Solar Titanium Indicators

While the principal behind visualbite indication is fairly simple. If you get a run the indicator moves upwards, upon a dropback the indicator will drop or sag.  So why have things gotten so complicated, and furthermore what else does a bite indicator need to accomplish?  When I began Carp Fishing I fished exclusively by quiver tip or float fishing, which is undoubtedly the best way to register a bite. In fact I’d say you can learn much more about what is happening in your swim by quiver tipping, and float fishing that is unless you are confronted with high winds, weed, bankside obstructions, current, and of course any body of water that has boats to cause a wake.

Over the years I’ve unintentionally developed a collection of indicators, and side by side there’s very little difference in effectiveness between them. It seems that the only development behind indicators has been adding weights for more tension, material composition, or the ability to ‘light-up’ during a take. Fortunately the Titanium Indicators have completely eliminated the use for weights while still being able to increase line tension.  That’s right NO WEIGHTS. A simple twist of the base on the indicator will tension the hanger to either be completely free and function like a bobbin ‘Hanger’ or you can tighten it enough so that no wind, wake, or distance can disturb the line tension. This will also be a relief to those who prefer to fish hangers and dislike adding swinger arms during sessions.


While I have experienced ‘Quiver’ swingers before and I always felt that not being able to adjust the tension of the arm always limited their applications. Quality is another area where Solar has it over many other brands. Not to name  names, but fragile plastic parts, chipping plastic bobbins, plastic hockey sticks, or tags that will break in a couple years are not what you will find with the Titaniums, as expected from Solar the main components are all Stainless Steel, and now titanium Another huge plus is the carrying case for the indicators. Those who are fans of the Solar Worldwide Pod packaging and luggage will really appreciate the tidiness of Titanium Indicators.