Evan Cartabiano Year in Review 2015

Some years are easy and others are more difficult. 2015 started off easy, and then got harder as things like moving twice, getting a new job, and 2x small kids took up time that would have been more pleasantly spent on the bank. Nonetheless it was a productive year and I was able to catch a few  fish as well as writing a number of posts here on BCN (and a few elsewhere) and a getting a video up on YouTube. I also got a couple of really sweet sponsorships that are going to be really helpful going forward – a big thanks to my sponsors Gardner Tackle and Century Rods!

First fish of 2015 during CAGs FFF. Getting out on New Years is always the right way to start the year!
2015-01-22 001 050
When fishing in South Carolina you will catch grass carp. This one stood out because it actually put up a bit of a fight!

Much of my fishing in 2015 was in the company of my 2yo son. This shortened the length of the sessions considerably but was also lots of fun! He really enjoyed fighting them (with help) and was very excited every time the alarms went off. Some of the fish he landed were nearly as big as he was but he did his best to hold them for pics. His PB is now 25lbs – it took me many years to catch one that size!

2015-04-03 001 189

2015-04-10 001 016 (1024x683)

The next generation of carp anglers perhaps? Fish this size are always a big hit and I try to make sure there is a a chance for everyone to be able to examine the fish.

In May I participated in the Wild Carp Classic (read about it here). It was a blast and I am looking forward to doing it again this year. Maybe this year our luck will be better in the peg draw. If you have not fished tournaments, which peg you get makes all the difference. If you have a good peg you are set…if not–well, you are in for a lot of work!

Our biggest fish caught during the WCC. Sadly I do not have some of the better pics that were taken.


I had never had to use 8oz before…and even that was not enough
When the fish came through we would often get runs in quick secession.

Back in SC, I spent most of the time catching fish much like the one below. This was mostly river fishing and was again short sessions. Life had really started cutting into my fishing time and the weather had gotten really hot and the fishing was slower.

2015-05-28 001 003
Looking forward to another great year with more time on the bank and bigger fish in the net!

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