Nash Tackle R3 Alarms – Product review

A very busy work schedule, studying for my Ph.D, and the arrival of my first child carp has meant my fishing outings have been few and far between so far in 2015. Thankfully, I have a few trips planned for fall and winter, and spring 2016 should see me back on the bank a lot more. I have managed to sneak out a few times this year to put some new Nash tackle and bait products through their paces. I will write about these in detail between now and Christmas when I have a bit more free time, but the new 10ft 3.5lb tc cork handle scope rods are a thing of both strength and beauty, and the Key cultured hook baits have been an instant hit, (instant being the key word).  However, the most impressive product I have used this year is by far the new Siren R3 alarms.

The new R3 alarms from Nash.
The new R3 alarms from Nash.

Last year I used both the S5 and S5R range of alarms and was really pleased with how robust but small they were, and they performed well when fish were giving me line bites and twitchy takes. However, the creme de la creme really is the R3 alarm concept. Using speed sensing technology as a way of eliminating false bleeps I found that false bleeps from strong winds and floating weed were almost completely eliminated. It took wind hard enough to almost topple a pod to give me only three false bleeps during my half a dozen trips using them. My one criticism of all other roller alarms is that when the sensitivity is set low that several inches of line are needed to move to indicate a bite. With a chod types set up, or tricky fish this could mean you get done and won’t know a thing about it. With vibration sensing alarms they were often over sensitive, where a little bit of weed on the line or a slight breeze would sound like a screaming take. This alarm takes both of those issues out of play.

First ten minutes using the new R3's resulted in my son's first carp.
First ten minutes using the new R3’s resulted in my son’s first carp.

I have seen comments 0n social media where people have said they don’t like the look of them, but I actually find their look very nice indeed. Being a smaller alarm they are easy to store, and aid the mobility i like in my angling. They are rock solid just like their older brother the RS1, and the tones and leds are the best that I have used on any previous alarm. With built in snag ears, they make fishing locked up more stable, and the use of an optic light kit (which screws directly into the alarm) turns the standard hangers into illuminated ones. (I love the fact that I do not need to purchase or waste time setting up the snag ears and hockey stick for this alarm, especially when my time this year on the bank is so short). The receiver has great range, and illuminates clearly so you know which rods to aim for. It is also made of a nice rubber type outer material that does not crack if dropped. In my opinion the design and technology used in this alarm has raised the bar in bite indication this year.

A trip out with some carp rookie friends resulted in plenty of action for the R3's
A trip out with some carp rookie friends resulted in plenty of action for the R3’s

Price wise the alarms are on par with the top of the range models from other companies, with the SR5 and S5 models offering budget versions (S5R are receiver compatible). With so many other established alarms on the market my one concern is that these will get overlooked in a market where anglers can not go to a local tackle shop and have a play with them. They are a really stylish, effective alarm, with a great idea behind their design. If anyone is on the bank and sees me please come and have a closer look at them. For now here is a you tube link to see the legend that is Alan Blair describe the alarms in more detail.



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