Multi Rig How To Tie for Big Carp Fishing (Video)



Multi Rig How To


So spring is flying by and we are almost into summer. A lot of anglers ask me some of the rigs I use while out carp fishing. I really am a simple person and prefer my fishing to be as simple as the fish allow it to be. With that said sometimes the fish can outsmart you and upping your game and rig selection can be crucial to landing fish that are not caught often or at all.


I have used this rig for a few years and it was not until this year that I have really started to perfect it along with the techniques for when to use it. This rig is the Multi Rig and so far this season has landed a lot of fish for myself.




A lot of times weed never dies in a lake and you will find yourself with a layer on the bottom. With a multi rig you can have your bait above all of this and present the bait perfectly. Granted the multi rig can be used as a bottom rig as well I personally prefer it for pop up baits as it can be very effective.


Larger fish tend to not go vertical when they feed and having a rig that allows you to be a few inches off of the bottom can appear to large fish to be on the bottom since their bellies often times make them feed different due to the size of the fish. This presents a prime opportunity to take advantage of this feeding style that you can capitalize on. I have landed a ton of fish on the rig this spring including a few 30lb fish. I have been using the new CC Moore Elite Range Golden Spice pop ups in 14mm and tearing the place apart





If you follow the pictures you will see that it is not too difficult to tie. Step one is taking a section of Korda N-Trap and cutting off 12-14 inches. I prefer the semi stiff because it works better in my opinion for this rig.





Step 2 is forming an overhand loop section. Determine how high you want your pop up to sit off the bottom and add around ¾ inch because once you tie the rig you will lose a little from the knot and such. I prefer to get my rig around 2-3 inches off the bottom so factor this in. Tease the knot down so you do not waste any line and pull tight.



Step 3 is pinching the end of the loop and sliding it through the eye of the Krank Choddy size 4 hook. This can be a little tricky so take your time and you will be fine. Also add a large rig ring on as well for your pop up later on. Once the ring is on slide over the hook and pull back so you have a D around ½ inch in length or to your desired preference.




Step 4 is taking the Strippa Tool and pulling back 3/8 -1/2 inch of coating so it creates a pivot point behind the overhand knot. You can add the Dark Matter putty on at this point also around the knot.



Step 5 is something I personally do. Before you tie on the overhand loop on the end of the rig I place on a Dark Matter Anti Tangle Sleeve and this will help to kick away the rig from your lead. Once I slide this on I then tie my overhand loop which you can connect with a QC Swivel.


Step 6 is tying on the pop up. There are several ways to do so but I find taking a section of bait floss and folding it in half works best for me. I take a splicing needle and press it through the pop up and grab the folded half of the bait floss and pull it through the pop up and place a rig stop and pull tight. I then tie 3 overhand loops to attach it to the rig ring and hit it with the lighter so I can blob the ends down.





The cool part about this rig is you can easily change pop ups any time and also if you ding the hook you can easily undo the rig and change out hooks as seen in the video without having to retie a completely new rig. This saves a lot of time and material while out fishing.



I have caught a lot of fish on this rig and I am confident you will do the same as well. All of the supplies can be found at


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