy.

Crafted to ensure a gradual descent and sustained buoyancy even after prolonged water exposure, these boilies are compatible with standard rigs designed for wafter-style hookbaits. Available in 15mm or 18mm sizes, each pack contains either nine or six boilies, depending on your chosen size.

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Monofilament Fishing Line

Premium Monofilament Fishing Line

Discover why CarpLine Monofilament Fishing Line has become a favorite in the carp fishing community! CarpLine has earned its place in the esteemed Korda lineup of monofilament main lines, recognized for its unparalleled durability…

Monofilament Fishing Line

Outstanding Abrasion Resistance: Monofilament Fishing Line

This is the standout feature. CarpLine’s composition makes it one of the most robust fishing lines available. Its rock-solid construction makes it the go-to choice when navigating challenging environments such as weed or snags, ensuring you’re well-equipped for thrilling battles. It outperforms in handling mussels, gravel bars, and dense weed better than most alternatives.

Subtle SUB-Green Color:

Our development team opted for a discreet SUB-green hue, carefully selected to seamlessly blend with various lake bed conditions. Even in clear water, it remains remarkably inconspicuous!

Monofilament Fishing Line

Versatile Range:

Available in 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, and 20lb versions, all conveniently packaged in 1000m spools.

Efficient Sinking:

CarpLine exhibits excellent sinking properties, a characteristic that improves with repeated use.

Low Stretch, Enhanced Feel:

With a low stretch factor, CarpLine allows you to feel the lead impacting the lake bed more distinctly than stretchier monofilaments. This is crucial for accurately gauging the composition of the lake bed you’re fishing over!

Endorsement by Darrell Peck:

Renowned angler Darrell Peck frequently relies on CarpLine as his go-to all-round workhorse. During the filming of his series “Peckys Big Carp Buzz” across Europe and the UK, CarpLine’s reliability provided him with peace of mind, allowing him to focus on the adventure and the challenging fishing conditions.

Darrell Peck’s Perspective:

“It may not be the fastest sinking or have the least stretch, like Touchdown, but CarpLine boasts exceptional abrasion resistance. The line has never let me down, which is why I’m hesitant to make a switch. I usually opt for the 15lb version for longer casts, up to 100 yards. If I know I’ll be fishing at shorter distances, I might go for the 20lb version. In my view, choosing the thickest line provides added security when playing a fish.”

Monofilament Fishing Line

Why CarpLine Monofilament Fishing Line Stands Out:

The Designer’s Insight

“When developing our products, especially fishing lines, we collaborate with some of the world’s best manufacturers. These innovators push the boundaries to create thinner, lighter, and more technically advanced monofilaments. However, with CarpLine, we took a different approach. Some anglers simply wanted something straightforward and reliable—a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Thus, CarpLine was born: a no-nonsense line suitable for various types of angling, all at a price that won’t break the bank!”

– Damian Clarke

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Introducing the Black & Whites Bobbins

Black & Whites Bobbins Review

Introducing the Black & Whites Bobbins – Our venture into the world of bobbins saw significant success with the Stow indicator system. It only made sense to take the next step and introduce a slightly different, more traditional style of bobbin for those who lean towards this preference.

Introducing the Black & Whites Bobbins - Our venture into the world of bobbins saw significant success with the Stow indicator system.

Deeply involved in the Stow’s market debut, Damian Clarke aimed to create a bobbin reminiscent of homemade ones crafted over 20 years ago. These bobbin designs not only stayed put on the line during takes but also allowed fishing on slack lines on the ground or conventionally next to the buzzer with a taut line.

Black & Whites Bobbins

Functionality was paramount, but aesthetics mattered too. The two-part design emerged, featuring a solid white or black section along with a crystal-clear front for the isotope, creating the illusion of it floating within the bobbin. Damian drew inspiration from a design he had observed a decade earlier on monkey climber bodies at Layer Pit while attempting to replicate the style in his homemade bobbins.


The classic appearance, coupled with built-in features, positions these bobbins as the ultimate choice for bite indication in all types of carp fishing scenarios, whether you’re fishing under your rod tips or casting baits out to the horizon.

