Back to Basics Part 2: The bolt rig both inline and lead clip systems.

So in my back to the basics series we begin to discuss part 2, Part 1 was about the hair rig which is the essential rig in carp fishing. Now with that rig covered we can move onto the most commonly used setup in carp fishing. The bolt rig is used to have the fish hook itself and then go screaming off with a run. By the time you hear your alarms the rig has already done its job and placed a proper hook hold usually in the lower bottom corner of the carp’s mouth.



The bolt rig itself can be made in two variations. The first one which you will see below is the “inline” bolt rig which is my personal favorite to use and the mainline passes through the inline lead and then attaches to a ring swivel and a kwik link to allow easy changing of your hair rig. The swivel part of the ring swivel will push into the lead insert to create the bolt rig effect. When the carp picks up the bait and begins to move away the weight of the lead will set the hook since the mainline won’t pass through since the swivel is locking the lead in place. Now if a carp does get tangled and breaks the line with a little force the lead will slide down the line and fall off freeing the fish from dragging a lead around the lake. Below you can see the video for the inline bolt rig.



Now with the above inline setup mentioned there is also another bolt rig setup to talk about. This one is called a “Lead Clip System” It works very much like the above only you have lead clip and a tail rubber to hold the lead in place. The swivel will still go into the lead clip to create the “bolt” effect when a fish picks up the bait and begins to move away. How this system works is you have the lead clip and the lead will have a swivel on it which will slide into the clip and then finally a tail rubber slides over the two sections on the lead clip to hold the lead securely in place. Just like the other version if a fish gets tangled it will be able to shake the lead off of the system freeing it from being tethered down. The video for the lead clip system can be found here.



These are two very easy setups to learn that are guaranteed to increase your catch rates. All of the products seen in the videos can be purchased from


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