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Very pleased to introduce Brian Wingard to the Big Carp News team. He is a powerhouse in USA carp fishing, with a huge following on his blogs and you tube pages. He is a representative for TOKS Big 4, a CC Moore consultant, and also has done an awful lot to promote carp fishing in the state of Pennsylvania. I once heard he was the man responsible for the upgrade to a three rod rule in PA, so cheer Brian, and welcome to the team!



Brian Wingard

Age 34


Carping CV:

I currently write for the North American Carp Angler (NACA), TOKS Big 4 Newsletter, ODU Magazine and now Big Carp News

Current PB Common 37lb 8oz

Mirror 24lb 8oz

I am currently a Consultant for CC Moore, Toks Big 4 Carp Competition, Pro Staff at Saxon Tackle and hopefully some more in the near future.

I have helped with the PA Fish and Boat Commission in adding how to videos for their carp section showing anglers how to catch carp.


Why carp fishing?

When I began fishing at the age of 3 I always enjoyed the outdoors and all forms of fishing. As a young boy my dad would take me to the river and I would watch him fish for carp. When I was finally old enough to try I had a run and the line snapped and sounded like a gunshot going off as the large fish broke loose. After that day the spots we used to fish were posted no trespassing so we ended up going for other species of fish into my adult life. It wasn’t until a few days after my dad’s passing that I was out at the lake and saw a big fish roll about 50 yards in front of me. It was like a sign that maybe I should give it another chance. I started to search online and found The Carp Anglers Group. I absorbed in a ton of information and the following spring I went back to a spot we were supposed to fish for carp before he passed but never got to. I landed my first carp of 15lbs and the raw power of the fish and the fight that kept going and going absolutely had me hooked from that point forward. At that moment I knew why my dad loved to fish for carp so much and I now currently fish for carp 90% of my fishing. I have to think my dad would be getting a laugh at how much fun I am having fishing for carp and the sizes I have managed to catch as well.

Most obsessive thing you have done to catch a carp?

I think just the amount of time I spend doing it seems obsessive to most. But in all seriousness I was getting a lot of fishing pressure and lost a really large fish. I ended up hitting that spot  for 5 weeks straight until I landed multiple large fish there and made that one missed fish become a distant memory.

Angler(s) you most respect?

I really have too many anglers to list. For me anyone who shows a passion for the sport, shares with others and just has an all around fun time doing it are people  I admire most. Out of the types of anglers I love watching a technical angler who can adapt to all types of situations. That is the type of angler I want to see in myself.

Favorite bit of kit?

I love my Delkim Tx-i alarms. I feel that they helped me produce so many more fish than I would have with your average everyday alarm.

Worst tackle purchase ever?

That is a path that I don’t want to go down. lol I have had a ton of bad experiences and never been the name and shame kind of person.  Let’s put it this way if you see me using certain brands all of the time those are the ones who passed the test of time with no issues. :)

Favorite baits?

CC Moore of course, No two lakes are ever the same and every day is different so having a great selection of products will allow you to achieve the results you want over and over again.

Favorite venue?

Hmm that is a tough one, In all seriousness every venue is special to me. Each place I have fished holds a special memory for me.

What was your best ever session?

This year actually in 2013, I had 6 fish on a tough lake and this was my new lake record. The fishing was awesome and it included two 30lb fish. Here is a quick video I made highlighting some of the session.

Favorite catch?

I have so many that are special. I caught a nice size fish this year of 16lb that was a short fish. You could just tell it is going to be a monster someday and had beautiful coloring. Also I had a recapture this year. I caught a fish that was 24 inches and 24lbs 3 years ago and it was 30lbs 30 inches this year. The only reason I could tell was the shape of the tail and also a scale that was out of place on it.

Top tips?

Don’t rush things, Observe your surroundings before setting up anywhere. Get to know the water and features as they will help you turn a slow day into a multiple fish day. Number one rule is always check the hooks and if you have any doubt throw it out. It is better to waste a 50 cent hook than loose a huge fish.

Favorite rig?

I really like to keep it simple. The basic hair rig, Kd rig and chod are my top 3 favorites for all around fishing.

Worst ever session?

I don’t really ever feel that anything is bad. If you have a “bad” session you can always learn from it and improve on it for next time. If you make a mistake it is a valuable lesson learned that will only improve your skills as an angler.






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