Coming This Spring – Cygnet MARKER POLE KIT 6.5M INC SPOT MARKER



These are designed to be positioned onto the lakebed directly to mark out your fishing spots, underwater snags, or shallow areas that need to be avoided. The poles can be left out in the water and fished to with confidence, which makes it easy to position your rigs and bait with pinpoint accuracy time and time again. This is unlike H-block markers where tangles often occur and cause fish losses, loss of tackle, and moving of the marker away from your spot.

Our Marker Pole Kit pivots, allowing line to pass over the top, and then resets itself to its original position when clear. All the joints have been precision-engineered to eliminate the possibility of main lines becoming trapped in-between sections. The ultra-buoyant top section has two strips of hi-viz reflective tape to allow visibility up 200m+ at night when using a powerful headlamp. The removable top cap can be unscrewed and replaced with the Cygnet Auto Spot Marker light (included) for use at night. When turned on and the light level reduces, the ultra-bright, light-reactive LED illuminates and then turns itself off when the light level increases. The extension tubes simply screw together and use of the 0.5m section helps accurately set the required depth.

Not supplied with anchor weight – the attachment included is to be used in conjunction with Cygnet 1KG Marker Pole weights. More than one plate can be used if increased weight is required in extreme conditions.




  • Auto Spot Marker with ultra-bright light-reactive LED (two AAA batteries not included)
  • Essential for accurately marking areas when fishing from a boat
  • Designed to be left on the spot whilst fishing without worry of snagging, unlike H-Block Markers
  • Hi-viz double reflective top section visible up to 200m+ using a powerful headlamp
  • Flexible and extremely hard-wearing extension sections are almost unbreakable
  • Precision manufactured joints eliminate line and braid snagging
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue and White

Kit Contents:

  • One Auto Spot Marker light
  • One 1m hi-viz reflective buoyant top section
  • Five 1m extension tubes
  • One 0.5m extension tube
  • One dumbbell weight attachment
  • Supplied with carry case
  • Anchor weight not supplied, to be used with Cygnet 1kg Marker Pole Weights or readily available 1″ (2.54cm) diameter dumbbell weight plates. More than one plate can be used if required.


  • Dimensions: 6.5m total length

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