The Black & Whites bobbins are rooted in Damian’s original homemade designs but engineered for commercial production. Leveraging Korda’s technological resources, including computer-aided design, samples, and the eventual finished product, Damian ensured each aspect met his satisfaction.

In addition to the white version, a black variant was introduced, giving rise to the name Black & Whites. Both colors complement the black chains, hockey sticks, weights, and line clips. While functionality takes precedence, anglers appreciate a setup that looks the part, considering the hours spent waiting for action on the bank.

Unlike traditional bobbins with line clips protruding, the Black & Whites integrated the line clip into the bobbin body for a neater and more compact design. Perfecting this integration and allowing easy tension adjustment proved intricate, especially as the clip needed to cater to all four bobbin sizes. This clip had to accommodate various scenarios, including anglers using braided mainline with bowstring-tight setups at long range and additional weight on the bobbin.

The four different bobbin sizes posed potential challenges in producing compatible extra weights without requiring distinct attachments for each size. The solution involved designing a weight with two different diameter bores, allowing it to slide onto the chain attachment and fit seamlessly over the joint, providing a polished finish.

Each weight, with two supplied per bobbin, is laser-etched with its weight and the compatible bobbin size. The sizes include 5g and 8g for small bobbins, 10g and 15g for medium and large sizes, and 20g and 30g for the X-Large size.

The versatility of different bobbin sizes and weights makes the Black & Whites suitable for any angling situation. Whether using small bobbins for fishing with slack lines or the X-Large size for rowing baits to the horizon on a large lake, these bobbins accommodate diverse needs.

Designed to accentuate drop backs by running on the line, the Black & Whites Bobbins are effective for various bite types. Personal preference plays a role in choosing the preferred bobbin style, and many anglers appreciate the traditional bobbin on a long chain, such as the Black & Whites.

Each Black & Whites Bobbins comes with two chain length options—6in. and 9in. for small sizes, ideal for ground fishing, and 3in. and 6in. for other sizes.

The design aimed to ensure compatibility with the existing Stow range in terms of hockey stick attachments, facilitating a quick switch between the two bobbin types.

The Black & Whites hockey stick attachment features a clever design, incorporating a bayonet-style attachment with magnets for easy attachment and detachment of indicator chains. This design ensures security, preventing accidental detachment. Additionally, the magnetic attachment at the end of Stow chains can connect directly to these hockey sticks, creating a seamless connection.

Installing an isotope is a simple process, involving unscrewing the plastic plug with the supplied screwdriver, removing the fluorescent green plastic insert, and replacing it with the correct Stow Lite isotope size. The standard Stow-Lite fits medium, large, and X-Large Black & Whites, while the small size accommodates a Mini Stow-Lite, with various color options available in each size.

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Gardner 10ft 'Covert' Application Rod

New 10ft ‘Covert’ Application Rod

Gardner Tackle’s new 10ft ‘Covert’ application rod has arrived!

This powerful, through action rod can accurately hits the spot at distance, time after time. With subtle graphics and a 3k matt finish, this new rod is exceptional value for money and looks just as good as it performs.

This 10ft 3.25tc rod does not sacrifice quality and performance for price.

LENGTH: 10ft
TEST CURVE: 3.25lb

The subtle matt black 3k finish and branding contrasts with a powerful through action that enhances both accuracy and distance.


  • 4.5lb TC –
  • 3k matt carbon finish with matt black reel seat
  • 40mm Butt Guide
  • Ceramic anti frap tip guide
  • Abbreviated flared handle
  • Black gloss whippings
  • American Tackle Vortex Air guides
  • Lightweight rod

Another great addition to our popular Covert range of carp rods.

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Kaizen Platinum Rods

Kaizen Platinum Rods Review

Korda Kaizen Platinum Rods – The Kaizen Platinum range has been under development for more than four years, and came about as Korda felt that they could develop something even better than what was already on the market – despite this being the first foray into rods – using the extensive knowledge and experience of the Team Korda anglers, plus the product development staff at Korda HQ.

Kaizen Platinum Rods

Danny Fairbrass himself has a long association with rods bearing his name, and which he was involved in developing, and so it was a natural progression that we should develop a range ourselves, which had all the attributes that he, and our other anglers, would be looking for from the ultimate carp fishing rods.

