Norton Disney Pettitt’s Lake Essential Tips

Norton Disney Pettitt’s Lake Essential Tips: For those venturing into the world of lake fishing, Rob Burgess, the Korda Koach, is your go-to expert at the Norton complex. With a history at the complex dating back to its opening, Rob has amassed a wealth of knowledge to help anglers make the most of their sessions. Below are his invaluable tips for tackling Pettitt’s Lake.

Pettitt’s Lake stands out as the specimen lake within the complex, spanning 16 acres and home to a whopping 250 carp, including an impressive number of 30-pounders. As of the autumn of 2022, an astounding one in four fish in this day ticket fishery tips the scales at 30 pounds, making it a remarkable statistic. Supporting the 30-pounders, there is a solid backup of 20-pounders to target.

Pettitt’s Lake Depth and Swim Maps

For those seeking depth, pegs 5, 6, 7, and 8 are the hotspots, particularly in the later months extending into winter. Peg 7, in particular, remains productive throughout. Within a range of 100 yards, the depth is generally consistent, with firm silt covering the lake bed.

Norton Disney Pettitt's Lake Essential Tips

Pegs 1-4 come into their own during spring and summer, offering a variety of features with an almost egg box-like bottom. Shallow bars, plateaus, and deeper channels make these swims intriguing, with depths ranging from 4 to 15 feet. A marker float becomes an essential tool in these areas.

Norton Disney Pettitt's Lake Essential Tips

In terms of bait, the options are limited to boilie, pellet, and corn during the summer months. Pure corn can be highly effective, especially double fake corn. Crumb and chops are also viable, as well as the beloved pellet, a favorite during the summer.

Norton Disney Pettitt’s Lake Essential Tips

During the peak of summer, weed can pose a challenge, particularly in shallow bars and plateaus. Leading around and fishing in clean patches can be advantageous, as well as using low-lying pop-ups on spinner rigs with Heli Safes to ensure a proper presentation.

Given the nature of spot fishing, the marker float proves invaluable, allowing you to fish precisely in identified areas, whether they are shallow humps or gravel bars.

Yellow, pink, and match-the-hatch hookbaits have all shown success, each having its day on Pettitt’s Lake.

A key piece of advice for Pettitt’s is to pay attention to the wind. Anticipating a change in wind direction, getting into a swim before the wind shift, and having your rods ready for the new wind is a significant advantage. Carp often become more catchable when they follow a new wind, making those initial hours or days of a wind change a dream scenario at Pettitt’s Lake!