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CC Moore New Liquid Foods 2017

Big Carp Tackle will be carrying the new line of CC Moore Liquid foods which include the Liquid G.L.M. Extract , Red Venom and finally the Hot Chorizo Extract . These will all be available in the coming months and stocked regularly.



This highly successful, natural, red
pepper-based liquid food is a tangy,
sweet, energy rich additive that supplies
essential nutrients to baits. It also releases
potent natural attractors to all layers of
the water column stimulating a strong
feeding response.



The moment you open a bottle of Liquid
G.L.M. Extract you receive an incredible
food of mussel-rich aromas that leave you
in no doubt as to its fish-catching
potential; it absolutely screams fish.



This outstanding liquid food enables
anglers targeting a broad range of
species the opportunity to
dramatically enhance their
baits with a powerful, smoky,
meaty profle that makes
their baits really stand
out from the crowd.



Blowback Rig How to Tie for Big Carp Fishing (Video)

It is that time again! Time for another rig tutorial and this one is very easy to learn and only requires a few key components to make the rig. We are going to tie the blowback rig this time around. I have tried a lot of various rigs and I even tried this one in the past but on my second go around with this I noticed adding the shrink tube really increased my hook up rate. Also a few subtle changes ensure me that the rig would reset itself all the time. Other than its hooking abilities if a fish would eject the rig it also resets itself that way you know your rig is tangle free on the bottom in case a fish should eject it back out.


Step one starts out like a majority of all rigs do. We get our supplies in order and you can see in the picture below we really do not need a whole lot to make this rig. We need the following supplies.

  1. Korda N-trap semi stiff and I like the 20lb breaking strain
  2. We need some shrink tubing to match the hook size
  3. Long Shank Hooks
  4. Rig Rings
  5. Scissors
  6. Baiting needle
  7. Kettle to shrink the tubing down with steam



Now that we have our list of supplies we need the first step is like all other rigs out there. We tie an overhand loop so we can loop on our bait later.


Step two is slide a rig ring down the line and position it where the bend in the hook would start. Usually placing a boilie on the end and measure back will give you the right spot to slide it back to.


With the ring in place form an overhand loop so the ring is in the middle of the loop. Tease it down so the ring is in the perfect place. If you find you positioned it wrong you can always undo the knot and move it to the correct position.


Once the ring is in place and cinched down take the point of the hook and slide it down the ring. Make sure the bend is going towards the boilie like a normal rig would look.




Make sure everything is lined up and simply tie the rest like you would a hair rig. Slide the line down through the eye and then come back with wraps around the shank. I prefer around 5-6 wraps but you can do as many or as little as you like. Wet the line and pull tight and we are ready for the next step.


Take a piece of shrink tube and cut it in half. Slide it up the line and over the knot around the eye of the hook. We want to barely go over the end of the loops so once we shrink it the line will hold tight in place.


Next step if fire up the burner and bring some water to a boil. Once it begins to steam take the rig and steam down the tubing. Keep in mind while it is still hot you want to bend it downwards to create an aggressive turn in the tubing. This will allow for a quicker flip of the hook and some insane holds in the mouth of the carp. Also while you have the kettle steaming take your line and run it over the steam. This will take away any memory in the line from being wound around the spool. Go back and forth a few times and your line will be perfectly straight now and ready for action.




The final step is tie and overhand loop or figure of eight knot and attach it to your main line. You are now ready to go land some monsters! This rig is very easy to tie and only requires a few materials to make it happen. Your catch rate improvement will be very noticeable to say the least. I know I was quite surprised when I started to land more fish on this rig.


Hope you enjoyed this rig article. I will be having plenty more in the near future so you can face any situation that comes up while carp fishing.


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Multi Rig How To Tie for Big Carp Fishing (Video)



Multi Rig How To


So spring is flying by and we are almost into summer. A lot of anglers ask me some of the rigs I use while out carp fishing. I really am a simple person and prefer my fishing to be as simple as the fish allow it to be. With that said sometimes the fish can outsmart you and upping your game and rig selection can be crucial to landing fish that are not caught often or at all.


I have used this rig for a few years and it was not until this year that I have really started to perfect it along with the techniques for when to use it. This rig is the Multi Rig and so far this season has landed a lot of fish for myself.




A lot of times weed never dies in a lake and you will find yourself with a layer on the bottom. With a multi rig you can have your bait above all of this and present the bait perfectly. Granted the multi rig can be used as a bottom rig as well I personally prefer it for pop up baits as it can be very effective.


