Rod Hutchinson – Winter Flavors

Rod Hutchinson – LEGEND MEGASPICE is ideal for the winter months.

Just a quick tip on winter flavors. I really like to spice it up in the winter and have found a lot of success in doing this. I know a lot of folks like the Rod Hutchinson Megaspice during the winter time. This is a pretty strong flavor and I do not add any other spices with it. I usually use one tiger with a piece of neon fake corn or with hard corn. Rod Hutchinson also has some alcohol based hi-leakage flavors in the range that are ideal for the winter months as well.

Give it a try….You will not be disappointed!

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Rod Hutchinson Bait & Flavors

Rod Hutchinson legend Particles – Hardcorn – MEGASPICE

Rod Hutchinson Legend Flavors – Tiger Nut Hook Baits – MEGASPICE