Gardner’s Pop-Up/Bait Bag

If you are having, as I had, a problem with you hook baits being a mess of pop-up tubs and various containers of all sorts, the Gardner Pop-Up/Bait Bag might be just what you need.

The Gardner Pop-Up/Bait Bag.

The outside of the Gardner Pop-Up/Bait Bag is a durable material with both handles and a strap for carrying. The bottom is made from waterproof material so you bait will stay dry if you set it down on wet ground. It also has the added benefit for being easy to clean when covered in mud.

Carrying strap.

The zipper has two pulls and is nice and robust. I have been using it for almost a year and it has not had any issues.

The top tray with six compartments.

The first thing you see when you open the bag is the removable top tray. It has six compartments and will accommodate variety of different bait and dip containers. It also comes with six empty tubs that you can add your own bait to if you so desire.

The top tray is soft.

The fact that the top tray is soft really helps accommodate a wide variety of bait containers. The compartments are also deep enough to dube stack smaller tubs of pop-ups.

Zipper pouch under the top.

Under the lid is a mesh storage area with a zipper closure. It is really handy for baiting needles, boilie stops, and other such items. If you are looking to travel light you can fit enough supplies in here for a short session.

Flap to bottom compartment.

Under the tray there is another flap with a zipper that keeps the bottom compartment separate and since it is insulated, cold.

The bottom insulated compartment.

The bottom compartment is big enough to hold a couple of kilos of bait, or you can fill it with more hook baits as it is large enough to accommodate full size pop-up tubs and dip containers. It also has a smooth coating that is super easy to clean.

Overall this is a quality item and extremely handy for keeping baits organized and in good condition.

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