Larger fish tend to not go vertical when they feed and having a rig that allows you to be a few inches off of the bottom can appear to large fish to be on the bottom since their bellies often times make them feed different due to the size of the fish. This presents a prime opportunity to take advantage of this feeding style that you can capitalize on. I have landed a ton of fish on the rig this spring including a few 30lb fish. I have been using the new CC Moore Elite Range Golden Spice pop ups in 14mm and tearing the place apart





If you follow the pictures you will see that it is not too difficult to tie. Step one is taking a section of Korda N-Trap and cutting off 12-14 inches. I prefer the semi stiff because it works better in my opinion for this rig.





Step 2 is forming an overhand loop section. Determine how high you want your pop up to sit off the bottom and add around ¾ inch because once you tie the rig you will lose a little from the knot and such. I prefer to get my rig around 2-3 inches off the bottom so factor this in. Tease the knot down so you do not waste any line and pull tight.



Step 3 is pinching the end of the loop and sliding it through the eye of the Krank Choddy size 4 hook. This can be a little tricky so take your time and you will be fine. Also add a large rig ring on as well for your pop up later on. Once the ring is on slide over the hook and pull back so you have a D around ½ inch in length or to your desired preference.




Step 4 is taking the Strippa Tool and pulling back 3/8 -1/2 inch of coating so it creates a pivot point behind the overhand knot. You can add the Dark Matter putty on at this point also around the knot.



Step 5 is something I personally do. Before you tie on the overhand loop on the end of the rig I place on a Dark Matter Anti Tangle Sleeve and this will help to kick away the rig from your lead. Once I slide this on I then tie my overhand loop which you can connect with a QC Swivel.


Step 6 is tying on the pop up. There are several ways to do so but I find taking a section of bait floss and folding it in half works best for me. I take a splicing needle and press it through the pop up and grab the folded half of the bait floss and pull it through the pop up and place a rig stop and pull tight. I then tie 3 overhand loops to attach it to the rig ring and hit it with the lighter so I can blob the ends down.





The cool part about this rig is you can easily change pop ups any time and also if you ding the hook you can easily undo the rig and change out hooks as seen in the video without having to retie a completely new rig. This saves a lot of time and material while out fishing.



I have caught a lot of fish on this rig and I am confident you will do the same as well. All of the supplies can be found at


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Carp Fishing Lifestyle YouTube Page (Video)

IMG_8369 - Copy


My name is Brian Wingard and for many years I have fished for carp. In 2016 season I am marking my 10th year of carp fishing. A few years back I decided to start making videos on a regular basis. My goal is and always has been to help other anglers whether a new angler to carp or an experienced angler learn something new. It is a great feeling knowing you helped someone land their first carp or just to offer some ideas or suggestions to someone that may want to try something new.


I also encourage others to do the same while out on the banks. Simply talking to someone for 20 minutes and showing them a few techniques can not only change their mind about catching carp but if they try it themselves and do well they are more likely to continue on with the sport. I always tell people and this is coming from my bass fishing background that on any given day my smallest carp will be bigger than any bass I will ever catch. For the catch and release angler we all want to catch something big and with carp why not go out and catch the biggest fish usually on any given body of water.

Below is my channel trailer that you can see what my YouTube channel has to offer and if you like what you see hit subscribe as I have a lot of videos on a regular basis and you will be notified when new ones comes out. Thanks for watching!



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Oats Packbait Step by Step for Carp Fishing (Video)

Oats Pack Bait How To for Carp Fishing

Ingredients for the Oats Pack Bait

In this article I will show you how to make an oats pack bait for carp fishing. Following the simple steps can give you a bait that is cost effective and will catch you lots of fish. This year marks my 10th year anniversary of carp fishing. Even though I have fished since the age of 3-4 it was not until 10 years ago that carp fishing peaked my interests. After landing that first carp I was hooked and even though I still fish for other species carp has become 90% of my fishing now.

With the above said whether you are a beginner to carp fishing or an experienced angler catching fish does not always have to require spending a lot of money. When I first started carp fishing I was introduced to oats pack bait. The basic concept of it was to take old fashioned oats and mix with cream corn and you were done! It was super easy and cost effective to make. You could add various flavors and ingredients if you chose to do so but even plain oats pack would prove effective.


There are so many various ways to make oats pack for carp fishing. You can take the standard mix which I will share below and make them before leaving to go fishing. You can do what I did and make small fresh batches at the lake. Not only do you save on the cost of bait used but since you are making small batches there is no waste at the end of the session if you did not use a lot.

