Book Review by Julian Cundiff: “The Demon Eye” Kevin Nash

For many readers of Carp Talk each week the name Kevin Nash is synonymous with Nash Tackle, Nashbait and the incredible Copse and Church Lake fish that feature in these pages from time to time. But that is just part of the story, the real story that many have wanted to know is what or who is the real Kevin Nash? For years I, like many others, have nagged him to write a book; but he has always had other projects to attend to, carp to catch and waters to develop he told me. However the last two years have been different and on my trips down to see him and fish at Church Pool I have generally found him hard at work on this his first of two or even maybe three books covering his life in and out of carp fishing. The book market is saturated at the moment and, whilst well meaning, many of these books are just a trawl of big fish; the true stories behind them and the author are glossed over at best and missed out altogether in some cases. It paints a false picture to many, who think that they too can go out and do it without the pain that goes with being a long time carp angler and that addiction to carp fishing that so many of us bare. When I finished Kevin’s book I thought to myself “Thank god someone has had the guts to tell it how it is from their perspective….”

Author Kevin Nash
Author Kevin Nash

Make no mistake this is a hard hitting and undoubtedly controversial book for many. Kevin doesn’t suffer fools gladly, calls a spade a spade and he isn’t afraid to reveal not only his own failures but also his views on others. So whether you love him or hate him, ignore it at your peril….it’s a carp man’s carp book and if you crossed ‘Tiger Bay’ with ‘The Carp Strikes Back’ and named the names that’s the kind of book you have!

Starting with his early years and how the carp bug took hold, its one of those books that the more you read it the more you will possibly see of yourself in its pages. From the friendships that you make that last lifelong, to being double crossed, to taking no prisoners when it comes to catching carp or getting ahead in business. Kevin also reveals all during his time at Harfield; the parties and when you draw in Dougal, Maylin, Zenon and co. you know it’s going to be fun – and just a little bit naughty. The countless ups and downs that Kev has had with women including the legendary Horse and Barge landlady….you really need to read it. Where else would you read a carp angler revealing his addiction to….? Well as I said, you need to read it for yourself.

But it’s not all about Kevin’s carp fishing life – not by a long way – as running along the fishing side of things are the formation of Nash Tackle and Nash Bait; the link up and fallout with Rod Hutchinson, the things that worked and the things that certainly didn’t. I know Kevin well, and I know my carp fishing history pretty well too, but there is stacks I didn’t know and I guess that he has never revealed before. There’s some brilliant technical stuff on bait and bait application, rigs and fine tuning them, Zig rigs and safe end tackles, baiting a water and lots more besides. His technical prowess is second to none but I guess when you fish against the lads he has fished against at Layer, Snake Pit, Harefield and so on… you do have to be top of your game. With characters from Zenon to Derek Stritton, the ‘Nod’ to Cliff Fox – it’s an ‘in-your-face’ read for sure. I really did think I knew him well, but the personal stuff he details in this book is very revealing indeed. Some of you will love that and some of you will be shocked, but it’s a proper carp book and not a soft soap book aimed at bigging himself or Nash Tackle up. I can’t recommend it highly enough and I can’t wait to see the forums and letter pages when it hits the shelves. The most honest carp book I have read yet, and although it ends in 1993 I just know there’s a lot more to come from him… I can’t wait to read the follow ups and I know you will love this one…

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Julian Cundiff