Compac Cool Bags and Coolers – Keeping Things Fresh!

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers – Keeping Things Fresh!

As the temperatures rise or during extended fishing sessions, ensuring the freshness of your bait and food is crucial for both angler satisfaction and the well-being of the fish. The comprehensive range of Compac cool bags caters to every need, from short trips requiring the preservation of milk and sandwiches to longer sessions demanding storage for larger bait quantities or ample food supplies lasting several days, even maintaining frozen items—though the duration depends on external temperatures and bag capacity.

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers - Keeping Things Fresh!

When selecting a cool bag or cooler from the Compac range, it’s essential to consider the volume of items you plan to store. A fuller bag with less air inside retains the coldness or freezing effect for a more extended period. Therefore, anglers may opt for different bags suited to varying session lengths or amounts of bait and food.

For those aiming to keep bait or food frozen or chilled for an extended duration, the Compac Cooler stands out as the ultimate choice. Available in a 14-litre Light Kamo or a 20-litre olive green version, the Compac Cooler excels in preserving the desired temperature.

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers - Keeping Things Fresh!

The Compac Cool Bags, while fully insulated, may not match the Cooler’s prolonged freezing or chilling capabilities but provide a broader selection of sizes, ranging from small to X-large. The main compartment capacities range from 8 to 34 litres. The larger versions feature an extra pocket for storing utensils, plates, or other cooking gear.

Compac Cool Bags and Coolers - Keeping Things Fresh!

The 12-litre Compac Bait Cool Bag, tailored for bait storage, is ideal for loose boilies or bagged bait, maintaining freshness for days. Frequent opening of the bag accelerates thawing or heating of contents.

To enhance freezing or chilling efficiency, specialized Compac Cool Packs are available in two sizes, designed to fit seamlessly into the Cool Bags and Cooler. The medium, large, and X-large Cool Bags feature straps to secure the Cool Packs in place, with each bag supplied with two appropriately sized Cool Packs.

Whether you seek to keep items chilled or frozen for varying durations, the Compac range offers a solution to meet your needs.


The Compac Cool Bag, available in four sizes, is crafted to keep contents fresh, making it suitable for food or bait. While it can maintain frozen contents for a duration, this period depends on external temperatures and the use of Compac Cool Packs.

Constructed from the durable, water-resistant fabric found in the Compac luggage range, the cool bags come in olive green or Dark Kamo. They feature reinforced carry handles, with padded, detachable shoulder straps for the large and X-large models. The larger versions include a zipped front pocket for additional storage.

All bags have reinforced waterproof bases to prevent moisture absorption and leakage. Fully insulated inner walls maintain optimal temperature, with wipe-clean material ensuring easy post-session cleaning. The Cool Bag range is designed to work seamlessly with Compac Cool Packs, with internal straps holding two Cool Packs in place. All Cool Bags, except the small size, come with two appropriately sized Cool Packs.

Sizes: small (8 litres), medium (12 litres), large (25 litres), X-large (34 litres).


The Compac Cooler, designed for optimal bait and food storage, boasts closed-cell, non-absorbent insulation to maintain internal temperature. Constructed from tough, wipe-clean material with a reinforced base, it is available in a 20-litre olive green version or a 14-litre Light Kamo pattern, both accommodating XL Compac Cool Packs (sold separately).

The Cooler is airtight, with a special zip and oversized puller ensuring easy access without compromising the internal temperature. It features heavy-duty carry handles and a detachable, padded shoulder strap for convenient transportation.


Specifically designed for bait, the Compac Bait Cool Bag is cylindrical for easy access to loose bait. The bag is made from durable, lightweight, water-resistant material, with an insulated, wipe-clean lining. A reinforced base ensures longevity, even when placed directly on the ground. The heavy-duty zip and reinforced carry handles enhance functionality.

With a 12-litre capacity, the Bait Cool Bag is suitable for storing various bait types. Filling the bag to capacity minimizes air inside, preventing rapid warming. The bag has a diameter of 25cm and a height of 25cm.


The Compac Cool Packs, available in standard and XL sizes, are designed for use with Compac cool bags or any bag or box requiring ice packs. Purpose-made to fit within straps in Cool Bags or lie flat inside the Cooler, they have finger holes for easy removal without tipping the bag.

For optimal performance, freeze the Cool Packs for 24 hours before use. This ensures extended freezing once placed in the cool bag.

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