Hansen Mueller Oats commonly used for Oats Pack Bait


add cream corn
make a strip of cream corn down the middle
compress the oats and squeeze so the gluten releases
let rest a few minutes and the oats pack bait is all ready

Chumming with Oats Pack Bait

The big key feature in how to make oats pack in small batches is they will break down differently. With oats that are made fresh each individual oat will break apart from the pack even when well compressed. Not only does this make it much more like a particle but will hold fish longer as they have to eat each individual oat instead of clumps of bait. Also since they break off individually other fish such as bluegill, perch and other small species of fish will eat them. What this does is attract the carp in very quick as a feeding frenzy is going on with the other fish. This lowers the guard of the carp and usually will race in to get a free meal also. This results in some fast action over time as you cast out more and more. Also chumming oats pack bait in individual balls is great as you can catapult them over 100 yards easily sometimes 150 yards if you are really good.


Also over the years I went from store bought oats to Hansen Mueller Oats found in a lot of feed stores. They come in 50lb bags and are usually around $18 or maybe a little more depending on your area. These are a little thicker so you need a little more cream corn to get the desired consistency. Also you have to work them with your hands a little more to release the gluten which will make it sticky and hold together nicely.

When it comes to presenting oats pack bait a lot of the pay lake fisherman will mold the oats around the hook. When it comes to a more euro style approach it is almost essential to pack it around the lead as it will cast a ton better. Also as it breaks it leaves a nice ball around the hook bait as it spreads on the bottom.

As far as hook baits go the choices are endless. A lot of anglers may use corn. My preferences has always been tiger nuts as the sweet tiger nut matches the sweet oats pack. Oats are an awesome pack year round even though some will say they are seasonal. I have caught during every season on them and learning how to get them to pack correctly is essential in having success. I have included a video below showing how to make them and also how to adjust them if they are too wet or too dry.

The ingredient list is as follows for the standard oats pack recipe.

  1. One tub of Old Fashioned Oats (42 oz)
  2. One can of cream style corn (any brand is fine)
  3. One capful of flavor ( I like using CC Moore Pineapple or Scopex) Products can be found here
  4. One tablespoon of maize/corn flour

Hope you enjoyed the article on oats pack bait. Whether you are a new angler or a seasoned veteran this pack can surely put a lot of fish in the net for you. Until next time have a fun time out fishing!   Brian Wingard

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California Carping!



Living in California is not only about fun and games it’s about chasing huge carp. After several years of progressing my carp tactics, catching hundreds of fish , fishing countless body’s of water I now hold my PB common. Fishing a SoCal desert lake doing some work to the swim my buddy and I plan to fish for the next two days. After a sore forearm and burning shoulder we head to camp. The next morning up and early heading down to the water we can hear fish crashing. Immediately we get our rods in not to long after my alarm starts to beep which seemed to go in slow motion I pick up the rod set the hook feels like I hooked anchor steady weight and a battle of tug of war is in place. After 10-15 min I get the fish close in reach for my buddy to net him being closer gets the first glimpse of the beast and yells “ohh dude”!! That moment my stomach dropped and hands start to shake. The fish rolls one last time and bam! In the net weighing in at 38.2 lbs biggest fish I’ve cought and seen. Seconds later snap a few photos and back she went to get even bigger to only hope of catching , and perusing my dream of an enormous record setting carp.

Alex Martinez


image (1)



Brian Wingard Year In Review 2015

We are just about to start the 2016 season and last year was all over the place for me. The year started off rough with an abscess in my back that extended from my spine around my side. Taking over a month to heal the wound had finally closed a few days before my flight to the ATC in Texas. I had a really fun time flying into Colorado for the first time and then to Oklahoma to meet up with David Moore and see Big Carp Tackle for the first time. I was really amazed at the size of it and how much they have grown over the years. After a day at Big Carp Tackle we drove to Texas and the weather was really strange. It felt more like back home in Pennsylvania than Texas with highs in the 30’s which was insane for Texas. I did catch my first Texas catfish and Carp during the tournament and met a lot of great anglers for the first time and also anglers whom I have spoken to for years online.



After flying home from the ATC I still had plenty of time before the ice would come off. Once the ice came off I met up with my buddy Zach Hoffa and we did a session which involved fly fishing for carp. I have not fly fished since I was very little and it was only for trout. After spending an hour or so learning to cast again we scouted some fish on some city lakes that have a variety of sizes of carp. Zach had some deer hair fly’s and they mimicked the cherry blossoms that were falling off into the lake. The carp were eating the cherry blossoms for some reason so we soon found that to be a winner. I landed quite a few carp and my arms were burning from the fight. The fight on a fly rod is so much different than a carp rod. It was a ton of fun and I recommend anyone who fly fishes to try out carp.