The aim was to design a range of high end rods that would cover pretty much any carp angling situation at home or abroad, allowing you to not only accurately reach the fish if they were out at range, but which would also feel nice to play them on.

All of the rods in the range are built on a fast-tapered profile mandrel – meaning that the taper of the rod consistently goes all the way from the butt to the tip, and this produces rods with a very ‘tippy’ action, with pretty much all of the flex being towards the tip end, although of course when under extreme pressure such as casting, the rod will still bend all the way through to some extent.

This type of action allows for better power transfer and the generation of very fast tip speeds, which in turn allows you to cast further than you would be able to with a rod that didn’t have this action. That action also allows much faster line pick-up as well, and whilst most of the bend is in the tip, the power is transferred progressively enough that the rod will absorb the lunges of a big fish at close range without fear of it causing hookpulls, and ensures that it is still a pleasure to play fish on any of the Kaizen rods.

“It’s been designed to be really easy to use for the average angler. I’m not the biggest caster in the world, but with the right length handle and a really lightweight rod, that is really powerful, like this one, it goes absolutely miles with no effort whatsoever”
-Danny Fairbrass, talking about the 12ft spod rod

The taper of the rod isn’t the only factor in determining the action and attributes that it displays, and just as important is the type of carbon that has been used in the manufacturing process – for the Kaizen range the only real choice was the best super tensile, high-grade Japanese carbon that we could get our hands on!

Japanese Carbon Wrap Dissection

This ZERO90 carbon is used in just two layers and with very little resin content, and the result of that is lighter, stiffer blanks – often that stiffness is achieved by using cheaper carbon in multiple layers, which then adds weight to the blank and reduces performance, and is something we wanted to avoid, hence choosing ZERO90 – which further enhance the attributes that the taper we’ve chosen to use on the mandrel already provides.

Not only will this allow more power to be transferred into the cast and with less effort than you’d find with a cheaper grade of carbon, but it also aids enhanced accuracy as well as it reduces the ability of the blank to twist and cause your lead to go off-target during the cast – over a long distance even tiny improvements in accuracy make a big difference to your rig landing exactly where you aimed.

There would of course be little point in producing the ultimate rod in terms of its performance, if the cosmetics didn’t also match that, and these rods have been given a custom-made look, with the type of high grade components that you would expect to find on a rod of this price.

“There is no point in developing a rod that is incredibly light compared to its power, and then adding heavy components to it.”

All of the Kaizen Platinum range is fitted with lightweight Sea-Guide TDG rings, with a 50mm butt and 16mm tip – allowing the line to ‘cone’ off of a big pit spool in a way that minimises resistance as it passes through the butt ring, and providing a tip ring that is big enough to allow leader knots to smoothly pass through it.

Tip Ring Ceramic

The reel is attached via a top quality Fuji DPS seat and the handle is finished fully in Japanese shrink grip – the use of which is more than just cosmetic, and allows for a good grip even when your hands or the rod are wet – and with stainless steel trim and an etched butt cap made by JAG completing the custom look.

In terms of the models in the range, currently there are seven, with 12ft 3lb, 3.5lb and 4lb fishing rods, plus a 12ft spod rod; a 12ft 6in 4lb version for those who really want an extreme range rod but find a 13ft model just a bit too long; plus 13ft 3.5lb and 4lb models.

This will cover pretty much any angling situation, whether you are fishing at 1 yard or 180 yards.

Kaizen Platinum Rods

I wouldn’t consider myself a long range caster, but if you are going to fish at extreme range then you need to have kit that won’t hold you back and will gain you extra yards. I’ve been using the 13ft 4lb model for all my long range fishing for two years now and have honestly seen a massive improvement in my distance.
-Tom Dove, talking about the 13ft 4lb Kaizen Platinum

“I always struggled with compressing the ‘heavy’ distance rods on the market as they felt too stiff and cumbersome, but these are the complete opposite – light to hold and east to compress, meaning that fishing at 35 wraps (140 yards) feels like casting 80 yards with my normal rods. My maximum fishing range is about 170 yards now, something which I never thought I’d have in my locker.” Tom added

The 4lb models which are specialist long range tools and have the ability to put a lead and rig incredible distances when in the right hands – as demonstrated by the likes of Terry Edmonds and Darrell Peck, where measured casts in excess of 200 yards have been achieved and which featured in our Long Range Masterclass chapter, filmed at Iles3 in France.

