Rod Hutchinson: “The Demon Eye” Entertaining Romp

“Memoirs of a Carp Fisher – The Demon Eye” by Kevin Nash is an entertaining romp through the carp revolution of the 1970s/1980s – and beyond. Taking you through this journey is one of carp fishing’s brightest thinkers, an entrepreneur who helped establish carp fishing as the main stream business it is today. Refreshingly frank, and to the point at times, I found it a great read and Kevin’s enthusiasm for the sport still bubbles through the pages.

I particularly liked the Harefield chapters – thank god I was fishing in France by that time or I might have succumbed to the night life!

Rod Hutchinson

P.S. Many years ago, in between divorces, Kevin took me to a night club in southend on sea; TOTS it was called if I recall correctly.

“What do you think then?” Said Kev, as backs to the bar, on display was a dance floor full of gyrating women. And to be fair to them, despite Essex jokes, all seemed attractive to me! It was hard to spot a bad ‘un!

“Looks like they are feeding” I said,

“Feeding? They are ravenous” said Kev “They’ll have the bait while it’s still in the bag”

Needless to say we blanked that night and ended up with the shits from a dubious curry!

P.P.S. Big respect to a guy who came as close as anyone to achieving all of their dreams.