Solar – A1 (3 rod) pod – In Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at the A1 3 rod pod and a few of the items that Solar Tackle offer in the A1 range. For many years Solar Tackle has been producing the industry standard for rod pods, with the Globetrotter and the hugely versatile Worldwide within their stainless-steel range. However, in this review we are focusing on the A1; Solar’s first foray in strengthened aluminum bank ware. It’s not stainless, but it also ain’t plastic!

The 3-rod pod is currently available in two options at Big Carp Tackle, the 9-inch leg version and the 6-inch leg version. Where the A1 range lacks some of the versatility of the P1 range in terms of its adjustability, it makes up by being lightweight, compact and it won’t hit you as much in the pocket (stainless steel isn’t cheap!).

The pod is supplied in two small cases, one houses the two goal post uprights, buzz bars which are included (most solar pods do not offer this which is great!) and four 9 inch or 6 inch legs, while the second case houses the 28”- 50”  adjustable length main bar. One thing to note is that there is a difference of about 1 inch between the two buzz bars, which allows you to ‘fan out’ the rods. These bars are not adjustable as seen in the P1 range.

Now I’ve only used this pod a few times and it has a lovely sleek matte black finish and it’s quick and easy to setup. One feature I truly love is the Posi-lock system for attaching the alarms. This means you will no longer struggle lining up the alarms or have to purchase quick release adapters as you can tighten up to and align the alarms with ease. All you have to do is tighten your alarm or butt rest about 75% of the way so it’s lined up, then you just tighten it up through the Posi-lock on the buzz bar.

The A1 range also offers a two-rod setup and additional bank sticks at different lengths, 9”-30” in the store, the beauty being they’re all interchangeable allowing you to chop and change to your need. Two rod venue? No problem!  Just drop in the two rod bars. High railings in that inner-city river swim you love? No problem, Solar got you covered, attach the 30” legs!

  So, if you’re looking for that Solar build quality, with the look of the P1, but are uncomfortable with the cost that comes with it, look no further than the

Solar A1—you’ll not regret it!

To buy and try this pod for yourself and look at all the other items avalble, head over to Big Carp Tackle.