Review: Gardner’s Mugga Hooks

Like just about every other category of carp tackle, carp hooks seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days. A lot of these hooks are basically the same, but a few key features can make all the difference.

When you are buying a hook there are many things to look at, such as the style to match how you are planning to use the hook, as well the finish on the hook (if you want it to be less visible to the fish). The biggest thing I look for when buying hooks is how sharp are they? A sharp hook is the difference between a single beep on the alarm and a screaming run and is your connection to the fish.

2016-03-06 001 011 (800x533)
Size 8 Longshank Mugga rigged with 2x pop-up corn. This is a very effective set up when fishing over particles.

The metallurgy of the hook can vary as well, with hooks made out of high carbon steel being the best. Harder hooks keep their point better, but can break more easily, while softer hooks loose their point quickly and bend. The ideal hook is somewhere in the middle of this – hard enough to hold a point and not bend while not being so hard that it breaks. The sharpening process is also critical. Most of the best hooks are chemically sharpened – a process by which metal is removed with an acid until it is a perfect point.  Getting all these steps right is critical to a good hook.

IMG_1913 (800x533)
The Continental version of the Mugga has thicker wire than the normal version for when using heavy line.

The Gardner Mugga Hooks are an example of a hook that has gotten it right in just about every way. The metallurgy is spot on, the finish is great, and most importantly they are really, really sharp. There are currently two different patterns, the “regular” Mugga and the Longshank to suite a wide variety of rigs including both pop-up and bottom rigs.

IMG_1915 (800x533)
The Covert finish of this Longshank Mugga is a satin green and is really unobtrusive.

There is also a rumor that the Mugga range is going to be getting even more effective with some tweaks to make them hook even better. Check out the Gardner Tackle Page for updates or check back here on Big Carp News for updates as they become available!

To get your hands on some of these awesome hooks head over to Big Carp Tackle.

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