Trakker Retention Welded Stinkbag

Let’s face it, a successful day of carp fishing stinks! The end of the day you are packing up wet, slime covered gear. The smell can be quite overwhelming and may forever be imbedded in the fabric of your vehicle.

To solve this issue and keep the depreciation of my vehicle to a minimum I purchased the Trakker Retention Welded Stinkbag. This bag holds my wet gear and really does keep the odor inside the bag. I use it to carry my net and weigh sling.

The bag is also durable and easy to use. I have stomped through thorny brush and thistle covered fields and have not experienced any rips or tears. The bag simply closes by folding the top over itself and secures with a clip.

Cleaning is a snap, just rinse with a bit of soap and water.

Trakker offers the bag in two sizes, Regular or XL.

Absolute must bring on all my fishing adventures!

Mark Demrovsky with Trakker Stinkbag
Smelly, wet gear going back in the bag

You can follow the link below over to Big Carp Tackle to the Trakker Retention Welded Stinkbag.