Kaizen Platinum Rods

Darrell Peck: “When it came to deciding which rod I would use from the Kaizen Platinum range it was a bit of a no-brainer. I prefer a 12ft rod for my general fishing, whether that be short, medium or even medium to long range, a rod that I’m going to use for 90 per cent of the fishing situations that I find myself in. So for that reason I picked the 12ft 4lb, as I like a stiff rod that’s capable of casting 4 or 4.5oz leads over 140 yards, and it’s only when I turn to extreme range fishing that I’ll look to be using a 13ft rod, as they can be a bit unwieldy for general purpose fishing.”

The Complete Kaizen Platinum Range

  • 12ft 3lb
  • 12ft 3.5lb
  • 2ft 4lb
  • 12ft Spod
  • 12ft 6in 4lb
  • 13ft 3.5lb
  • 13ft 4lb

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Compac Cool Bags and Coolers – Keeping Things Fresh!

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers – Keeping Things Fresh!

As the temperatures rise or during extended fishing sessions, ensuring the freshness of your bait and food is crucial for both angler satisfaction and the well-being of the fish. The comprehensive range of Compac cool bags caters to every need, from short trips requiring the preservation of milk and sandwiches to longer sessions demanding storage for larger bait quantities or ample food supplies lasting several days, even maintaining frozen items—though the duration depends on external temperatures and bag capacity.

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers - Keeping Things Fresh!

When selecting a cool bag or cooler from the Compac range, it’s essential to consider the volume of items you plan to store. A fuller bag with less air inside retains the coldness or freezing effect for a more extended period. Therefore, anglers may opt for different bags suited to varying session lengths or amounts of bait and food.

For those aiming to keep bait or food frozen or chilled for an extended duration, the Compac Cooler stands out as the ultimate choice. Available in a 14-litre Light Kamo or a 20-litre olive green version, the Compac Cooler excels in preserving the desired temperature.

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers - Keeping Things Fresh!

The Compac Cool Bags, while fully insulated, may not match the Cooler’s prolonged freezing or chilling capabilities but provide a broader selection of sizes, ranging from small to X-large. The main compartment capacities range from 8 to 34 litres. The larger versions feature an extra pocket for storing utensils, plates, or other cooking gear.

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers - Keeping Things Fresh!

The 12-litre Compac Bait Cool Bag, tailored for bait storage, is ideal for loose boilies or bagged bait, maintaining freshness for days. Frequent opening of the bag accelerates thawing or heating of contents.

To enhance freezing or chilling efficiency, specialized Compac Cool Packs are available in two sizes, designed to fit seamlessly into the Cool Bags and Cooler. The medium, large, and X-large Cool Bags feature straps to secure the Cool Packs in place, with each bag supplied with two appropriately sized Cool Packs.

Whether you seek to keep items chilled or frozen for varying durations, the Compac range offers a solution to meet your needs.


The Compac Cool Bag, available in four sizes, is crafted to keep contents fresh, making it suitable for food or bait. While it can maintain frozen contents for a duration, this period depends on external temperatures and the use of Compac Cool Packs.

Constructed from the durable, water-resistant fabric found in the Compac luggage range, the cool bags come in olive green or Dark Kamo. They feature reinforced carry handles, with padded, detachable shoulder straps for the large and X-large models. The larger versions include a zipped front pocket for additional storage.

All bags have reinforced waterproof bases to prevent moisture absorption and leakage. Fully insulated inner walls maintain optimal temperature, with wipe-clean material ensuring easy post-session cleaning. The Cool Bag range is designed to work seamlessly with Compac Cool Packs, with internal straps holding two Cool Packs in place. All Cool Bags, except the small size, come with two appropriately sized Cool Packs.

