Delkim Smart Clips Review

I recently got my hands on a packet of brand new Delkim Smart Clips to put through their paces before they were released to the general public for sale.

On receiving the packet of line clips I was pleased to see that there were three clips in the packaging for a very reasonable price of $24.99. My initial impression at first glance was that they looked very well made and very easy to use, which over the next few weeks proved to be the case.

Before going into the specifics of the product I want to point out that I have never been a fan of line clips in general and have rarely used them for any length of time. My main complaints with most line clip systems are that the majority of them are placed just above the reel seat and are either whipped onto the rod or clipped on, which invariably means they only fit one part of the rod and cannot be easily adjusted to suit differing conditions. My second criticism is that they usually involve jamming your line into place between a plastic clip and the blank of the rod, which when using mono-filament line with any memory will leave a kink or damage your line. Finally, I have seen many anglers also have problems with the line catching the clips during casting which either results in lost tackle or a an aborted cast.

How are the Delkim Samrt clips different? Firstly, they can be placed onto any section of the rod as their design incorporates a rubber band which can be clipped on and off according to your desired position. I myself have rods with unusual ring spacing and the Delkims Smart Clips allow me to adjust my set-up dependent on whether I am using bank sticks or a pod. You can also position them so that your indicators are more sensitive, especially for drop backs.

Secondly, rather than jamming the line between the clip and the rod the Delkims have a unique design with two ball bearings housed inside the clip. The line is clipped between the ball bearings and then is free to move if you receive a take, when using a bait-runner or free spool system. The ball bearings are tight enough to keep your line in place for most fishing situations but on a hard take the line will just unclip and you are free to play the fish.


Finally, after casting several hundred times I have yet to have an issues with the line hitting or catching the clip.

Overall, an excellent addition to the Delkim range which resets the bar for line clips and all for under $25. I for one will be using mine all the time.

A mid Twenty taken while using Delkim Smart Clips

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