Hemp Seed Preparation How (Video)



Time for a how to cook and prepare hemp seed video. I like to go over the basics and then work on it from there. I will then do a spomb / spod video showing how to incorporate the hemp into a great mix that will land plenty of fish. In this video we put the hemp into a bucket and bring water to a boil and then I dump it over the hemp so it is covered with the boiling water by at least 1 inch above it. I let it sit for 15 + hours and then boil it for 30 minutes or until the seed splits and you can see the white seed center. I then dump it into another bucket and add in Himalayan rock salt which is natural with lots and lots of minerals. I then add in CC Moore Hemp Oil to replace the oil that was cooked off during the soak and boil process to give it that much needed boost. Thanks for watching and click Subscribe and Like!

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