Korda Kiana Goo

Like many of you I am constantly testing different types of pack and hook baits. What works one day may not work the next, it can be maddening. For the last couple of years I have been tracking what works and where. Last year I decided to purchase a bottle of Korda Goo in Bumbleberry Supreme to see what the goo game was all about.

 Korda Goo is a flavored, liquid attractant that you add to your baits. They offer 24 flavors in Smoke or Supreme. The Smoke is thick and is used to glug your hook baits or PVA bags, the Supreme runnier and is great for soaking hook baits. So far I have purchased four of the flavors, Bumbleberry Supreme, Pink Almond Supreme, Scopex Smoke, and No Name Supreme.

The Bumbleberry Supreme is a slightly thicker than the other Supremes I have. It is a bright magenta in color and has a wonderful berry smell. This worked well in the summer months, especially in the river. To test the effectiveness of the goo, I tried white coconut cream boilies that were soaked overnight in the Bumbleberry. I cast one soaked boilie and  the other with no attractant each over oatmeal and creamed corn pack. It didn’t take long before I had a screaming run on the Bumbleberry boilie. My fishing partner, Mark was still not sold on the goo idea. He is more of a plain pack bait and sweet corn guy. Excited and hopeful, I threw another Bumbleberry offering, I did not have to wait long before my alarm was singing once more. After releasing the second carp, I hear “Goo me” as Mark gestured to the sweet corn covered hook in his hand. We both landed a few fish and attribute the goo to our success that day.

Bumbleberry Supreme

Bumbleberry Supreme after 30 minutes

Amy Demrovsky – with a lovely dark common caught using the Korda Bumbleberry Supreme
Mark Demrovsky – With a beautiful mirror caught using the Korda Bumbleberry Supreme

I was impressed with the results from the  Bumbleberry and wanted to try another flavor so  I purchased the Pink Almond Supreme. This has a very low viscosity, a faint pink color that reminds me of Easter eggs, and a pleasant almond scent. I paired this flavor up with a strawberry cream boilie with success during a late night session at our local reservoir. I am not sure of the reason, but the fish seemed attracted to this flavor more in the evenings than during the daylight hours. I feel that this flavor will do well when the water starts to warm up in the spring. I can’t wait to try it out some more.

Pink Almond Supreme

Pink Almond Supreme after 30 minutes

The next two flavors I purchased were Scopex Smoke and No Name Supreme. The Scopex Smoke is very thick and gooey with a brownish, yellow tint and smells like a buttery popcorn. I took this with us on our first 2021 Session on the last day of January. We have not been successful in a the month of January in years past. We headed out to one of our favorite spots on the river with a few holes that always hold a few fish.

We sat at the first spot for awhile with no action and decided the fish were probably camped out in the shallows, we packed up and moved to where we thought they might be. I was starting to get the feeling January was not to be kind (again) then I remembered I had stashed the bottle of Scopex in my bag. I baited up with a white coconut cream boilie and glugged it with Scopex. Mark decided to glug it over sweet corn on the hook. To our surprise when the bait hit the water the splash was an amazing color of neon green “Wow!”  I will forever call it The Green Bomb.

Mark landed the first fish 15 minutes in. A January carp! We were elated that we finally broke the curse and decided to sit through the cold for just a while longer. I am glad we stuck it out, I found myself beaming over a perfect, dark bodied beauty. I am convinced if we did not add the Scopex we would have blanked.

Scopex Smoke
The Korda Scopex Smoke after just 30 minutes.

Amy Demrovsky – This common fell to the Korda Scopex Smoke

I have not used the No Name Supreme yet. Like the Pink Almond it has a very low viscosity, is orange color and the smell…well, I can’t pin it down but I want to say it smells similar to onion, maybe? I went online to see if I could find a description of the scent and could only come up with is “organic and natural”. I will admit that I think it smells awful and I can’t wait to make my friends smell it too. I am anxious to get back out and give this interesting goo a go.

No Name Supreme

No Name Supreme after 30 minutes

One thing to note; they will slightly stain your hands or clothes but will wash off of both easily with soap and water.

Overall, I am pleased with the results and will be adding more flavors to my arsenal.

You can follow the link below over to Big Carp Tackle to the Korda Goo Liquid Attractors