California Carping!



Living in California is not only about fun and games it’s about chasing huge carp. After several years of progressing my carp tactics, catching hundreds of fish , fishing countless body’s of water I now hold my PB common. Fishing a SoCal desert lake doing some work to the swim my buddy and I plan to fish for the next two days. After a sore forearm and burning shoulder we head to camp. The next morning up and early heading down to the water we can hear fish crashing. Immediately we get our rods in not to long after my alarm starts to beep which seemed to go in slow motion I pick up the rod set the hook feels like I hooked anchor steady weight and a battle of tug of war is in place. After 10-15 min I get the fish close in reach for my buddy to net him being closer gets the first glimpse of the beast and yells “ohh dude”!! That moment my stomach dropped and hands start to shake. The fish rolls one last time and bam! In the net weighing in at 38.2 lbs biggest fish I’ve cought and seen. Seconds later snap a few photos and back she went to get even bigger to only hope of catching , and perusing my dream of an enormous record setting carp.

Alex Martinez


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