Back to Basics. The starting point of carp fishing the easy to tie hair rig step by step with video.

I just wanted to go over some basics with everyone. For the intermediate or seasoned carp angler this is common knowledge how to tie a hair rig but for anyone just getting started in carp fishing this can be one of the most valuable things you will learn. The hair rig is the rig used 90% of the time with subtle variations to make it react different. In the video below you can see a few varieties of line from mono, fluoro, braid and also specialized coated braids which a majority of us use on a regular basis. All products listed below are available through Big Carp Tackle . Once you tie a few of these it will be second nature to you. Once you have it down it is like tying your shoes where you never forget how to do it. In my video I go over common mistakes as well so you know you are always tying the perfect hair rig. Enjoy! If you have any questions drop me a line on facebook. Brian Wingard Carp Angler