Avid Lok Down Buzz Pod

Avid Lok Down Buzz Pod
Avid 2 rod Buzz Pod makes for a quick setup in urban surroundings, no need for zip tied bank sticks or setting up a pod

I’ve been using the Avid Lok Down Buzz Pod for over a year now, I’ve found that I’ve used it more and more due to its convenience. What would be the scenarios you would use it? I personally use it in place of a pod, when you get into the warmer months and the ground is too hard for a bank stick to push in, and when you are fishing concrete or other places you simply can’t push in a bank stick.

Quick setup for evening sessions

The big selling point of it for me is it is so simple to setup, you purchase the buzz pod and then just screw on 3 bank sticks that you have at home, job done. I carry the buzz pod in my backpack with alarms and hangers attached to it, grab the 3 bank sticks out of my rod bag and you are up and ready in a minute or so. It saves the hassle of carrying and setting up a pod.

The pod comes in 4 different options: 2 rod bars in 6 and 8 inches and 3 rod in 10 and 12 inches. It is also a lot sturdier than your average tripod and gives you the flexibility of attaching any sized bank sticks you have to raise or lower the rod tips. A really useful item that always has a time and a place for me. Check it out over on the store at Big Carp Tackle.

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