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BCT June Drawing Winner Pictures

Last month, we announced James Lancaster as the winner of our June Drawing for the JRC Framed Carryall. James was gracious enough to share a couple of pictures of his new Carryall in action.

He also had this to share with us:

Hey chaps
Here are some pics of me with my jrc framed carryall that I won in the raffle.
It’s a great piece of kit, the seat feature is really nice, it’s really spacious and the adjustable legs keep things level and out of the mud. I caught three delta carp first time out with it so it didn’t strike me with the curse of the new tackle.
Thanks for providing excellent service.

We would like to thank everyone who participated, knowingly and unknowingly :), to the success of all of our drawings. There will surely be more to come and the prizes will remain top-notch as always.

Words from the Next Generation pt. 2

submitted by: catfishmania a.k.a. Austin

I started carp fishing by accident. Ever since I was four years old, my dad took me to a campground every year that had multiple ponds to fish in. When I first started fishing, I only used to catch bluegill. As I got older, I started noticing fish around the pond that would swim along the shoreline. At that time, a two pound fish was huge for me because my biggest fish was a bluegill. I never used to know what these fish were but every time I saw one I would stick a worm in front of it and it would just stop and swim away. One year I went up there I met a kid who was catching a couple of these bigger fish. I asked him how he was catching them and what they were, he said they were carp and he was just fishing a piece of hot dog at the bottom of the water, so I tried that. I couldn’t believe it, I had caught my first ever carp within ten minutes of putting my bait in the water! Ever since that day I just couldn’t stop fishing for them and had to learn more about rigs and baits for them.
I don’t just have one particular reason for liking carp fishing because there are so many reasons to like it. I guess it’s the thrill of hearing your rod scream off, striking into the rod, and landing a big carp that makes it fun. Not many people in the United States like carp fishing. Carp are frowned upon by many people who say they are ugly or garbage fish, but I think they look amazing with that golden orange color and sometimes you will get them with bright red tails. Plus, you have a chance of catching a mirror carp which in many places you don’t get many. I think catching mirrors are fun because you never know what the next scale pattern will be on a mirror. I would actually rather catch a ten pound mirror than a twenty pound common. Catching carp is also a challenge because they aren’t as easy to catch in many places as people think. You need special baits and mixes to catch them, plus you need the right rigs and when you hook into one they can be a challenge to land with how hard they fight. I guess that’s why I love to carp fish.

Here are some pictures of carp that I’ve caught:

Words from the Next Generation pt. 1

Submitted by: carpmania101 a.k.a. Brendan

I got started carp fishing because my brother Austin used to go fishing without me and I didn’t like fishing at that time. Every time he came back, he showed me the pictures of the carp he caught. I was always amazed of the fish because I used to think 5 lb carp were huge. So one day I took my small rod out fishing and I got my first ever carp. I was amazed because they put up a good fight. Ever since then I wanted to fish and learn more about carp.

There are a lot of reasons I like carp fishing. You really have to know a lot about carp to catch them, they put up a good fight, and it’s a good challenge. There are many different pieces of equipment you can use to fish for them, some of which include 12ft rods, bite alarms, hair rigs, rod pods, tripods, unhooking mats, nets, and the slings to weigh all my catches of the day. What I like best though is hearing the scream of my bite alarm when a carp has gone for one of the flavorful scents of my baits; there is no other thrill for me like catching this 21 lb. Mirror carp:

21 lb Mirror

New Generation of Carp Anglers (Video)

Let’s face it. None of us are getting any younger. We relive our glory days through our progeny and other children who find solace in the same activities that we did. That is a fact of life. When we experience the joy and excitement of hooking a carp, it’s near impossible to not smile when you see that joy experienced for the first time by a kid. That is why it is ever so important to share our excitement with those around us, especially the young ones. It helps to keep us young at heart.

Here is a couple of prime examples of what I have just said:



These videos belong to a pair of Youtubers,  carpmania101 and catfishmania. Here are links to their Youtube channels:

Let’s support these young anglers and do what we can to foster their passion as well as others. Each and every angler has a duty to share their passion with the younger generation. That is the only way we can continue to connect as human beings, by sharing experiences. We urge everyone to help the younger generation to understand what we do, that getting outside, getting wet, and getting dirty aren’t always bad things. We are meant to be outside, not sitting inside for hours and hours on end in front of a screen. Let’s make the world a better place, teach the children how to fish for carp.