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Longshank Beaked Hook Enhancements

Longshank Beaked Hook

Danny Fairbrass, known for his innovative approach to angling gear, has refined the already successful Longshank X pattern of hook to the Longshank Beaked Hook, enhancing its effectiveness for catching carp. These improvements build upon the hook’s proven track record of over 20 years, demonstrating Fairbrass’s commitment to optimizing fishing equipment. The enhancements to the …

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Winter Fishing (Video Masterclass)

winter fishing

As the clocks prepare to fall back and darkness encroaches, many anglers might assume that winter fishing prospects dim along with the daylight at Norton Disney and other lakes nationwide. Yet, Danny Fairbrass shatters this misconception in this Winter Fishing Masterclass, demonstrating that there’s ample opportunity even as winter approaches! Whether you’re eyeing a visit …

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Products How to: Kiana Carp Goo – Scopex and Buttercorn

Kiana Carp Goo

BAITING INSIGHT: Kiana Carp Goo The timeless Scopex Kiana Carp Goo, once championed by the angling legend Rod Hutchinson, has now been given a captivating twist by Kiana Carp. In their latest innovation, two exceptional Goos have been crafted, enhancing the already remarkable fish-catching capabilities of this classic attractor. Super Scopex Supreme – Kiana Carp …

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