Sizes: small (8 litres), medium (12 litres), large (25 litres), X-large (34 litres).


The Compac Cooler, designed for optimal bait and food storage, boasts closed-cell, non-absorbent insulation to maintain internal temperature. Constructed from tough, wipe-clean material with a reinforced base, it is available in a 20-litre olive green version or a 14-litre Light Kamo pattern, both accommodating XL Compac Cool Packs (sold separately).

The Cooler is airtight, with a special zip and oversized puller ensuring easy access without compromising the internal temperature. It features heavy-duty carry handles and a detachable, padded shoulder strap for convenient transportation.


Specifically designed for bait, the Compac Bait Cool Bag is cylindrical for easy access to loose bait. The bag is made from durable, lightweight, water-resistant material, with an insulated, wipe-clean lining. A reinforced base ensures longevity, even when placed directly on the ground. The heavy-duty zip and reinforced carry handles enhance functionality.

With a 12-litre capacity, the Bait Cool Bag is suitable for storing various bait types. Filling the bag to capacity minimizes air inside, preventing rapid warming. The bag has a diameter of 25cm and a height of 25cm.


The Compac Cool Packs, available in standard and XL sizes, are designed for use with Compac cool bags or any bag or box requiring ice packs. Purpose-made to fit within straps in Cool Bags or lie flat inside the Cooler, they have finger holes for easy removal without tipping the bag.

For optimal performance, freeze the Cool Packs for 24 hours before use. This ensures extended freezing once placed in the cool bag.

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Goo Tips by Jamie Londers

Goo Tips by Jamie Londers

Baiting Carp for Beginners: Goo Tips by Jamie Londers

Meet Jamie Londers and get ready for some Goo Tips!

Definition: Goo

“Originating from South Africa, this secret mixture of additives was used to devastating effect by their national team in carp competitions. It is manufactured by Kiana and all different colours and flavours are available, as well as two different versions – a thinner one to soak hookbaits in; and a thicker one that can be used in PVA bags, groundbait, or even smeared onto the outside of baits before casting out.”

1. Combine Flavors

Goo Tips by Jamie Londers: combine flavors

Don’t limit yourself to one flavor – mix it up for maximum food signals in the water. Experiment by combining different Goo flavors to create your own custom blend for a personal edge. Each Goo variant offers distinct acidity or alkalinity levels, scientifically proven to alter the water’s pH and trigger positive feeding responses in carp. In simpler terms, fish find it nearly impossible to resist. The dense viscosity of the Smokes sinks through the water column, while the lighter Supremes rise, creating a powerful attraction that draws fish down to your hook-bait. It’s pulling power at its finest.

2. Bake It On

Goo Tips by Jamie Londers: Bake it on

Let your Goo’d pop-ups dry in the sun. Use the thicker Smokes to coat your hook baits, then leave them in the sun to bake and form a crust. Once in the water, this layer of attraction breaks down slowly, creating a long-lasting cloud of unrivaled attraction around your bait’s orbit. This tactic, favored by successful zig anglers, ensures the Goo withstands the force of a cast and disperses gradually once in position.

3. Use PVA to Create the ULTIMATE Attractor Package

Use PVA to Create the ULTIMATE Attractor Package

Take advantage of the PVA-friendly nature of Goo by applying it directly to your sticks. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to make a bag or stick mix with high levels of liquid attraction – a fantastic way to apply taste and smell. The Goo’s solubility, combined with its PVA-friendly composition, lets you get creative. Apply a stripe of neat Goo directly to your bags or hook-baits before casting out to further boost attraction.

4. Use the Nozzle to Inject

Use the nozzle to inject.

For a quick and easy way to create an irresistible parcel of flavor and attraction, use the nozzle to inject Goo into your solid bags. Time is precious, and with just a squeeze, you’ll have a concentrated burst of goodness surrounding your hook-bait. This forms a cloud of high-level attraction, providing both a visual element with the colored halo and an unmatched concentration of some of the finest tastes and smells in the bait scene. A proven and winning tactic that keeps it simple.

