Gardner’s Outreach landing Net

The Outreach landing net from Gardner is a well thought out and durable piece of essential equipment. As the name suggests the handle is a bit longer than normally seen with the addition of an additional section that can be added on.

This comes in handy anytime you need extra reach such as when you have to get over vegetation or the water in the margin is very shallow. The joints between sections are nice and robust and are re-enforced with a stainless band. The netting is nice and soft and is comprised of two parts with the bottom being black and the sides green (Maybe so the fish won’t see the bottom as well?).


The spreader block is all metal and should be good for many years of service. Some nets are a bit difficult to get the arms off of when there is a fish weighing it down, this net is not one of them and is not bad to get apart even with a sizable fish in it.


The net pictured here is the 50in model and is plenty large enough to accommodate a 40lb grass carp with no problem. If you are looking for a great net that will get your prize on the bank time after time then this is a great choice.

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