First Impressions: Forge Tackle Multi Ruckbag

Forge Tackle Multi Ruckbag – Newly available at Big Carp Tackle is the Forge Tackle Multi Ruckbag. A rucksack, carryall, and barrow bag all in one package. I recently obtained one of these Multi Ruckbags and upon unboxing I was immediately impressed by what this bit of luggage has to offer.

Forge Tackle Multi Ruckbag Versatility.

I’ve been using a standard carryall for a few years now and I often say to myself, “I wish I could wear this thing like a backpack rather than over my shoulder”. The padded shoulder straps included with the Forge Multi Ruckbag instantly transform this carryall into a rucksack making it easier to transport gear while keeping you’re hands free to carry well, more gear.

While the hardened bottom and two removable inner boxes give this bag enough rigidity to serve as a stackable barrow bag..

..and when that barrow bag gets heavy, these padded handles will make for easy transport.

Forge Tackle Multi Ruckbag – Exceptional build quality.

I’m pretty hard on my luggage. Often tossing it around, setting it down in wet grass or mud, stacking too much stuff on top of it, overfilling it, etc. So its extremely important for me to have a carryall that will withstand such abuse. Judging by the feel of this bag it’ll surely take anything I can throw at it.

The 600D rip-stop fabric and heavy duty 10mm zippers further exemplify the build quality of this carryall.


Inside the Multi Ruckbag I found an assortment of Forge Tackles tailor made “Easy Pouches”. Making life a lot easier for the angler that likes to stay organized. Included are 4 small pouches, 2 medium pouches (one insulated), and 2 Large pouches. My old carryall didn’t come with any additional storage so I used what any other budget conscious angler would use to organize the miscellanious bits, ziplock bags. Not anymore.

Overall this Multi Ruckbag has a lot to offer at an affordable price. I’ll post a real review after I’ve had a chance to thoroughly use it, but from what I can tell its perfect for any angler in need of a multi-use carryall/rucksack.

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