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Range Finder Distance Sticks (Gardner)

Gardner: New Range Finder Distance sticks

Range Finder Distance Sticks (Gardner)

New Range Finder Distance sticks:

  • 24” ( 61cm) range finder distance sticks
  • Black anodized finish
  • Comes with luminous green detachable sight tops with plugged betalight cavity.
  • Additional black metal top protectors to be used in harder ground.
  • Hardened rubber guides for enhanced line protection.
  • Yard strap with distance ringlets set at 6’/10’/12’/13’ for every eventuality.
  • Comes with padded protection pouch.

New Range Finder Distance sticks

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wide gape X

Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks

Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks – The Wide Gape hooks have a storied history spanning over two decades, assisting anglers in landing numerous large fish. It’s a pattern that has stood the test of time and will likely remain a perennial favorite.

This hook was one of Damian Clarke’s early ventures in product development and was among the first hooks introduced by Korda, along with the Longshank. Later, enhanced versions in the form of the X and XX were added for added strength.

The Wide Gape hook was born from a fusion of different hook designs used by Damian and Danny Fairbrass. The primary inspiration came from the Maruta Kinryu, a Japanese hook with a wide gape and an Iseama-shaped bend, similar to other popular Japanese carp hooks like the Owner spade ends.

Spotlight: Wide Gape HooksInitial drawings were hand-drawn by Damien and Danny on paper before being professionally rendered and sent to a hook manufacturer for sampling. The received samples closely matched their vision, leading to the launch of the Wide Gape pattern. While the original design remained largely unaltered, the range expanded to include barbless models, heavier-duty variations, and sharpened Kamakura versions. There’s even a Basix range version with a slightly different eye.

wide gape hook original drawingsDespite its long history, the Wide Gape hook remains the top choice for many anglers in various fishing scenarios. Carp angler Darrell Peck, for instance, has used this hook in its various forms to land significant catches both domestically and abroad.

For anglers like Darrell Peck, landing the fish they hook is crucial, making the Wide Gape hook their preferred choice. Damian Clarke, despite trying various Korda patterns over the years, still favors the Wide Gape, particularly the upgraded Wide Gape X version, suited to the waters and carp size he targets.

Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks:

original wide gape hook
The original Wide Gape hooks feature a slightly in-turned eye, a short shank, a heavily forged bend, and a razor-sharp beaked point. It was Korda’s first hook, introduced with a Teflon coating, a novelty in the UK at the time, which still protects against rusting.

wide gape hook

This versatile hook is suitable for various bottom bait and pop-up presentations, including the spinner rig, and comes in barbed or barbless versions in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Wide Gape X:

wide gape X
The Wide Gape X is identical to the original version but boasts a heavier wire gauge, suitable for challenging UK situations such as snaggy or weedy waters, and overseas angling. It maintains the sharp beaked point, heavily forged bend, short shank, and slightly in-turned eye. Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, it’s only offered in barbed.

Wide Gape XX:

wide gape XX
For extreme fishing conditions abroad or targeting larger carp species like Siamese in Thailand, the Wide Gape XX with thicker gauge wire is the right choice. It retains the original’s sharp beaked point, heavily forged bend, short shank, and in-turned eye.

Kamakura Wide Gape:

kamakura wide gape
While the original Wide Gape was sharp for its time, some anglers desire even sharper hooks. The Kamakura-sharpened version is available in barbed and barbless versions in sizes 4, 6, and 8. These hooks are incredibly sharp but have a thin point, best suited for situations without crayfish or nuisance fish.

Kamakura Wide Gape X:

kamakura wide gape x
Following the success of Kamakura Wide Gape hooks, a sharpened version of the ‘X’ model was introduced. It offers an incredibly sharp point and extra strength, available in barbed or barbless versions in sizes 4, 6, and 8.

Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks – Basix Wide Gape:

basix wide gape
The Basix Wide Gape is a versatile hook designed to eliminate the need for additional components. It features an aggressively in-turned eye, allowing it to flip naturally. Made from ‘X’ gauge wire, it’s suitable for use in the UK and abroad. The black nickel finish and a longer-lasting point make it perfect for multiple fish without frequent changes. Available in barbed or barbless versions in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8. These hooks are cost-effective and a great choice for beginners or anglers on a budget.

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