The weather was really tough last year with very thick ice on the lake and then it thawed and went into the 90’s for a solid week straight. This sent the fish right into spawn mode so what usually takes 2 months turned into 2 weeks of prime fishing. I still managed to get a few good fish before the spawn but not like usual.


IMG_6720 - Copy




Shortly after the spawn I visited a lake I have known about for years and years. I knew it held some nice mirrors and after talking to the locals they showed me a few pictures with fish up to 38lbs in there. I managed to get a nice mirror out on my first trip there and was really pleased with the result. The people were very friendly as well. During the battle I had around 10-15 standing behind me watching. They were all very excited to see something big come out of the lake.




Summer went by fast and my fall turned out to be much better as the big ones started to move back into some of the spots. After a day of baiting I showed up at a new spot and landed a few upper 20 near 30lb fish and was excited to see the frame on the was very massive.

29.5 - Copy

IMG_7689 - Copy


Next stop was to a lake we have been messing around with for a few years and finally tapped into some very nice fish. The average fish out of the lake has been around 24lbs and very big bodied frames.

IMG_8369 - Copy


Here is the video of that session as well.



Finally the highlight of my year was a new PB mirror on a beautiful fall day. You can read more about this on the Trakker site once the article is uploaded.


1 - Copy



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2015 Contributor Best of Photos John Finney

It is time to show off more of the stunning captures from each Big Carp News Contributor over the past year. This weeks focus is on John Finney of CarpQuest. Throughout the year, in his quest for a rare Colorado twenty plus mirror carp and in taking out many new anglers to introduce them to the sport of carp fishing, John continues to exude a passion for the sport that is both fun and refreshing.

Rarely seen on the bankside without a coffee cup in one hand, a camcorder in the other, John recorded and released over twenty episodes of his YouTube series CarpQuest last year. He still found time to land over thirty Colorado Master Angler quality carp.
John 21 lb 10 oz at Adams County


John 20 lb common


John Common at Adams


John mirror at Chatfield


John 21 lb common carp


John Carp at Kingfisher


Eventually John did see that big Colorado mirror, albeit in the hands of his brother Peter, who John had taken out for his first ever fishing trip. Peter had never fished before, let alone for carp !

2015 John Photo 1


We all look forwards to John’s endeavors this coming season !


David Moore Year in review 2015

One of my goals is to land a 30 Lb carp in all lower 48 states and DC.  I’ve now managed; Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire , In 2015 I added 2 more, Tennessee and Vermont,


My first serious session for the year in Tennessee finally gave up a 30, which I failed to catch on the previous 3 trips to the now famous Dale Hollow.


DH Mirror




All my fish that week ( and there were several) was caught on CC Moore Live System 18mm boilies tipped with Ambush Yellow corn soaked in Betalin.


This fish was definitely a special one.  Out of all the fish I’ve ever caught it ranks there at the top.  Also verifies what a special place Dale Hollow is.  If you haven’t fished this lake yet, you need to get there at some point.  The great folks at Holly Creek Marina can help with rental Jon boats and massive pontoon boats to ferry you out and back.


Next on the list was a 30 on the nose from Vermont.




We truly struggled to get a few in the net.   Since they weren’t cooperating I switched to a chod rig fished at range with a CC Moore Dairy Cream (Hi-Vis Pink) and felt very fortunate to get this one and scratch VT off the list.


I hope to scratch a few more off the list in 2016 and also want to wish everyone out there a great year of carp angling as well.




How to make an Oats / Oatmeal Pack Bait (Video)



Ingredients to make an Oatmeal Pack Bait

Today I thought I would talk about some of the things we use in the United States for carp fishing. This originated from the Southern Paylakes and is called and Oats Pack Bait. In paylaking this is molded around the bait but to integrate this into Euro style fishing You mold it around the lead. The reason for this is the fact that the speed of the lead will be faster than the pack on the bait so it will fly off on the cast. If you mold the pack bait around the lead it will not fly off of on the cast. A good rule of thumb if your pack is heavier than the lead you can mold it around the bait and if the lead is heavier than the pack you mold it around the lead.

Ingredient list for a simple Oats Pack Bait is 1 tub of old fashioned oats (42ozs) , 1 can cream style corn, 1 capful of CC Moore Pineapple Flavor.  Also in the video as an added binder I used roughly 1 tablespoon of CC Moore Maize Flour. Finally for a hook bait I am using CC Moore Pineapple Tiger Nuts  This is a very basic version and later I will do a more advance version for everyone to view.