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Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks

Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks – The Wide Gape hooks have a storied history spanning over two decades, assisting anglers in landing numerous large fish. It’s a pattern that has stood the test of time and will likely remain a perennial favorite.

This hook was one of Damian Clarke’s early ventures in product development and was among the first hooks introduced by Korda, along with the Longshank. Later, enhanced versions in the form of the X and XX were added for added strength.

The Wide Gape hook was born from a fusion of different hook designs used by Damian and Danny Fairbrass. The primary inspiration came from the Maruta Kinryu, a Japanese hook with a wide gape and an Iseama-shaped bend, similar to other popular Japanese carp hooks like the Owner spade ends.

Spotlight: Wide Gape HooksInitial drawings were hand-drawn by Damien and Danny on paper before being professionally rendered and sent to a hook manufacturer for sampling. The received samples closely matched their vision, leading to the launch of the Wide Gape pattern. While the original design remained largely unaltered, the range expanded to include barbless models, heavier-duty variations, and sharpened Kamakura versions. There’s even a Basix range version with a slightly different eye.

wide gape hook original drawingsDespite its long history, the Wide Gape hook remains the top choice for many anglers in various fishing scenarios. Carp angler Darrell Peck, for instance, has used this hook in its various forms to land significant catches both domestically and abroad.

For anglers like Darrell Peck, landing the fish they hook is crucial, making the Wide Gape hook their preferred choice. Damian Clarke, despite trying various Korda patterns over the years, still favors the Wide Gape, particularly the upgraded Wide Gape X version, suited to the waters and carp size he targets.

Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks:

original wide gape hook
The original Wide Gape hooks feature a slightly in-turned eye, a short shank, a heavily forged bend, and a razor-sharp beaked point. It was Korda’s first hook, introduced with a Teflon coating, a novelty in the UK at the time, which still protects against rusting.

wide gape hook

This versatile hook is suitable for various bottom bait and pop-up presentations, including the spinner rig, and comes in barbed or barbless versions in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Wide Gape X:

wide gape X
The Wide Gape X is identical to the original version but boasts a heavier wire gauge, suitable for challenging UK situations such as snaggy or weedy waters, and overseas angling. It maintains the sharp beaked point, heavily forged bend, short shank, and slightly in-turned eye. Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, it’s only offered in barbed.

Wide Gape XX:

wide gape XX
For extreme fishing conditions abroad or targeting larger carp species like Siamese in Thailand, the Wide Gape XX with thicker gauge wire is the right choice. It retains the original’s sharp beaked point, heavily forged bend, short shank, and in-turned eye.

Kamakura Wide Gape:

kamakura wide gape
While the original Wide Gape was sharp for its time, some anglers desire even sharper hooks. The Kamakura-sharpened version is available in barbed and barbless versions in sizes 4, 6, and 8. These hooks are incredibly sharp but have a thin point, best suited for situations without crayfish or nuisance fish.

Kamakura Wide Gape X:

kamakura wide gape x
Following the success of Kamakura Wide Gape hooks, a sharpened version of the ‘X’ model was introduced. It offers an incredibly sharp point and extra strength, available in barbed or barbless versions in sizes 4, 6, and 8.

Spotlight: Wide Gape Hooks – Basix Wide Gape:

basix wide gape
The Basix Wide Gape is a versatile hook designed to eliminate the need for additional components. It features an aggressively in-turned eye, allowing it to flip naturally. Made from ‘X’ gauge wire, it’s suitable for use in the UK and abroad. The black nickel finish and a longer-lasting point make it perfect for multiple fish without frequent changes. Available in barbed or barbless versions in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8. These hooks are cost-effective and a great choice for beginners or anglers on a budget.

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